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The 1990s will go down in history as one of the most influential decades ever; to test your knowledge about the events in that decade, let’s look at 50+ Best 1990’s Trivia Questions.

From movies, to video games, sports, and other forms of entertainment, the 1990s provided us with a wealth of memorable moments.

Additionally, it was such an eventful decade that happenings from the era are still being discussed on social media today.

So, why not test how much you know about the 90s pop culture?

The Wonder Years is an excellent example of a ’90s TV show to watch with your pals for some nostalgia.

Playing this game is as simple as printing out the trivia questions from this site and passing them around to your friends.

Then, have them answer the trivia questions and write their answers down.

After 20 or 50 questions, the player with the most accurate answers wins.

So, we’ve come up with 50+ best 1990’s trivia questions and answers.

1990’s Trivia Questions & Answers

50+ Best 1990’s Trivia Questions and Answers

  1. Question: The second-highest-grossing movie of the 1990s was?

Answer: Star Wars: Episode I (The Phantom Menace).

  1. Question: What was the name of the main actor in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

Answer: Will Smith.

  1. Question: “The taxi driver pulled up and had something on his mirror,” as heard in the title song to Fresh Prince goes. What was written in the taxi’s rearview mirror?

Answer: Dice.

  1. Question: Which Harry Potter book came out in the ’90s and was the last?

Answer: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

  1. Question: which was Jurassic Park released?

Answer: The year was 1993, to be precise.

  1. Question: the girl band Spice Girls had how many members?

Answer: There were five people in the band

  1. Question: What song by Whitney Houston was the biggest hit of her career?

Answer: I Will Always Love You.


  1. Question: What was the hit song by the Backstreet Boys in the 1990s?

Answer: Everybody.

  1. Question: Which song by R. Kelly was nominated for and received two Grammy Awards in the 1990s?

Answer: I Believe I Can Fly.

  1. Question: What animated film featured cartoon characters playing basketball alongside Michael Jordan?

Answer: Space Jam.

  1. Question: How many are the Power Rangers?

Answer: there are 140 Power Rangers.

  1. Question: Which well-known male actor starred in Titanic

Answer: Leonardo DiCaprio.

  1. Question: Who was the winner of the 1999 Cricket World Cup?

Answer: Australia

  1. Question: When Mike Tyson was knocked out in the 10th round by a virtually unknown fighter, it was one of the biggest upsets of the 1990s. What was the name of this person?

Answer: James Douglas (Buster)

  1. Question: Which of the players among the 1992 dream team was the only collegiate athlete?

Answer: The player is Christian Laettner

  1. Question: How old was Tiger Woods in 1997, the year he won his first major championship?

Answer: He was 21

  1. Question: In the 1990s, which female tennis player was the five-time Wimbledon champion?

Answer: Steffi Graf

  1. Question: Only one gold medal was won by the United Kingdom in the 1996 Olympics. Who won the medal?

Answer: Steve Redgrave

  1. Question: In 1991, which rugby union team won the world cup?

Answer: Australia won the world cup


  1. Question: In 1992, the United States’ largest mall opened in which state?

Answer: Minnesota

  1. Question: What was the most successful movie of the 1990s?

Answer: Titanic in 1997

  1. Question: What do the initials JNCO stand for on the JNCO jeans?

Answer: Judge None Choose One

  1. Question: In 1992, a controversial soft drink was introduced to the public only to be widely rejected. What’s the name?

Answer: Crystal Pepsi

  1. Question: Who became a president after serving a 27-year prison sentence?

Answer: Nelson Mandela

  1. Question: The 1990s saw one major conflict:

Answer: The conflict in the Persian Gulf (1990-91)

  1. Question: How many people in the United States watched the verdict in the O.J. Simpson trial?

Answer: 95 million people

  1. Question: In which Olympics did the “Dream Team” take home the gold medal?

Answer: 1992 Olympics

  1. Question: In 1997, who was appointed as the country’s first female secretary of state?

Answer: Madeleine Albright

  1. Question: For the majority of the 1990s, what was the federal minimum wage?

Answer: $4.25

  1. Question: A big cover of whose tune did Whitney Houston have a massive hit in 1992?

Answer: Dolly Partons tune for the song I Will Always Love You

  1. Question: Which movie gave Macaulay Culkin his first $1 million paycheck as a kid star?

Answer: My Girl

  1. Question: Who was the first actor to be approached about playing Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story movies?

