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Having a slippery hand can determine whether you win a pool or billiard game or lose it. With pool gloves, you can improve your grip on a cue, offering you an edge over a player using bare hands.

Additionally, a better grip gives you more control over your shots and makes you less prone to slipping or miscuing.

The design of the best pool/billiard gloves only covers your first 2 fingers and the thumb, which ensures a secure and comfortable fit. Personally, the equipment has come to my aid when playing with a closed bridge.

But it’s also impressive with open bridges.

We’ve handpicked the top 5 products to try out in your next pool or billiard game, along with factors to consider when shopping for a quality glove.

Best Gloves for Pool or Billiard

Kamui QuickDry Billiard Glove (For Right Hand & For Left Hand)

Kamui is a big name in cue sports, especially billiards, so it comes as a little surprise that the QuickDry Billiard Glove has raked lots of positive reviews from buyers.

The unit is primarily built for minimizing sweating when you’re playing in a humid environment.

This feature comes from its fingerless design, allowing for improved airflow, and from its fabric material, absorbing perspiration.

Thus, throughout the match, your hands will stay dry and cool.

It also features anti-slip pads that provide you with a firm grip on the pool cue, which allows you to consistently realize the best results possible.

Apart from that, the material used in crafting the glove also gives you great flexibility. For this reason, the fabric conforms to your hand’s design. This means that the gloves are still comfortable, no matter the match duration.

You can get the Kamui QuickDry Billiard Glove in XL, large, and small sizes. This range of sizes guarantees that it fits on your hands comfortably.

But the drawback of the model is that its price point is relatively on the high side because it’s exclusively designed with high-quality materials. The gloves are available for both right- and left-handed pool players.


  • Available in different sizes
  • Made with premium material
  • Has great breathability
  • Offers superb build quality
  • Its fabric is not only comfortable but also flexible


  • Pricey

Longoni Black Fire 2.0 Billiard Pool CUE Glove (L&R)

Choose the Longoni Black Fire 2.0 if you’re a pro. It’s an innovative glove, made to bring out the best in your pool or billiard game.

Additionally, this glove will provide you with a comfortable fit, whether you’re a left-or right-handed player. It’s designed using Techno Fibre fabric, a premium material that makes the glove breathable, soft, and comfortable to put on.

Thus, it’s a great option to wear in longer games, since the gloves won’t get uncomfortably warm and dissipates your sweat quickly. It’s available in various sizes and is perfect for players at all skill levels.

One of my favorite features of the Longoni’s gloves is that it’s machine washable and dryable, ensuring easy cleaning.

Plus, it has an adjustable wrist strap to take care of those awkward in-between sizes and separated fingers, providing an optimum amount of control and maneuverability.

Another impressive option of this unit is that its gripping pad is designed with a high-quality microsuede that further improves your level of grip and stability.


  • Fits any size
  • Professional-grade glove
  • Features optimum control, grip, and stability
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Suitable for all skill levels


  • Wrist strap is a bit larger
  • Has only 1 color

Predator Billiard Glove (L&R)

The Predator Billiard Glove is popular on the market, and that’s probably as a result of its recognition as a household name, particularly among pool enthusiasts.

With this tool, you get to enjoy better accuracy and control over your game. It’s designed with a smooth fabric, which helps enhance your shot control and minimize friction between your hand and the pool cue.

This capability subsequently aids a smooth or steady stroke.

The glove is especially useful when playing intense games. Also, it’s built using a breathable material called Lycra.

The equipment will ensure your hand stays comfortable and dry throughout the whole game. Also, it’ll mold to the shape of your hand to offer added freedom.

Its wrist strap is aided with a Velcro closure that secures the glove firmly in place.

Light and durable, this unit is a competitive-grade Billiards glove and is also one of the best on the market.


  • Securely attached with a Velcro closure
  • Competitive quality
  • Friction-free
  • Molds to your hand to bring added comfort
  • Nifty design


  • Limited sizes available
  • Comes in just a color

Cuesoul 3 Finger Billiard Glove (L&R)

The pool glove from Cuesoul is available in a pack of ten. Also, it’s popular in the community game room as a result of its superb quality and budget-friendly price.

The model is highly recommended for regular pool players as it’ll last a few months before it requires replacement. Its design is relatively thin, and that’s why it can get easily torn at times when worn regularly.

But this is not so bad when you consider its low price and the fact that a pack contains 10 gloves. These features make up for the glove’s lack of durability.

Also, the design on its wrist contains an elastic material instead of Velcro. That’s why you don’t realize the same level of snugness as an adjustable strap.

But the design allows for easier wearing and removal of the gloves, unlike what we get with a Velcro strap.

In addition to this, the glove still offers flexible material, which makes sure wearing it feels comfortable, enabling you to get a comfortable grip on your pool cue.

