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The Warrior Professional Foosball Table is designed by Brendan Flaherty — who is Warrior Table Soccer president and also a foosball veteran. It’s a superb foosball table built for both professional players and amateurs.

The product provides all you need to play an enjoyable game of foosball, including professional-grade specs and features.

To many table soccer enthusiasts, the Warrior Professional Foosball Table is a flawless model, which is geared for precision. It’s a best-seller unit, which also doubles as the world’s most popular foosball table, and rightly so for several reasons.

For starters, the table looks great sporting a classic black color accompanied with chrome rods.

Its weight is roughly 200 lbs, and not only is it stable but also durable. The weight ensures the table stays firmly locked into place to allow for consistent gameplay.

The Warrior Professional Foosball Table is designed to impress and is optimized to offer you superior performance. Let’s learn more!

Key Features of Warrior Foosball Table

The Warrior Foosball Table is in a class of its own due to its many unique and practical features. These include the grass-green playfield, enhanced leg stands, durability, and several others.

Affordability & Great Performance

The majority of professional foosball tables retail at a minimum of $1000, and many of them even cost much more than that.

However, the Warrior Foosball Table is sold for less than $1000. This makes it a prime choice among the most affordable (and yet professional-grade) models out there.

Its cost is around 50% of the price of a competing, commercial-grade unit.

Since it weighs roughly 200 lbs, it won’t budge an inch, even when you’re playing intensely.

Anyone — whether young or old — can play some aggressive foosball matches using this budget-friendly tool.


Even though it’s fairly priced in comparison with the other high-end units on the market, the Warrior foosball table is designed to serve you for long.

It’s crafted from medium-density fibreboard (MDF) wood that’s a laminate surface.

MDF, unlike standard wood, provides a moderate amount of durability that ensures you won’t have to worry about things like warping, especially if you’re from areas that have high heat and humidity.

Furthermore, the cabinet is built from a thick MDF material, delivering more durability and stability compared with standard wood.

The laminate surface is almost scratch-proof and mark-proof. So, this unit is a perfect choice you’ll be enjoying for several years ahead.

Counterbalanced Men

Playing with cheap and flimsy foosball men is virtually the worst thing you can experience.

Without a suitable team of wooden or plastic guys, the rods don’t seem to whirl as they should. For this reason, you’ve to check the design & material of the tiny foosball men of a foosball table.

ABS Plastic is the best material to make use of in modern and plasticized tables. This is because it doesn’t usually break or shatter, even after long-term impact.

The Warrior Foosball Table foosball men are designed using tough and sturdy plastic. Also, they’re counterbalanced.

Due to this added weight, you can exhibit greater player control, along with harder and more substantial shots.

You’ll also love the added accuracy and the fact that gripping is a cinch when you’ve put counterbalanced men under your control.

But there’s a downside: The added weight could make play a bit slower.

All in all, it’s an attractive, novel feature of this table, which you can’t often see in other affordable units.

Assembly Is Fast and Easy

Unlike other products that could take long to set up or need professional hands to do the assembly, the Warrior Foosball Table only requires around 30 minutes.

And it’s all set for play to begin!

But just like any full-size piece tool for gaming, the best thing is to have 2 people (at least) for assembling the table. Do keep that in mind.

Another thing to note is, despite the faster-than-average assembly time, the actual time it could take may vary based on tools, skill-level, and having someone around to help.

So, the assembly time range can be as low as 25 minutes or as high as 3 hours.

Fortunately, they’ve put together an assembly tutorial video for you to make the set-up easier and faster.

So, simply watch that video and follow the step-by-step procedure there. And you’re all but ready to start enjoying foosball matches.

Leg Levelers Bring Enhanced Balance

As soon as the playing field is set in place, you can adjust the legs of the table to optimize table balance and evenness.

Warrior Foosball Table’s feet can swivel in almost all directions while establishing an upright steel connection to its legs. This allows even a bumpy surface to turn into the ideal play area.

Also, the sturdy rubber feet can lock into place, allowing users to feel confident in the stability of the table.

Apart from that, the legs also raise & lower in a bid to cater to the height needs of the players. This ensures that even young foosball aficionados can enjoy playing with the Warrior Foosball Table.

Rod Guards Offer Extra Protection

Foosball tables can cause a huge amount of damage to your pieces of furniture, walls and even human bodies.

When you’re engrossed in a riveting game, it can be easy to lose sight of how close you’re to other players. So, a steel rod may quickly and easily bolt from the table and, in the process, inflict injury on someone or damage on something.

However, the Warrior Foosball Table has got you covered here. It provides protective ABS plastic rod guards, which makes it one of the safest options on the market.

All-Set for Tournament      

The Warrior Foosball Table is built in accordance with the regulations of both the United States Table Soccer Federation (USTSF) and the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF).

This shows it’s eligible for use in official championship games.

The table gets 2 Warrior Tournament balls, with the official weight and size, also providing added texture to allow for easier gripping.

Unlike other makers that often make use of a tumbling process for designing the balls, Warrior adopts a unique centerline grinding approach and specialty urethane compound for engineering a ball that sports superior grip & speed.

Ace foosballers and serious players endorse the Warrior Table and accessories (such as the balls) for its precise control, its consistency as well as its long-term durability.

Hose-Free Ball Return

A ball return system that can’t work without tubes can easily develop issues if the hoses fall out of place, or if the inappropriate ball is made use of with the soccer table.

However, you won’t encounter such issues with the Warrior Foosball Table as it’s a hose-free ball return, which makes use of weight and gravity in guiding the ball to the return slot smoothly.

Also, the system helps in increasing the entire weight of the table, which yields a sturdier product and more enjoyable games.

Customizable to Suit Your Taste or Needs

Unlike several foosball table brands out there, Warrior can customize a table to meet the needs and style of the user.

Whether you want to change the colors of the foosmen, add LED lights, add a company logo or sponsorship, make the table single-player or multi-player, the maker has got your back.

Frequently Asked Questions about Warrior Foosball Table

Who should buy Warrior Foosball Table?

This table is highly recommended for serious players or anyone that value a quality foosball tool.

It’s among the best foosball tables available on the market. Also, both the layout and materials used are superb. You can look forward to a professional-grade experience once the ball lands on the playing field.

Why should you buy it?

This unit is crafted to cater to the needs of pros and novice players, who’re seeking a dependable foosball table for workplace or home gaming.

Since the maker of this table designs just a type of table, this implies all their energy is channeled to producing a top-class table. It’s this focus that brings about this high-quality product Warrior Table.


The Warrior Foosball Table, a product of Brendan Flaherty (Warrior Table Soccer president and also an ace foosballer), is a superb unit built for both professional players and newbies in the game.

It’s all you need to play an exciting foosball game, including specs and features of professional grade.

To many table soccer enthusiasts, the model is a highly rated option, geared for precision. It’s a best-seller product that’s durable, easy and fast to assemble.

Also, it’s affordable, has grass-green playfield and enhanced leg stands. Further, it’s durable and equipped with rod guards offering extra protection.

These are just few among the many benefits and perks this foosball table provides.

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