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Food is essential for survival.

Various dishes can be prepared in many ways.

Unfortunately, our knowledge although limited on foods and the benefits sometimes make us believe we know it all.

Then a brand-new dietary supplement or medical breakthrough is developed.

It’s not always easy to stay on top of the latest food science news.

But, knowing and remembering intriguing facts and trivia about food can liven any conversation with a food enthusiast.

Here are some of interesting fun food trivia questions and lucky you we’ve got answers for you.

170+ Fun Food Trivia Questions and Answers

  1. Question: The two most widely used spices in the world are?

Answer: Mustard and Pepper

  1. Question: A regular jar of peanut butter contains about what percent of peanuts?

Answer: The minimum required percentage of peanuts in every jar of peanut butter is 90%.

  1. Question: Hummus is made from——?

Answer: it is made from Chickpeas

  1. Question: Which vegetable is referred to as a ‘courgette.

Answer: Zucchini vegetable.

  1. Question: Chiocciole is the name given to a certain type of pasta——

Answer: Shell.

  1. Question: When slow cooking fat out of meats like duck or pork, what is it called?

Answer: it is referred to as Rendering.

  1. Question: There is a typical Spanish cuisine that contains chorizo, shrimp, chicken, and rice, all flavored with saffron, called?

Answer: it is known as Paella.

  1. Question: Brie cheese was invented in which country?

Answer: France.

  1. Question: Chef Anthony Bourdain’s first book is called what?

Answer: Kitchen Confidential.

  1. Question: In 1969, who made the first batch of Pringles potato chips?

Answer: It’s Proctor and Gamble.

  1. Question: The most widely used oil in Chinese cooking is?

Answer: Peanut oil.

  1. Question: What is the largest grocery chain in the United States?

Answer: The Company is Kroger Co.

  1. Question: which ingredient in bread makes it rise?

Answer: Yeast.

  1. Question: What is another term for shell steak?

Answer: it is also called Kansas City Strip.

  1. Question: In what year did the first Taco Bell restaurant open in the United States?

Answer: In 1962.

  1. Question: In which country did the ‘Iron Chef’ TV shows get their inspiration?

Answer: From Japan.

  1. Question: Who were the brains behind the creation of Jell-O?

Answer: Pearle Wait.

  1. Question: What does it mean when you say “al dente” in Italian cooking?

Answer: “To the tooth” describes how well-cooked pasta is when it’s served.

  1. Question: The Big Mac may be found in which fast-food chain.

Answer: McDonald’s.

  1. Question: —— is the origin of enchilada?

Answer: Mexican.

  1. Question: Who is credited with inventing classical French cooking?

Answer: Marie-Antoine Careme.

  1. Question: In what country was Caesar salad first made?

Answer: In Mexico.

  1. Question: Which vegetable is pimento?

Answer: Pepper.

  1. Question: Which country and when did the fast food concept originate?

Answer: In 1921, the White Castle in the United States.

  1. Question: What year did the first Starbucks coffee shop open?

Answer: 1971.

  1. Question: Which fast-food chain has the largest global footprint?

Answer: Subway.

  1. Question: Scotland’s national dish is called?

Answer: Haggis.

  1. Question: In the United States, what kind of food is considered a family meal?

Answer: Spaghetti.

  1. Question: Which soft drinks have been produced in the United States for the longest?

Answer: Doctor Pepper.

  1. Question: Which soft drink brand had the most sales in 2018?

Answer: Coca-Cola.

  1. Question: What’s the world’s most widely consumed food?

Answer: Rice.

  1. Question: Which country is the home of Pizza Hut?

Answer: the United States of America.

  1. Question: What’s the world’s most widely consumed meat?

Answer: Pork.

  1. Question: in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Violet Beauregard transforms into…?

Answer: A blueberry.

  1. Question: What fictitious character is attributed to a threefold increase in the U.S. population’s consumption of spinach?

Answer: Popeye.

  1. Question: What’s the most popular ice cream flavor in the U.S.?

Answer: Vanilla.

  1. Question: What kind of bean is used to make baked beans?

Answer: Haricot beans

  1. Question: Describe a fruit that can turn sour food into sweet food.

Answer:  The miracle berry

  1. Question: What is the name of the New Orleans specialty that combines French, Spanish, and Caribbean influences?

Answer: Jambalaya

  1. Question: Coca-Cola was first served in?

Answer: It was first served in Georgia

  1. Question: The first contemporary drive-thru window was introduced by what fast-food chain?

Answer: Wendy’s

  1. Question: Which of the fast-food chains was the first to open?

Answer: In-N-Out Burger opened its doors for business in San Diego, California, in 1948.

