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Air hockey is a great past time, which both kids and adults find enjoyable. To get started, the most important item you need is an air hockey table.

It’s an incontestable fact that standard competition size air hockey models provide players with a lot of fun.

However, for several people, the units are simply not all that practical because they’re costly, occupy too much space, and aren’t suitable for younger children to play.

Thankfully, the best mini air hockey table doesn’t have none of these issues, and it still offers loads of fun to players of any age, especially kids.

Here are some recommendations when shopping for high-quality tables to play this game:

5 Best Mini Air Hockey Table Models

Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey

The Playcraft Sport 40-Inch is our number one choice in this post and is also Amazon’s best-seller, having racked more than 410 great reviews from verified buyers.

The model is specially built for kids and teens, who see it as a delight to enjoy their air hockey games with.

This table woos customers with its decent price point, compact size, and superb performance.

It measures 40in by 20in by 8in, with a compact and portable design that provides you with space-saving fun without any compromise on the playability (from kids standard).

It’s equipped with a 100 CFM electric blower generating modest airflow to ensure smooth movement of the puck.

You’ll find the medium-density fiberboard (MDF) frame surprisingly robust and sturdy. Thus, you needn’t be worried about things like breakage or wear and tear.

Also, the pucks and strikers are excellently crafted, and no matter how hard you whack them, they won’t break.

The ABS puck catcher system works well, whereas a manual scorer is given at each end for keeping tabs on the score.

The mini air hockey table needs minimal assembly, and the 4 MDF legs must be attached to the top. And that only takes a short time.

However, the only drawback of this otherwise quality unit is, the legs aren’t fitted with rubber pads for preventing scratches.

It could be a nice idea to use some clothing to cover the table before you put the unit.

Overall, the Playcraft Sport 40-Inch is a highly rated mini air hockey table, which has an impressive build and affordable pricing system.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Modest blower


  • Doesn’t offer rubber pads on the legs

Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Travel-Size

The Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Travel-Size is also in the conversation about the best mini air hockey table.

It comes with a variety of amazing features, and the option is also the best-looking table on this list.

The model has a wood-finish frame with a navy-blue scorer and white glossy top, making the table outstanding.

The only assembly it needs is to attach the legs.

One of its unique features is the extra compact size, measuring 40in by 20in by 9in. The table is ideal for playing all around your home.

It’s also perfect for use on the floor for your youngsters or on a tabletop if the additional height is necessary.

In each leg, the base is padded with foam to ensure that you won’t leave any scratch behind on the tabletop.

Apart from that, its size is precisely big enough for adults to play. However, those that have larger hands could find it difficult gripping the pushers.

The air hockey table is best reserved for just your children.

Like the majority of similar sets, this unit needs an electric supply for powering the blower.

The blower itself is of modest quality, producing above average airflow for your teens to enjoy their game.

Furthermore, you’ll also require two AAA batteries for the electronic scoreboard. If no battery is available, you can always use the old school way, which involves the use of the physical score trackers.

Also, the product offers you the essentials of two pushers and two pucks, as usual.

Since it’s made in the US, the quality is undeniably clear, looking at the pucks and the glossy top.

The Rally and Roar Table costs about $70.

It’s a great choice for users that seek a portable air hockey table that’s built with esthetically pleasing looks and remarkable all-round performance.

However, we don’t recommend it to be bought as a travel table. It’s still moderately portable for use next door or nearby, though.


  • LED Scorer
  • Features modern looks
  • Robust build


  • Legs can’t be folded

Harvil Air Hockey Game Table

Coming right up is the Harvil 5″ standing game table. The manufacturer of this unit is a famous and well-reputed brand, and this model lives up to our expectations.

It’s a non-folding table, which isn’t as portable as its tabletop counterparts. However, where it shines best is the authentic arcade-like gameplay experience.

The table, which measures 60in by x 26in by 31in, is perfect for children to play comfortably and for their parents to also take part in the action.

There are 2 CUL-approved blowers powering the table and putting out steady and reliable airflow — enabling the pucks to glide very smoothly.

The complete package weighs at 44 pounds, which is slightly on the heavier side. However, this makes sure the unit table stays steady and secure throughout the play.

It’s the largest mini air hockey table on this compilation, pegged at about 5ft in length.

The table, however, isn’t all that wide and can fit nearly all rooms. Do note that when trying to determine how much space you’ve to use.

Worried about playing on uneven surfaces?

No need to be because this table has adjustable levelers that guarantee a decent even playing field always.

