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Jump cues have two functions — breaking the rack on one hand and playing jump shots on the other.

You might have seen an expert pool player make a perfect break using just an ordinary cue and a newbie wouldn’t get his lucky shot even with the best cue.

However, it would be best if you kept in mind that you can’t make use of a particular cue in place of a jump cue.

Nevertheless, depending on your skill level, the difference can be reduced.

Jump cues are among the best cues for pool players. But since many of this kind of equipment are on the market, finding high-quality options can be tricky.

To help you out, we’ve listed some jump cues you can check, along with some factors to consider before buying.

Best Jump Cues – Our Top Selection

Lucasi Air Hog 2 Jump Pool Cue Stick

Lucasi Air Hog 2 is one of the best jump cue for the experienced pool player in need of a three-piece jump cue that’s flexible enough to handle close, perform awkward and distant jump shots.

The cue is equipped with a carbon fiber cover that shields your shaft from cracking despite the hardest hits. It provides you with a good grip on the cue.

At the same time, the patented X-Shox Dampening System sucks up the vibration and shock from your most potent shots, thereby ensuring you don’t lose control of your follow-through.

One of the benefits of this 3-piece jump cue is that you can make use of the 12inches cue extension with any pool cue that utilizes a UniLoc joint.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Easy to perform higher jumps
  • Packed with lots of features


  • Expensive

ASKA Jump Cue 29-Inch Shaft

ASKA is a two-part jump cue, and it’s affordable. This jump cue is crafted from Hard Maple, which is sturdy, long-lasting, and beautiful to look at.

It also has a swift-release joint that makes mounting fast and simple when you’re playing a game. Besides, you get a solid phenolic tip, which is essential for executing those important jump shots.

The cue is relatively heavy at 9-10 ounces. This weight is still in the standard range of a jump cue (5-10 ounces), but pro and intermediate players might find it a little heavy.

All in all, the ASKA jump cue provides most of the benefits you’ll get in professional jump cues at a little cost, which makes it great for a beginner.


  • Very affordable
  • Made of Hard Rock Canadian Maple
  • Simple jump cue for beginners
  • Features a phenolic tip


  • This jump cue might be a bit heavy at 9-10 ounces to some players

McDermott Stinger Jump/Break NG05

Made of maple wood, the McDermott Stringer NG05 is a combination of break and jump cue that assures impressive results on the billiard table.

It is equipped with a G-Core’s Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core, which is located in the lower 7inch of the cue shaft.

This core offers firmness in the shaft and allows a higher level of control for players looking for dependable break cue performance.

The ferrule core of the carbon fiber also provides excellent shock absorption reducing any vibration caused by coming in contact with the cue ball.

Conversely, these features maximize the crash properties of a tip on the cue ball and provide strong break shots.

It doesn’t matter the shot type you want to play, the NG05 provides a straight and unwavering path for the cue-ball, so players can rest assured that this cue stick will set the cue ball in the location desired.

For players who want to improve their accuracy, this jump cue has all the features to help them improve.

The cue features black phenolic tips that are 13.25mm in size and made from layers of Japanese-pigskin leather. These leather layers are joined together using an adhesive.

This design prevents the tip from getting oxidized, thus improving its malleability.


  • Combines both break and jump shots
  • Moldable tips
  • Consistent performance


  • Pricey

Players JB528 Jump Break Pool Cue

This jump cue weighs 28 oz making it a perfect choice for heavy lifters.

Due to its heavyweight quality, this jump cue is incredibly great at breaking and large imprecise jumps. It is available in a three-piece design so that its weight can be reduced.

The cue is made of 100% North American Grade. It is built with double joints that can be released as fast as possible to allow a perfect fit and quick use.

The JB528 is recognized for its braking power with 14mm rock hard tip and fragile ferrule. However, its lifetime guarantee against warping and chipping is the show breaker.

Seemingly, this cue is covered with a high-gloss UV lacquer to protect it from chipping.

However, the real power lies in the application to achieve the best breaking shot and the ability to move quickly between the fingers.


  • Good for balancing
  • Elegant and slim design
  • Lifetime warranty on chipping


  • Heavyweight

Lucasi Custom Jump Break Cu L-2000JB-1

The Lucasi Custome L-2000JB-1 is a naturally styled break cue, known for it’s built with hard rock maple and double-pressed Irish linen wraps.

It delivers an amazingly accurate shot released on a regular basis.

The most attractive option of this jump cue is the Tiger Everest tip, made of high-quality leather. Additionally, the model is essentially three-in-one. Lots of players like the hard tip feel but want the control of softer tips.

It enables all these functions in one, which provides a powerful braking performance. It has two quick-release Uni-loc pin joints that provide players with excellent feel and high impact resistance.

In combination with a 4-piece build, this enhances durability and ensures that that the cue is portable.

Based on your preference and style, the L-2000JB-1 comes in half-ounce additions from 18 to 21 ounces, allowing you to consider 7 possible weight options.