  1. Question: In 1968, what was the first thing that McDonald’s restaurants offered?

Answer: The Big Mac

  1. Question: When was Ronald McDonald first introduced by McDonald’s?

Answer: In the year 1963

  1. Question: The first Pizza Hut was built in?

Answer: Wichita, Kansas

  1. Question: —— is the fast-food restaurant that first used a talking Chihuahua in a commercial in 1997?

Answer: Taco Bell

  1. Question: Which fast-food chain advertises its “Have it your way”

Answer: Burger King

  1. Question: —— is the fast-food restaurant that aired ads showing a man who shed 245 pounds by eating nothing but their products?

Answer: Subway

  1. Question: The secret blend used in Colonel Harland Sanders’ fried chicken recipe contains how many herbs and spices?

Answer: 11

  1. Question: What was the reasoning for the name change from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC?

Answer: To eliminate the unhealthy connotation of “fried” from its name

  1. Question: What’s the name of the fast food known for its curly fries and jamocha shakes?

Answer: Arby’s

  1. Question: When it comes to toasted subs, which sub shop can you find one?

Answer: Quinoas

  1. Question: Which fast food restaurant first offered a complete “lite” menu?

Answer: Arby’s

  1. Question: The name of the popular Mexican dish that means little donkey is called what?

Answer: The burrito

  1. Question: Where did the invention of pizza take place?

Answer: The city of Naples, Italy

  1. Question: Which fast food restaurant has been around the longest?

Answer: White Castle

  1. Question: Which German city shares the same name with a well-known American delicacy?

Answer: Hamburg

  1. Question: Which state has ‘Peach pie as their national dessert?

Answer: Delaware

  1. Question: Where can you get the “Grand Slam” meal?

Answer: Denny’s

  1. Question: Which U.S. fast-food chain has earned the reputation of serving the healthiest meals?

Answer: Panera Bread

  1. Question: When it comes to taste enhancers, what do fast-food establishments utilize the most?

Answer: MSG

  1. Question: There are over how many shapes of pasta?

Answer: Over 600 pasta shapes

  1. What’s the Italian word for maize?

Answer: Polenta

  1. Question: What kind of cheese is famous in the Netherlands?

Answer: Gouda cheese

  1. Question: In Europe, borscht soup is trendy. What’s made of

Answer: Beetroot

  1. Question: Which country eats colcannon and champ?

Answer: Ireland

  1. Question: Seaweed is traditionally used to wrap and protect what kind of food?

Answer: Sushi

  1. Question: What is the more prevalent name for Indian bread?

Answer: Naan bread

  1. Question: What is the name of the citrus-marinated raw fish dish from South America?

Answer: Ceviche

  1. Question: Which country is the biggest coffee consumer?

Answer: The Netherlands

  1. Question: Which country consumes the least meat globally?

Answer: India

  1. Question: Tiramisu is a well-known Italian confection. What does it mean?

Answer: the literal translation is ‘Pick Me Up.’

  1. Question: The country where fish and chips were invented is?

Answer: United Kingdom

  1. Question: What would you get if you ordered ‘unagi’ at a Japanese restaurant?

Answer: Eel

  1. Question: Where can you eat laulau?

Answer: Hawaii

  1. Question: Which Asian fruit is otherwise called the “king of fruits” and has a powerful smell?

Answer: Durian

  1. Question: What would you call a meal in Sweden that included both hot and cold dishes?

Answer: A smorgasbord

  1. Question: Where did the renowned chicken curry Tikka Masala originate?

Answer: Glasgow, Scotland

  1. Question: In the mid-1980s, what McDonald’s item was sold in a double container instead of one?

Answer: The McDLT

  1. Question: What is added to a martini to make it a dirty martini?

Answer: Olive juice

  1. Question: In which country can the busiest McDonald’s be found?

Answer: In Munich, Germany

  1. Question: aside from wheat and rice used in cooking, Mexico’s essential starch is what, even though wheat and rice are used in Mexican cooking

Answer: Corn

  1. Question: Pico de gallo is a term for

Answer: A spicy salsa mixture of tomato, onion, cilantro, peppers, and spices cut finely

  1. Question: what is referred to as Carne adobada?

Answer: Pork with red chiles

  1. Question: Rebocado is a term used in Spanish for?

Answer: A dish called Pork Neck and Purslane Stew.

