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The holidays are one of the best times of year because it allows us to spend time with loved ones, and playing Oven Mitt Unwrapping game will offer your company loads of fun.

The fact is — things tend to slow down at some point during a Christmas party.

What about a little friendly competition to liven things up? Like Oven Mitt Unwrapping game.

To get started, players must first unwrap a present that has been wrapped unusually.

Playing this game with a large group of loved ones and friends during the holiday season is a great way to put people in the festive spirit.

People who can’t control their excitement when they see gifts will have a hard time with this game.

To get the present in this game, you’ll need patience, a lot of unwrapping, and a little bit of luck on the dice.

Are you eager to begin?

Take a look at this comprehensive guide to the Oven Mitt Unwrapping game rules and gameplay.

What’s Oven Mitt Unwrapping Game?

Oven Mitt Unwrapping is a gift-dice game in which players have to open presents while wearing oven mitts.

Not only that, but you can only unwrap for as long as your neighbor is tossing dice, so it’s a race against the clock.

Items Required to Play Oven Mitt Unwrapping Game 

It differs from Shut The Box Dice Game in that it does not utilize a separate game box or set.

You might even have all you need already in your house, or it’s readily available on the internet.

The following is a list of things you’ll need:

  • Oven mitts are a must-have
  • Regular dice, two (2)
  • The traditional red and green Christmas hat
  • Of course, a gift
  • You’ll also need some wrapping paper and tapes

To begin, wrap the gift as part of the preparations.

Ensure you covered it properly with as many tapes as possible to make it difficult to unwrap.

When buying an oven mitt, get the ones that are both heat-resistant and tough to play while still being easy on the hip pocket.

Video Tutorial

Oven Mitt Unwrapping Game Rules and Instructions

To begin, everyone sits in a circle with oven mitts, dice, and a present in the middle.

Next, players can select the first person to play using age.

Alternatively, participants might choose to roll small dice and go in order of greatest number.

Unwrapping The Present

The first player to go will be decked out in Santa’s hat, including an oven mitt and a gift.

The participant on this player’s right will be with the dice.

For example, if a player is unwrapping while another is rolling the dice, A can immediately begin unwrapping.

However, only the mitts are allowed to make contact with the gift when unwrapping.

Meaning, the elbows, toenails, and other unwrapping aids are out of the question for player A.

Participants B and A will exchange presents when B has finished rolling the dice.

After that, player A’s turn is over for the round.

Playing with Dice

When participants roll dice in the Oven Mitt Unwrapping Game, they are attempting to achieve a goal similar to that of Bunco.

Rather than rolling three dice with the same number of pips as in the latter game, players in Oven Mitt Unwrapping try to get the same number on just two dice.

So, if B keeps rolling the dice until he gets a four or six, he’ll have to stop.

So, here’s when chance enters the picture: If A has unwrapped about half of the present, then B needs to score a double-quick so that dice may be handed on, and B has a chance to finish off the game.

Winning the Game

As previously stated, the game is won by the player who unwraps the entire present and completes the game.

Thus, if B succeeds in scoring a double and unwraps the gift with only one or two cassettes left, B will very certainly win the game.

Ideas for Oven Mitt Prizes from a Game

There’s no requirement that the box itself be huge; that’ll be sufficient.

However, the amount of the prize is completely up to you.

In fact, putting a small gift into several larger boxes may help you win the game for longer.

Only knowing what your guests want to win is something I strongly recommend.

You may tailor the game awards to reflect that because no one wants to spend money on something they won’t use.

Now that you’ve got some excellent game prize suggestions, here are some pointers on how to select the greatest prize for your oven mitt game guests.

To save the most money, purchase your grand prizes during a holiday sale.

And if you didn’t get in on the sale, don’t worry; there will be plenty more throughout the year.

So take advantage of sales and buy items now to put away for the holidays.

In the same vein as the last, you can take advantage of after-Christmas deals to stash away gifts for the next year.

Again, because it’s nice to save money throughout the holiday gift-giving season, you can hide these rewards somewhere no one will get to them.

Stick to gifts that come in cube packages because they’re easier to wrap.

However, to make it more challenging to open, you’ll need to be able to cover everything tightly.

This oven mitt Christmas game is easy to set together if you have all of the necessary ingredients on hand.

When you’re having fun, keep this in mind.

When playing this amusing game using oven mitts, keep these points in mind:

Decide whether you’ll play clockwise or counterclockwise before you start the game (this will allow each participant to be ready for their turn)

Before beginning to open the package, make sure all props are turned on (if anyone falls off, the person playing has to stop until the props are back on).

Determine whether or not it is acceptable to smash the box.

It is possible that not everyone may have a chance, and this is fine!

As a result, I propose that you have two boxes, each containing two rewards so that more individuals have the opportunity to win.

Oven Mitt Unwrapping Game FAQs

In the Oven Mitt Unwrapping Game, can we open the tapes using our teeth to open them?

Oven Mitt Unwrapping guidelines state that just the mitts are allowed to come into contact with the game.

As a result, the game becomes more challenging and engaging.

However, for youngsters under the age of 10, the regulations can be relaxed to open tapes with their teeth, which reduces the challenge.

Is there a difference between Mery Christmitts and The Oven Mitt Unwrapping Game?

No, these two terms refer to the same game.

As a result of its enduring popularity throughout the holiday season, the game has earned the nickname because of gift sharing.

You can also keep all the gifts on the table instead of just as a variant of Merry Christmitts.

In What Way is the Oven Mitt Unwrapping Game’s Christmas Variation Played?

Each participant arrives with a present that they carefully wrap and place on the table.

In this case, the dice will be handed to the person on the right, who will now keep their gift in the middle instead.

Each player receives a new present to open as they pass theirs to the left.

When a participant rolls two’s in a row, they pick the present that’s still in the middle.

In this case, the dice will be handed to the person on the right, who will now keep their gift in the middle instead.

Each player receives a fresh offering to open as they pass theirs to the left.

As the game progresses, the player who successfully unwraps all of the gifts receives ownership of those gifts.

Because no one knows what they’ll receive or who they’ll end up gifting, this is a thrilling method to give gifts at Christmas.


Well, there you have our guidelines for playing the oven mitts unwrapping game.

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