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Depending on the specific edition of the game you’re playing, Watch Ya Mouth rules vary slightly.

Have you ever experienced talking to a friend saying something only to realize that what you heard is different from what they said?

Watch Ya Mouth is a funny game that compels you to utter things that people will entirely misunderstand. Also, it has these comical mouthpieces that add to the hilarious effect of the game.

If you don’t mind appearing a little ridiculous and flashing your teeth, then this game is for you.

It’s so entertaining you will be feeling pains in your stomach from laughing too much because you’re trying to comprehend what your partner is saying with the guard in their mouth.

Without a doubt, this is a great party game to share with your friends and family. Let’s learn more!

Watch Ya Mouth – Rules and Walkthrough

Watch Ya Mouth is a one-of-a-kind charades game with a twist. It requires you to wear mouthpieces while saying something. This title is designed to be played in teams. The game is designed for team play.

One participant must wear a mouthpiece and say whatever is on their card. Then, the teammates must guess the word correctly as this will earn them a point.

Do you think you can talk while wearing a cheek retractor without sounding odd?

Game Requirements

To play this game, you will find the following in the pack:

  • 143 Phrase Cards
  • Ten Mouthpieces (six for adults and four for children)
  • A Timer
  • The official guideline for the playing game

The Objective

The game’s goal is to pronounce the word correctly to help your teammates understand what you’re saying. For a more fantastic effect, four or more players can play it.


The setup is straightforward. First, you’ll need to assemble all of the game’s components and gather the participants.

Following that, the players will be separated into two equally sized teams. Then, pick which team will go first and who will attempt to articulate the words. After you’ve sorted the sequence, you can begin playing the game.

Watch Ya Mouth Rules

To enjoy this game, each team must have a minimum of two players. If the number of players is odd, they can be divided into unequal groups.

One player will be assigned the reader’s position, who will be responsible for reading the words and phrases and correctly pronouncing them while wearing a mouthpiece. At the same time, the remaining teammates will try to guess the word properly.

After each round, players will be required to switch roles. As soon as the reader is fitted with a mouthpiece, the game’s countdown begins.

Within sixty seconds, the translators will attempt to guess as many words and sentences as possible. Each correct interpretation results in a point for the team.

A member from the opposing team will verify the integrity of the interpretation.

Additionally, the game includes certain bonus cards with more complicated words than the others. However, because of its difficulty, it earns two points.

If the reader believes the sentence is too tough, they may omit these additional cards. At the end of the final round, the team with the most points wins the game!


Watch Ya Mouth features two distinct gameplay modes with differing degrees of difficulty:

  1. Open Season, in which the reader can provide hints to their teammates via any sound, gesture, or other references. However, the reader is not allowed to write or draw to convey information to the interpreter.
  2. Legit is the second play mode, limiting the reader to speak only the word or phrase on their card. The reader is unable to talk about another word and just nod in agreement with any responses.

Watch Ya Mouth Rounds

Watch Ya Mouth has at least four rounds, where each team is given 60 seconds to say the word on as many cards as they can to get high points. Once both teams have had their turns, the round is complete. This is performed three more times throughout a standard game

After all rounds are completed, the team with the highest points wins. If a tie occurs, the players can play another match until one group emerges as the winner.

Cleaning the Mouthpieces

You can wash with hot water and soap. Alternatively, boil in the dishwasher for 3-5 minutes (Top rack only)

Watch Ya Mouth Edition

Note that there are two editions — the ultimate and the throwdown editions. The rules above works for the ultimate edition. However, for the throwdown edition, note the following:

  • Divide the Throwdown and Phrase Cards into two distinct decks, shuffle them, and set them face down
  • Each participant will compete against another player in turn. It’s a must to use a mouthpiece for every throwdown. Also, there will be drooling.
  • The player who has not brushed their teeth in the longest time takes the first turn.
  • When you’re in line to play, roll the dice to decide who your opponent will be for the turn
  • Select a Throwdown Card from the deck and follow the card’s instructions. It’ll explain how to play and whether or not you will need to pick a Phrase Card.
  • When both players are ready to compete, they place a mouthpiece in their mouths!
  • The Throwdown winner receives that card. If a player picks a teammate to play the turn and wins the throwdown, that player is the only one who wins the card — and not the teammate.

Watch Ya Mouth Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to reuse the mouthpiece in Watch Ya Mouth?

Definitely, you can reuse the mouthpiece since it’s washable.

Is it possible to play Watch Ya Mouth without using teams?

No, this is a team game. So you’ll have more than one person to play with as each team must have a reader and two or more interpreters.

Can children play Watch Ya Mouth?

Yes, this is an enjoyable game for players of all ages. In addition to this, children can use this game to practice new words and phrases.


Watch Ya Mouth is a hilarious game that requires little to no skills to play. All you need is to follow the guidelines and get enough plays, and you’re good to go.

One beneficial fact is that it can be incorporated into family game night, as it comes with mouthpieces for children. So if you need a pick-me-up game, Watch Ya Mouth is the suitable title for you.

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