  1. Question: Calabaza en Dulce is ——-?

Answer: It is a yellow squash or pumpkin prepared with brown sugar and cinnamon

  1. Question: Mexican cuisine relies heavily on one ingredient, which is?

Answer: Chilies

  1. Question: Approximately how many tortillas a day can a typical Mexican household eat?

Answer: about two pounds

  1. Question: Nopal is a common name in Spanish?

Answer: Cactus leaves (Opuntia cacti)

  1. Question: In Mexico, how is corn most commonly eaten?

Answer: As a tortilla

  1. Question: avocado can also be called?

Answer: Alligator pear

  1. Question: What part of chili pepper is the hottest?

Answer: The flesh (not the seeds)

  1. Question: —— is the Mexican cinnamon name?

Answer: Canela

  1. Question: Chipotle chilies are a type of which chili?

Answer: Smoked jalapeño chilies

  1. Question: What was first: flour tortillas or corn tortillas?

Answer: Corn tortillas

  1. Question: Bontanzas are also known as?

Answer: Appetizers

  1. Question: Which European country eats the hottest and spicy Mexican food?

Answer: Norway

  1. Question: In Mexico, what do you call a sandwich?

Answer: Torta

  1. Question: What’s the strange ingredient in mole poblano sauce?

Answer: Chocolate

  1. Question: What is the meaning of Menudo?

Answer: Soup made from cow’s guts (tripe)

  1. Question: Alioli sauce has a flavor all its own, which is?

Answer: Garlic

  1. Question: Arroz con pollo is made up of two basic ingredients, which are?

Answer: Rice and chicken

  1. Question: In Mexico, what do you call ice cream?

Answer: Nieve

  1. Question: What’s in an Epaola tortilla besides corn tortillas?

Answer: Eggs and potatoes

  1. Question: What do they sell at a lechería?

Answer: Dairy products

  1. Question: What’s the name of a famous egg custard of Mexico and Spain?

Answer: Flan

  1. Question: another name for banana in Mexico is?

Answer: Plátano

  1. Question: In what year did Coca-Cola stop using cocaine in their drinks?

Answer: In the year 1929

  1. Question: Which popular beverage promotes itself as “sports fuel”?

Answer: Gatorade

  1. Question: the highest selling vodka brand globally is?

Answer: Smirnoff

  1. Question: What is the content of a kamikaze cocktail?

Answer: lime juice, triple sec, and Vodka

  1. Question: Which state is the home of Jack Daniels whiskey production?

Answer: Tennessee

  1. Question: Which nation is the source of Black Forest cake?

Answer: Germany

  1. Question: Besides butter, the main ingredient of a buttercream frosting is?

Answer: Granulated sugar

  1. Question: What type of liquor is served on top of New Orleans’s classic bread pudding?

Answer: Bourbon

  1. Question: Baked Alaska is a decadent delicacy made up of three main ingredients.

Answer: Meringue, ice cream, and sponge cake

  1. Question: —— JELL-O pudding was the first flavor made in 1936?

Answer: Chocolate

  1. Question: Italian cheesecakes contain a unique ingredient, which is?

Answer: Ricotta cheese

  1. Question: Ingredients like egg whites and coconut are commonly seen in Christmas cookies. So what’s the name of this cookie?

Answer: Coconut macaroon

  1. Question: China’s national dish is?

Answer: Peking duck

  1. Question: —— is Scotland’s national dish?

Answer: Haggis

  1. Question: Haricot beans are used in the production of ——?

Answer: Baked beans

  1. Question: The first product to be scanned by a UPC in 1974 is?

Answer: Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum

  1. Question: What’s the origin of Bubble tea?

Answer: Taiwan

  1. Question: The white part of an egg is also known as what?

Answer: Albumen

  1. Question: What’s a flageolet?

Answer: it’s a Bean

  1. Question: Roti is a staple in Indian cuisine; another name for it is?

Answer: Bread

  1. Question: what is the medical emergency usage for coconut water?

Answer: Blood plasma

  1. Question: When it comes to antioxidant-rich fruit, which fruit takes precedent?

Answer: Blueberries fruits

  1. Question: What kind of leaf is used to wrap the tamales?

Answer: Plantain or corn husks

  1. Question: Graham Kerr, a former TV chef, is better known as the?

Answer: Galloping Gourmet

  1. Question: Which fruit’s outer layer is covered in mace?

Answer: Nutmeg

  1. Question: Phish Sticks and The Vermonster were made by the same ice cream manufacturer, named ——?

Answer: Ben & Jerry’s

  1. Question: The most widely traded spice in the world is?

Answer: Black Pepper

  1. Question: What’s the name of the egg-making process for Caesar salad?

Answer: Coddling

  1. Question: which country invented the “Chinese takeout” box?

Answer: The United States of America

  1. Question: What pod-growing Indian spice is used to make chai tea?

Answer: Cardamom

  1. Question: What are the other names for Chinese gooseberry??

Answer: Kiwifruit

  1. Questions: what’s the name of the first self-service grocery store, and where was it opened?

Answer: Piggly Wiggly opened in Memphis, Tennessee

  1. Questions: mozzarella cheese was originally gotten from what animal?

Answer: The Water buffalo! Mozzarella di Bufala

  1. Question: —— as SPAM’s original tagline?

Answer: The Meat of Many Uses!