Answer: Billy Crystal

  1. Question: In the 1990s, what was the most-watched episode on television?

Answer: The season finale of the TV show cheers in 1993

  1. Question: In a 1997 boxing battle, Mike Tyson notoriously chewed off a piece of someone’s ear, but who was it?

Answer: Evander Holyfield

  1. Question: What was the name of the video game in which gamers could feed, play with, and clean up after a virtual pet in an egg-shaped electronic system?

Answer: Tamagotchi

  1. Question: For Christmas in 1996, everyone wanted a toy version of which “Sesame Street” star.

Answer: Elmo

  1. Question: In “Tomb Raider,” the fictional female protagonist is named?

Answer: Lara Croft

  1. Question: Ty Inc.’s most successful plush toys of the 1990s?

Answer: Beanie Babies

  1. Question: Los Del Mar were the pioneers of what 1990s dance fad?

Answer: The Macarena

  1. Question: Tommy, Chuckie, and Angelica appear in which animated series on Nickelodeon?

Answer: The Rugrats

  1. Question: In the 1990s, portable CD players gained a feature that allowed both youngsters and adults to listen to their music without missing a beat

Answer: Skip Protection

  1. Question: What snack can you use to create witch fingernails?

Answer: Bugles

  1. Question: ——TV shows have opening songs that begin, “Where has predictability gone?

Answer: Full house

  1. Question: What is the title of R. L. Stine’s “Goosebumps” series’ first book?

Answer: Welcome to Dead House

  1. Question: What was the name of the family butler on the show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?”

Answer: Geoffrey

  1. Question: What was the first sheep to be successfully cloned, and what was its name?

Answer: the sheep’s name was Dolly

  1. Question: Which was the first-ever reality television show?

Answer: The Real World

  1. Question: Sonic The Hedgehog came out in what year?

Answer: In the year 1991

  1. Question: In the ‘Crash Bandicoot’ series, who was the antagonist?

Answer: Dr. Neo Cortex

  1. Question: the last ‘Super Mario’ game that came out in the 1990s was?

Answer: Super Mario 64

  1. Question: Which fighting video game franchise is home to Nina Williams?

Answer: ‘Tekken’

  1. Question: In the “Pokemon” world, what did you call the first region?

Answer: Kanto

  1. Question: ‘Super Smash Bros.’ had —— playable characters in its initial release.

Answer: 12

  1. Question: The theme tune for ‘Friends’ was written by?

Answer: Rembrandts

  1. Question: Who was the primary female character on the sitcom ‘Boy Meets World’?

Answer: Topanga

  1. Question: What year did the pilot episode of Boy Meets World air?

Answer: In 1993

  1. Question: In ‘Frasier,’ there was a Jack Russell Terrier who went by the name of?

Answer: Eddie

  1. Question: Buffy’s blonde love interest has a name in ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer.’

Answer: Spike

  1. Question: who said, “Molly, you in danger, girl,” and in what movie?

Answer: Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg) in Ghost

  1. Question: Who said, “There’s no crying in baseball?” in what movie.

Answer: A League of Their Own’s Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks)

  1. Question: what movie did a character say, “What’s in the box?” and who said it?

Answer: In Se7en by detective David Mills (Brad Pitt)

  1. Question: Which legendary actor famously exclaimed, “You can’t handle the truth!” in a film. And what’s the name of the movie.

Answer: (Jack Nicholson) Colonel Nathan Jessup in A Few Good Men

  1. Question: In which movie does the classic line “You had me at hello” appear? And who said it?

Answer: In Jerry Maguire, Renee Zellweger plays Dorothy Boyd.

  1. Question: In Independence Day, the name of Will Smith’s character is?

Answer: Captain Steven Hiller

  1. Question: Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, and John Malkovich stared in which 1997 film?

Answer: Con Air

  1. Question: The year that Titanic’s “My Heart Will Go On” was released is?

Answer: The year 1997

  1. Question: In the movie Pretty Woman, who sang the song “Oh, Pretty Woman”?

Answer: Roy Orbison

  1. Question: In what film did Robin Williams make his animated film debut?

Answer: In Ferngully: The Last Rainforest

  1. Question: The Rescuers Down Under’s two mice have names, and those names are?

Answer: Bianca and Bernard

  1. Question: People believed this fuzzy toy, popular in the 1990s, was spying on them. Can you recall its name?

Answer: The Furby


The 1990s is still being talked about, and it has set the pace for many innovations in the 21st century. So if you’re sure you know a lot about that decade, try out our 50+ Best 1990’s Trivia Questions and answers above.

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