If you check the top of the unit, you’ll see an electric scorer for monitoring points. With this option, you won’t have to rack your brain about adding up points during a game.

Also, the installation is relatively straightforward: All you need do is screw in the 4 legs and 2 side support, and you’re good to go!

Harvil has built a top-notch air hockey product delivering just all you want, and its size is perfect for kids and teens alike.

Additionally, adults won’t find it too small and can enjoy 1 or 2 games with the kids.

The huge price point is the only downside of this product, which retails at $250.

But since you’re paying a premium price for this unit, you can expect nothing but the best.

It’s definitely worth the investment.


  • Modern design
  • Has sturdy and durable build
  • Top-class performance
  • Features an electronic scorer


  • Costly

Joola Sport Squad HX40 40-inch Table

The Joola Sport Squad HX40 40-inch Table is our budget pick, but it’s still a strong candidate to wear the crown of the best mini air hockey table on the market.

While there are no automatic LED scorer and supporting legs, the unit offers you a minimalistic and small table that has no frills.

Since it doesn’t need any installation, it’s ready to play once you unbox it.

But you’ll still need to get all the essentials set to play — items like 2 pushers, 2 pucks that are standard with the majority of sets.

The electric blower in the product also comes with the same power as what we’ve in the number one choice above.

The Joola’s compact tabletop model measures 40in by 20in by 5in. This makes it easy to move and fold away to store it.

But one flaw you’ll notice in the design is, without legs for propping it up, the table will sit very low. When used on carpet, this issue can hamper airflow, which results in the motor overworking itself.

Place it on wood or tile flooring for optimum results.

While the components in the unit set are of decent quality, they aren’t perfect.

The table itself is crafted using MDF, and though it looks robust, it isn’t the sturdiest.

Also, the felt on the pushers can wear off if you play too aggressively. Thus, the best thing is to go easy on it. And you should try not to lean too heavily on the table while playing.

At a price less than $45, this product is a sweet deal.


  • Lightweight design
  • Portable and compact build
  • Very affordable
  • Superb performance


  • Build quality is pretty average
  • Has no legs

Harvil 40-Inch Tabletop Air Hockey Table

If durability sits at the top of your priorities, no need to continue searching any further. Simply go for the Harvil 40” Tabletop Air Hockey Table.

The model, which is designed using dense fiberwood and features strong legs supporting the frame, is built to be tough.

Its side is adorned by modern and elegant graphics, which make the table look even more appealing.

It measures 40in by 19.63in by 8in and weighs less than 15 pounds.

Its remaining features are also standard and are the common options you’ll get on similar tables on the market.

The unit has two 65mm strikers, two 5mm pucks, along with manual scorer on each of its sides.

It’s fitted with a fairly powerful blower that produces more than enough airflow.

Just like with the other sets, you would also have to screw the legs of this table in the preset screw holes to install them.

It’s backed with a 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects or breakage, in addition to sturdy build quality. These make the model an excellent choice.


  • Elegant graphics
  • Long-lasting build
  • Offers a 90-day warranty


  • Manual scorer

Buying Guide for Your Best Mini Air Hockey Table

When shopping for a mini air hockey table, you need to consider some different criteria. These units are of various sizes and with different scoring systems.

Also, they’re built with various ages and users in mind. In this section, we’ll discuss some advantages a quality table offers you and some factors to focus on when shopping for one.

Some Benefits of a High-Quality Mini Air Hockey Table

A mini air hockey table of premium quality has a ton of advantages.

They provide you with a means to enjoy the fun and exciting game of air hockey right in the comfort of your home, without the need to worry about the table occupying 8ft in the house.

These mini units are portable, compact, and can easily be packed down for storage whenever it’s necessary, unlike the models you’d need to have set up always and occupying valuable space in your home.

Many kids love playing this game out at the arcades or even if they can have an opportunity to play it at school or a friend’s place.

Your youngsters may be requesting an air hockey table at home.

Even if there’s enough space in your garage or another part of the house, children can easily lose interest in a new hobby.

For this reason, a mini table is a great option to get for them so they can try out air hockey to know if it’s a hobby that suits them.

Factors to Check in an Excellent a Mini Air Hockey Table

What you should first note is that a mini air hockey table of poor quality isn’t worth investing in.

If it looks flimsy and will break easily, there’s no need picking such a product.

Also, if it’s difficult to keep scores, this can make the game less enjoyable while playing.

Apart from that, if the puck could go flying, it won’t let you have a great time playing the game.

