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KanJam is known to be a fun outdoor game that can be played anywhere with a space of 50 feet. The game is pretty simple to play, and you can use your backyard or the beach.

Garbage Can Frisbee, as it is formerly called, had its origin from a group of friends in Buffalo, New York.

Initially, KanJam was only common around Buffalo until the mid-1990s. That was when the co-founders Charles Sciandra and Paul Swisher sited a company and changed the then “Garbage Can Frisbee” to KanJam.

The creators requested a patent but flopped as it became difficult to identify it from the other existing games such as “Tiddlywinks”.

But the setback was surmounted soon as ‘instant win’ feature was made known. After years of establishment, the patent was later approved, and KanJam became available in 2005.

The game is now widely accepted in various regions. Here is a quick run-through of how the game is played, rules, and other tips to make you a better player.

What’s KanJam?

KanJam comes in different variations such as KanJam Splash, KanJam Mini, and the most recent one, KanJam Count.

KanJam Splash has a floatable bottom because it is made to be played in water. It also has a smaller shaped goalpost and disc.

KanJam Mini is to be played in the house or outdoors on a table, floor or wherever it suits. It also has a small goalpost and disc.

KanJam Count is more like a football game because it has some of the features of football.

It was developed by Andy Wheeler and PJ Tudisco and played using two V-shaped goals as the goalpost.

How to Play the Game

KanJam is a flying disc game, which implies that you play with a disc and garbage container. It is a 2 on 2 team game that has to do with throwing a Frisbee at a garbage can.

You do not have to be an athlete to participate in this game because there’s no really any special way to throw the Frisbee.

The cans are positioned 50 feet away, while you and your co-partner are required to be at the extreme.

Basically, you and your partner only have one out of these three things to do: let the Frisbee jam the can, deflect it into the can or, greatest of all, let the disc go round the opening of the can for a quick win.

Since it is a 2 team game, one player tosses the Frisbee, and the partner diverts it.

You earn points when the Frisbee hits the can, or when your co-partner jams the Frisbee right into the can.

This game can be really frustrating at times when you have 3 people who are very good at it, and 1 person who isn’t so good at throwing a Frisbee.

It is quite hard for a single player to maintain a team, so you absolutely need 4 people who can throw to get the best fun out of it.

Basic Game Rules

  • KanJam is similar to any other outdoors game. The objective of the game is to earn points by tossing and slipping the flying disc into the garbage can.
  • We can have a minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 players, two people in each team. Both male and female can participate in KanJam.
  • The Frisbee mustn’t fall on the ground before slipping/hitting the can; if this happens, you won’t get any point.
  • Each team gets the same proportion of rounds. For instance, if your team begins and earns 21 points first, then the other team can tie.
  • You need 21 points altogether to win. So either you get 21 points, or you swing the disc in such a way that it goes round the opening of the slot.

There are some misconceptions about KanJam that should be totally disregarded such as;

  • pitching should be done with one hand
  • you cannot throw a Frisbee in front of your own goal

Here is a tip for beginners:

You can change the positioning of the can if the 50-foot distance is too much for you. Every other rule remains untouched.

Scoring Points in KanJam

Scoring in this game is quite easy. The points are as follows:

Dinger: Here, you get 1 point when your partner redirects the disc to jam the can.

Deuce: You get 2 points when the disc is thrown to hit the can without the help of your partner.

Bucket: 3 points when your assistant redirects the Frisbee straight into the can.

Instant win: The game is over once the disc lands by going around the opening of the can.

Here are some tips to help you score better and win:

  • Try as much as possible to play frequently, and don’t just play with people that you are familiar with, try playing with other people to learn new styles.
  • Train in a broad space.
  • Be cognizant of what your partner can do to be in the best place to deflect.
  • You should be able to throw the disc in such a way that it will be convenient for your partner.
  • You still have a chance to deflect even right in front of the garbage can.

Also, note this: KanJam is always fun whether you win/lose, but no one fancies losing, so it’s always awesome to win.

Tips on Pitching

  • Your partner must not try to control the Frisbee no matter what; this is called a “carry”. You won’t get any points if this happens.
  • The deflector is free to go around as necessary to veer the disc.
  • Do not attempt to come near the goal if you are still waiting to pitch.

Frequently Asked Questions About KanJam

How do I decide who plays first? 

Get to decide who plays first by either with a very brief round or by flipping the disc. Whoever wins decides on if to throw first or second.

It is beneficial to pitch last; this is simply known as having “The Hammer” because you always get the opportunity to win the game with an instant win.

Can we use any disc?

It is possible to use any disc if you are just playing around. On the other hand, you’ll earn a lot better when you use the proper Kanjam disc.

Where can I get KanJam?

Mostly, the game is sold locally at outdoors sporting stores.

That concludes today’s post on how to play KanJam.


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