Even though it’s not fingerless, the option is relatively breathable, thereby providing your hands with adequate ventilation.

Always have an extra glove to ensure the bridge contact area offers you a smooth and consistent surface, allowing for better stroke play.

Furthermore, the design of the tool aims to perfectly fit both your left and right hands and is ideal for use by both male and female pool players.

Also, the design lets you play with 3 fingers closed. However, you can make use of scissors for ripping the material off without any concerns about it unraveling if you wish to have exposed fingers.

The unit is sold in 4 colors: blue, black, green, and red.


  • Gives great value
  • Its overall performance is great
  • Perfect for both left- and right-handed players
  • Perfect gloves for kids


  • Not long-lasting
  • Has only one size so everyone might not achieve a snug fit

Molinari V2 Fingerless Glove (For Left Hand & For Right Hand)

This tool is also one of the best pool/billiard gloves on the market. It’s an ideal option for professional pool players as it gives them excellent control over their pool stick.

The glove is designed with a smooth material of high quality, allowing you to take your shots with great consistency.

Also, its fabric guarantees you the same remarkable performance each time you take a shot. With the Molinari glove, there’s no need to worry about what the billiard glove does on hitting the cue ball.

This feature allows you to focus better on your game, and that’s essential to win. Additional tackiness is integrated into the glove’s palm surface, making sure your bridge hand doesn’t slip whenever you take powerful shots.

Apart from that, its fingerless design gives you a better grip on the felt and also ensures there’s an adequate quantity of air circulating inside the glove.

Thus, this glove helps minimize the levels of perspiration.

The billiard glove is available in 9 various colors and is made for both right and left-handed players. But first ensure it’s a perfect fit before you buy the pool glove.

All in all, the Molinari V2 Fingerless Glove is a perfect option since as it lets you gain excellent control over your pool stick with its tacky pad, providing a firm grip.


  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Ideal for minimizing clamminess and perspiration
  • Available for both right and left-handed players
  • Sold in a one-size-fits-all design
  • Offers great consistency


  • Doesn’t last long

Buying Guide

Things to Consider in Choosing the Best Pool/Billiard Gloves

While searching for the top billiard gloves out there, you’ll come across lots of options, which could make it complicated deciding which model to opt for.

In this buyer’s guide, you’ll learn the factors to consider to narrow down your search to the glove that best suits your needs.


Many various materials are used for designing pool gloves. Some models are typically created using breathable mesh material, and this is a common choice because they’re a lot more comfortable compared with other materials.

This is because the mesh material is breathable, making sure that your hands stay cool as you play the pool game.

The majority pool gloves are often made using Spandex or Lycra material that provides you with better traction on your pool cue.

Also, the material helps you get you a firm grip, thereby minimizing the chances of errors and slips.

But pool gloves manufactured with these materials have to always provide a proper fit rather than a one-size-fits-all type.

Style and Design

Typically, pool gloves have a variety of colors and designs. Thus, when shopping for one on the market, choose a comfortable option that also best portrays your style of play.


It would be best if you also considered the price tag of the pool or billiards glove you’re looking to buy. You should first set a budget before you choose the specific gloves to go for. Prices for budget models start from $10, while the costliest units retail at $40 and above.

To help you choose the most suitable for you, consider your skill level. This is because it makes more sense to invest heavily if you’re a pro pool player, unlike a newbie, since you can better appreciate the added benefits of a more pool glove offers.

Nonetheless, you can still buy expensive gloves since it all boils down to your personal preference. Such models often have better quality.


Also, read through the testimonials of other players who have bought and used the glove you’re planning to choose. When you take this step, you can know the experience of other buyers concerning the tool and also determine how durable it’s.

Glove Size

The size of the pool glove is an essential factor to also take into account because it has direct effects on your gaming performance. Over time, it starts to wear out more rapidly.

Thus, when shopping for a glove, opt for a model that fits into your hands easily while not being too tight to make you uncomfortable during the game.

Also, gloves that have the correct size for you don’t get easily damaged as you won’t have to struggle to wear or to take them off. Thus, they last longer.

Left Hand, Right Hand & Reversible

While this may seem obvious, you need to ensure you buy a glove meant for the specific hand it has been built for. Besides, you can search for a reversible 3-finger glove. However, those aren’t the best because they don’t offer a snug fit.


All new items, including pool/billiard equipment, are prone to damage within moments or days after purchase. To handle this kind of issue, make sure that the glove you’re buying has a guaranteed warranty should any damage occurs.


Playing with a slippery hand can impact your game significantly and determine whether you win or lose it.

Using the best pool/billiard gloves, you can improve your grip on a cue, providing you with an advantage over using bare hands.

Also, with a better grip, you can gain better control of your pool shots and makes you less prone to slipping or miscuing.

Apart from that, when shopping for a billiard glove of high quality, keep the factors explained above in mind to make a great buying decision.

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