You won’t encounter any of these issues in a quality table. You can find decent mini units, even if you’ve some budget constraints as we’ve several amazing air hockey tables that go for less than $500.

If you’ve more money to spend, you can opt for an air hockey table priced less than $1000.

Other than price, here are some other things to take into consideration when shopping for the best mini air hockey table.

Table Design

While design often plays a little role in the decision (as regards looks at least), since these tables are typically aimed at kids and teens, a nifty design is a big plus.

Kids often fancy a product that sports a lively and vibrant design.

Also, check whether the table has been built with legs or without them and whether they can be folded to provide additional convenience.


The dimensions of the table are another essential factor to bear in mind.

If it’s a unit that sits on a tabletop like a dining room table or a coffee table, you’ll have to match up the measurements (approximately, at least).

A 40” air hockey table won’t be able to stay on top of a small coffee table. Also, if you make use of a table that’s too big to carry the air hockey table, you may find it difficult to reach and play well.

Furthermore, the smaller models of air hockey tables are also extremely difficult for older children or adults to play the game.

Air hockey has to be fair, and if you can go beyond the halfway point, then this can make it extremely easy to have an unfair advantage over your opponent.

In addition to that, if you are an adult, the game can be slightly too fast on a tiny table, and the pushers could also be too small to make use of.

For these reasons, small tables are typically most suitable for kids.


This is a major consideration as regards storing and arranging the table.

Options with a lightweight design are often preferable.

Plus, lighter air hockey tables can be easier for players to nudge and move about accidentally when the game is ongoing.

More importantly, sturdiness shouldn’t be sacrificed for lighter weight.

System of scoring

This can either be manual or electronic.

In an electronic system, you can reset the score. Then, it’ll automatically count and let you play the game without the need to make use of counters on the go.

This can offer you more reliability and also help eliminate a situation where you’ll forget to track the score as you play the game.

In certain electronic scoring systems, such as the Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table, extra batteries are needed. But they allow you to also keep score manually if you wish.

Several smaller air hockey tables out there feature manual scoring. Also, an electronic scorer often makes the overall price of the table go up.

Blowers & airflow

When playing this game, the airflow is essential.

If you’ve ever paid to make use of one in an amusement arcade, and it couldn’t provide the appropriate airflow, you’ll see the air hockey puck can stop dead and become unable to continue moving around the table as it normally does.

On the mini options, the motors are often just 12 volts and have lesser airflow than their full-sized counterparts. However, there’s no need for them to be as powerful on small tables.

Most times, the blowers are not that strong on small tables. However, so long they’ve enough to ensure the puck keeps moving, then this isn’t a problem.

Pucks and pushers (accessories)

There’s no way to play air hockey without the pucks and pushers. Hence, these accessories are always important when shipping for a table, whether small-sized or not.

When you purchase them at once, this implies you can start playing within minutes of installing your table.

When it comes to mini air hockey tables, the pucks and pushers are of special importance.

You don’t need to buy pushers and pucks of extremely high-quality on little home tables. However, you must ensure they have the correct size.

You can best do this by getting your pucks and pushers with the mini air hockey table when you buy it.

Sturdiness and stability

Mini options tend not to be as sturdy, partly as a result of their lighter weight. However, since the majority of mini air hockey tables are the tabletop type, they should come with great stability.

If they feature legs, you’ve to make sure these connect firmly and are stable to see to it that the table stays straight.

Apart from that, the stability factor is also vital when considering aspects such as the goals that can be knocked off the table if their quality isn’t that high, which will make the table quite useless.

A 90-day warranty is generous for a mini air hockey table, meaning your purchase won’t be protected for long. This is why you’ve to make sure the table is sturdy from the get-go.

FAQs about the Best Mini Air Hockey Table

Does it feature a power cord?

Of course. To run the blower, a power cord will always be included with a mini air hockey table.

Will the unit stay stable?

If you check the bottom of the legs or the surface, you’ll find rubber padding. This helps with stability, ensuring the playing surface doesn’t get nudged about and scratch the mini table.

The larger the air hockey table is, the more likely it’ll typically remain stable.

Does the assembly take time?

The installation shouldn’t last long at all since most mini air hockey tables are built to be put up and placed down on demand.

This means only a couple of minutes is required to set up some tables. The maximum estimated time to set up any of the tables above is just 15 minutes.


The standard pieces of equipment required to play air hockey are a table, pucks, and pushers.

As for the best mini air hockey table, we’ve reviewed 5 of those on the market. Simply make your choice from the models, and you’re all set to have great fun playing the game with your kid.

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