Also, it features a lifetime warranty, giving you a high degree of flexibility and protection when you buy it.


  • Variety of weight options available
  • Flexible hard tip
  • Classic appearance


  • Costly
  • Not for those who prefer soft tips

Predator Break Cue – BK3

The BK3 Predator Break Cue is specially constructed for strong break shots.

Designed with the expert pool players in mind, this is a well-developed cue that guarantees effective break shots, giving you an edge in a pool game.

The exterior of the uni-loc stainless steel is very alluring and will catch the eye of every player nearby.

However, under the exterior lies an almost indestructible and light-weight hard rock maple wood.

The BK3 is produced as a 4-piece set that can be assembled easily in no time at al. This makes it very easy to transport, even if you’re a pro on the road regularly.

The heart of this jump cue’s strength and performance is the carbon fiber core with a MaxLite ferral that shields players from post-shot vibration.

The outstanding characteristic of the cue is the Uni-Loc weight cartridge system, which lets the players adjust the cue’s weight to their personal preference and style.

In the model covers, you’ll find all kinds of playing styles. These designs include those of naturally hard shooters, who prefer a light cue, or softer players, who like a heavier cue to give power to their shots.


  • Adjustable weight
  • Eye-catching appearance
  • Unbreakable


  • Premium price
  • Won’t be practical for beginners

Lucasi Custom Super Birds-Eye Pool Cue

The Lucasi brand is well-known for its quality and popular among the experienced players, which is why it’s among our list of best jump cue.

This model is stylish, eye-catching, and crafted from quality wood, which is resistant to warping.

An appealing attribute of this jump cue is its first-class quality from the shaft to the butt. It also has a stainless steel joint collar with the uni-lock quick release pin for quick assembly.

Although the Lucasi Custom cue is quite costly, you’ll find that it is worth every cent with its fantastic results. It also has a lifetime warranty, even against warping.

This model is equipped with a black and white double-pressed linen wrap, which provides a non-slip grip and gives you the confidence you need to win the pool.

It’s available in 18-21 ounces, and you also have the option of increasing the cue by half-ounce. This model is perfect for all players looking for high-performance irrespective of their playing level.


  • Made from highest quality materials
  • Ergonomic and light-weight
  • Quick-release
  • The jump cue has a hard leather tip
  • It comes with Irish linen wrap for a comfortable grip


  • Quite expensive

Things to Consider When Buying a Jump Cue

With a lot of jump cues brands available in the market, narrowing down your option to the preferred one might be challenging. Fortunately, there are some criteria you can make use of in getting the ideal jump cue.


Jump cues are usually shorter, but must still meet the minimum required length for tournaments, which is 40inch. These jump cues are between 40-48 inches.


Pool cue tips are available in three main types: hard, medium, and soft. For your jump shots, you need an extra-hard tip, if possible, built from phenolic or bakelite.

Two-part or three-part cue

This choice comes down to your preferences, but two-piece cues are usually cheaper and offer more options.

A 3-piece cue offers you more versatility as it can come with an extension for long-range shots. Also, it allows you to detach the butt and utilize the shaft in reducing the weight or when playing in tight spaces.


The wrapping material is significant, as it could affect your grip and comfort when shooting. A lot of players prefer cues without wrapping because the wood feels natural in hand.

Leather is well-known and as is rubber, particularly for people having clammy hands. Irish linen is also excellent for sweaty hands and is the first pick for expert players for its average grip.

The lesser-grip might seem like a bad thing, but it can give highly-skilled players more control and precision over the cue ball.


The ferrule is ignored a lot but is an integral part of a perfect jump cue. This part is in-between the shaft and tip and suck up the shock while you play.

A high-quality ferrule prevents the shaft from breaking during a hard shot like a jump shot.

It would help if you had a ferrule made of carbon fiber, Ivorine-4, Elforyn, or other resilient material that’s not susceptible to cracking or chipping.

Inasmuch as you don’t buy the cheap 1-piece cues that you usually see in a local bar, ferrules are reliable, most especially for jump cues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a jump cue?

If you plan to make jump shots often, you’ll definitely need a jump cue. You can break your shooting cue easily because the soft tip isn’t made to handle the effect of a powerful jump shot. There is also the risk of splintering your shaft if you don’t make use of the right cue for this purpose.

Is it legal to jump with the cue ball?

A correct jump shot is 100% legal in as much as you don’t scoop the cue ball. A scoop is the point at which you hit a ball beneath the center to raise it or scoop it off the table.

The ferrule and the shaft must not come in contact with the ball while the shot is being taken, and you can strike the cue ball just once to make a legal jump-shot.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are in the market for a jump cue, then you’ll find this article helpful. Reviewed above are the best jump cues from which you can choose the item that is most suitable for your style and needs.

You’ll need to use jump cues if you want to make a jump shot or break. Also, there are different types of jump cues with various ranges for pool players who prefer shorter cues or longer cues.


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