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Also called Washers or Washer Pitching, this title is a cool way to entertain your family and friends; here, in today’s Washer Toss game guide, you can find all the information you need to enjoy the pastime.

It’s a fairly simple game that’s fun for players of all ages and shares striking similarities with other outdoor games such as Cornhole, Horseshoes, and Jenga.

These titles are some of the best barbecue games out there for adults.

Washer Toss’ alternative names include Washer Pitching and Huachas.

It’s an engaging game that’s easy to set up and has simple rules.

Let’s now dive deep into the Washer Toss game guide.


In Washer Toss, players throw their washers, and the participant with the highest score becomes the winner.

While you’ll find many house rules of this title, the basic gameplay is both simple and fun.

Terminology of the Game


This is a plastic or metal coin that’s colored in a particular hue, thrown toward the pit to earn points.

In the game, players use four washers, two of each color.

Washer Pit

Washer pit is a wooden box that contains a recessed cup that has a diameter of roughly four inches.

You can also use a cardboard or plastic as a washer pit.

In this game, players use two pits which are placed about 25 feet apart.


This is a game where a player or team earns 11 points whereas the opponent hasn’t scored any points during all turns.


You’ve a cupper when a player manages to toss a washer inside a cup.

This carries three points.


A hammer is a toss resulting in covering the previous player’s washer inside the cup.


This is a game turn that involves tossing of all washers and allotting of points.

On the Fly

This is the nothing but wet of the game, and it happens when a washer lands directly in the middle of the cup without first hitting anything else.

Items Required to Play

You’ll need a game set to play Washers.

The set should consist of washers and the washer box.

All these items are sold in stores, but finding them can be difficult.

Fortunately, you can get tons of sets online.

A good product to opt for is this plastic Washer Toss set from the Driveway Games.

Another excellent choice is this wooden Washer Toss set made by SPORT BEATS.

Wooden sets are popularly used; but players also choose sets designed with other materials like plastic.

A majority of these sets feature washers.

However, you may also buy washers separately.

There are cool options to consider online, like these steel- or plastic-coated Washers from Yardfine.

Once you’ve got the required items to play ready, it’s time to set up the game.

How to Set Up Washer Toss

Washers, measuring about two or three inches in diameter, are small circular throwing discs.

They’re produced using various types of materials.

However, the popular ones are metal and plastic.

Washers are sold in many different designs and colors, allowing you to personalize your game according to your taste and style.

While playing the game, ensure each participant makes use of different designs or colors to identify their washers easily.

Washers come in a cube-shaped box closed with a latch.

Once you unlatch the box, you’ll see that the top and bottom come apart, with both having part of a PVC pipe in their center.

Apart from that, you’ll also find a set of eight washers (four of each color) in the box.

The top and bottom pieces look exactly the same on the inside.

You should find a carpet-type material that covers the bottom surface of each piece surrounding the PVC pipe.

The pipe will serve as the hole you’ll be aiming at while playing.

The two sets of four washers are the items you toss when playing the game.

As regards the official Washer distance, you’ll set the top and bottom pieces of the box 21 feet away from each other.

The pieces have to be aligned with each other accordingly, just like cornhole boards in the cornhole game.

In certain sets of Washer Toss , you’ll find a string allowing you to set up the game easily using the exact washer board distance.

Setting Up the Playing Field

Washers can be played anywhere so long washer boards can be put on a flat playing surface that’s 10 feet apart from each other.

Distance separating pits is typically measured with a string that’s attached to the front of each washer box.

Just like in the Cornhole game, each player has their own pitching box on the right and left side of a board.

A pitching box has the same size has the washer board, and in three-hole Washers game, it’s 4 x 1 foot.

The foul line is in the same line as the front of the washer board, meaning it’s on the front edge of a pitching box.

If you step on or cross the foul line, you’ve had a foul shot worth zero points.

Every toss has to be from behind the front edge of the washer board, and players should maintain the same tossing side during the whole match, just like in cornhole.

Each team will get three washers, which will be six washers in total tossed in each round (two players and three washers).

Ensure each team of players has different colors so they can be distinguished with ease.

Washer Toss Game Guide: Rules

Video Tutorial

While playing this game, players will stand directly next to the washer box.

Your foot has to stay in line with the cup inside the box.

To choose who’ll be the first to pitch, the two players will line up and pitch a washer at the opposite box.

Whichever of them gets closer to the washer box becomes the first person to toss.

This process is referred to as the diddle.

To begin the match, the first player will throw all their four washers back-to-back.

Three points are awarded when any washer lands inside the hole.

Washers that land at the bottom of the box carry one point.

In a situation where any of the thrown washers land on the top of the edge inside the washer box, that thrower becomes the winner automatically.

After the first player has tossed all their washers, the other player will go ahead and toss their four washers.

Only a player can score in each round as a result of the cancelation effect.

For example, if the first player earns five points on their turn and the other player gets four points, the first player scores a point.

Whoever earns the highest points during a round gains the difference in score.

To win a Washer Toss game, you or your team have to be the first to earn 21 points.

But if the first player or team throwing can get 21 points, the opposing player.

Or team can still take their tosses and attempt to nullify the first thrower’s points.

Some of the Best Places to Play Washer Toss Game

The good thing about Washers is that it can be transported with ease.

The box itself can be quite small

And a majority of washer boxes have a handle attached, making it a lot simpler to carry them from one place to another.

All the washers can fit inside the box.

Also, since the two boxes latch together, you’ll be able to move it all at once, unlike several other games that have a more intricate setup.

A Party or a Gathering

What are the things you enjoy most about parties or gatherings?

The delicious meal? The delectable barbecue? The booze and drinks? Or the riveting games?

If it’s the fun games, then consider adding Washer Toss to the mix.

It’s an easy-to-play backyard game which anyone can engage in, whether it’s your dad, mum, grandma, or little cousin.

Thus, one of the best places to play Washer Toss is during a party or gathering.


The park is another cool place to play this game.

It’s a great recreation to partake in while strolling through the park or having a picnic with your family and friends.

Tailgate Party

Without fun, engaging, and interactive games, tailgate parties are insipid.

Several people love eating, drinking, using a mobile phone, and other activities with their one hand while playing cornhole.

Washers is a fascinating yet simple activity for this because all you need to toss your washers is one hand.

FAQs about Washer Toss Game Guide

What does First to 21 mean?

This is a house rule where each player throws one washer at a time in turns instead of just throwing four or any other set number.

The game will go on until a player or team gets 21 points, and the first to reach this becomes the winner.

What’s Bonus Score?

This is a house rule that adds a bonus to the score you earned if you get multiple washers in the cup.

You add an extra of two points for every extra washer you get in the cup.

What are the alternative names of the game?

The old game has lots of different names, which are all essentially synonyms for Washer Toss.

Some these names include Washer Pitching, huachas, Washeroos, Holy Boards, Washoos, or Washers.

Wrapping Up

This title is one of the best outdoor party games out there.

With this Washer Toss game guide, you can learn the ropes and defeat your opponents consistently.

While this game has many names, it’s commonly called Washer Pitching.

The rules of the title have different variations.

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