  1. Question: What was the first food that astronauts actually ate in space?

Answer: Rye breaded corned beef sandwich.

  1. Question: When Milton Hershey first started, he made what kind of confectionery?

Answer: Caramel

  1. Question: Where did “Margherita pizza” get the name from?

Answer: From Queen Margherita of Savoy

  1. Question: When John Glenn ate his first supper in space, he ate a meal that had never been eaten before, which is?

Answer: Tubed applesauce

  1. Question: What hue were carrots when they were first domesticated?

Answer: Purple

  1. Question: What was the first plant-based ingredient in marshmallows?

Answer: The mallow plant’s sap!

  1. Question: Gatorade originates from where?

Answer: from the University of Florida

  1. Question: the oldest restaurant is located in Madrid, Spain. What is the name of this restaurant?

Answer: Sobrino de Botín

  1. Question: What is the origin of the name Indian Pale Ale?

Answer: it comes from the beer with extra hops supplied to India’s British overlord to age and prevents spoilage.

  1. Question: What is the origin of the word “soft drink?”

Answer: The term “soft drink” was used to describe any beverage that did not contain any alcohol.

  1. Question: What did Ruth Whitfield come up with when she ran out of baking chocolate?

Answer: Chocolate chip cookies

  1. Question: Which foodstuffs are known to contain small amounts of wood?

Answer: Cheese and cereal

  1. Question: What is the commons factor between sunscreen, ranch dressing, and powdered sugar?

Answer: Titanium dioxide (for the white color)

  1. Question: What impact did climate change have on wine production in the fifteenth century?

Answer: it caused bubbles to form in fermenting wine in the Champagne area, which created bubbly champagne!

  1. Question: What was it called when an animal feed mill’s equipment was repurposed to create cheese puffs and other snack foods?

Answer: An extruder

  1. Question: What Chinese dish translates to “assorted pieces”?

Answer: Chop Suey

  1. Question: Which country is the home of Pho soup?

Answer: Vietnam

  1. Question: Which country is the home of the famed matcha beverage?

Answer: Japan

  1. Question: —— is where Chimichurri sauce has its roots?

Answer: Argentina

  1. Question: —— is the world’s largest producer of tea?

Answer: China

  1. Question: What other meal is also known as bean curd?

Answer: Tofu

  1. Question: What type of fish is Calamari?

Answer: Squid

  1. Question: On Thanksgiving day —— state consumes the most turkey?

Answer: California

  1. Question: ——spread is commonly used on toast and crackers in Australia?

Answer: Vegemite

  1. Question: there are some bands with the same name as a food. Which food-themed band has had the most success?

Answer: The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

  1. Question: Are almonds seeds or nuts?

Answer: Seeds

  1. Question: Cassava is another name for which South American vegetable?

Answer: Yam

  1. Question: ——was the first vegetable to be successfully produced in space?

Answer: Potato

  1. Question: Carrots, turnips, and potatoes are all considered——vegetables?

Answer: they are all Root vegetables

  1. Question: The heaviest carrot in the world weighs about——?

Answer: 10 pounds.

  1. Question: A strawberry has an average of how many seeds?

Answer: 200 seeds

  1. Question: Between kiwi and orange, which has the highest vitamin C?

Answer: Kiwi

  1. Question: Avocado has how many varieties?

Answer: 500

  1. Question: The current known world (2021) hottest pepper is?

Answer: The Carolina Reaper

  1. Question: There’s a veggie called the “crazy apple” in Italian?

Answer: Eggplant

  1. Question: What kind of fruit can you get from an Arthur Turner plant?

Answer: Apple

  1. Question: Which vegetable is primarily found in sauerkraut?

Answer: Cabbage

  1. Question: What is considered the “world’s smelliest fruit?”

Answer: Durian

  1. Question: What does the acronym canola stand for?

Answer: Canadian oil


Now that you have read through the food trivia lists we have provided, we hope you and your family or friends have a great time with this recreative activity.

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