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Whether you’re a pro or tyro, playing with the best dart flights out there can exponentially improve your game.

Huge Caveat: Flights are among the parts commonly neglected in a dart.

However, it affects how the dart flies.

When shopping for the best dart flights on the market, factors to consider include material, flight shape, thickness, among others.

In this guide, we’ve handpicked the top options out there to play darts better using these criteria.

Let’s get right into it!

Top 5 Dart Flights in 2021

Harrows Carbon Dart Flights (Standard Shape)

The Harrows Carbon Dart Flights dazzle buyers with its study build and the ability to fit perfectly into the shafts.

Measuring 100 microns in thickness, you might find the name of this unit misleading because it’s designed with plastic — not carbon.

In the set, there are 15 flights that come in five different designs.

The flights have an enormous impact on the stability and precision of darts.

Apart from their sturdy design, they’re also thick.


  • Sturdy build
  • Fit perfectly onto the shafts


  • Not flexible
  • Has a tendency to break

IgnatGames Dart Flights

This unit from IgnatGames got the nod as one of the best dart flights on the market for their durability and thickness.

They offer an excellent solution to your dart needs and requirements, delivering a great performance that takes your game to the next level.

In the product, you’ll find 10 different sets (30 pieces) sporting a robust design.

There are also dart protectors in the unit, which will prolong the dart flights’ service.

If you’re keen about practicing accuracy and consistency in flight paths, these flights come highly recommended.


  • Contains 10 sets of uniquely designed flights
  • Offers dart protectors for quality service
  • Fits nicely onto the shafts


  • Tears easily sometimes

Harrows Retina Dart Flights Standard

Coming right up is the Harrows Retina Dart Flights Standard, which features impeccable quality and durable build.

These flights hold the direction tremendously.

They offer you flexibility in the design since you can select from many color patterns.

They all feature a middle, slightly glossy line that several player make use of as a guide to help them aim better.

The Harrows Retina Darts can follow the flight more easily.

And when a dart is on the board, they make use of it as a reference point.


  • Excellent design that helps improve players’ aim
  • Nice quality


  • Owing to their sturdy design, they’re not flexible

Cosmo Darts Flight

If you’re seeking a slim dart flight, then consider checking out this unit.

It’s a Japanese made product that offers an innovative method for fixing the flight onto the shafts.

Not only does it deliver a superb performance, but also has great quality.

From its review online, players say it doesn’t fall off and they spend a shorter time than before in the corner while trying to put the thin flight onto their shaft clips.

However, the downside of the dart flight is that you’ll have to get a special shaft for accommodating the flights.

Also, it won’t work with standard clipping shafts.


  • Top quality
  • Durable design
  • Lets you attach to the shafts innovatively


  • They can’t be attached to standard shafts so you’ll have to get special ones

Ruthless Darts Flights R4X Black Extra Strong Standard

While you might regard this option as generic, by the time you review its features and capabilities in this section, you’ll realize it’s also one of the best dart flights in 2021.

The unit contains 10 sets with a lightweight design that allows faster shots.

These flights don’t have any texture; thus, they’re an excellent fit for players keen about taking speed-shots.

Also, their build quality is quite robust.

While they’re not as sturdy as some of the products reviewed above, these flights deform or break easily.


  • Lightweight design that allows faster shots
  • Good build quality
  • Affordable price point


  • Design could be better

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Best Darts Flights

Basically, selecting dart flights of high quality to purchase works much the same way as deciding on any other kind of gaming tool — be it pool cues or pickleball paddles.

But there are few considerations peculiar to dart flights to keep in mind during your search for a well-designed unit on the market:


Dart flights come in a variety of shapes which are about 24 different types.

But most customers either opt for the standard or slim type.

Standard-shaped dart flights are the typical, run-of-the mill kind which are commonly used by all players, whether pros or novices.

The flights are also more suited for use with heavier darts and are more popularly used on steel tips.

They help players in keeping their dart stable in the air even when you don’t throw with a lot of force.

With that capability, you get to concentrate more on accuracy while allowing the heavier weight to convey your dart into the dartboard with enough strength.

On the other hand, slim flights, as their name suggests, have a lightweight design and are designed for speed.

They are often made use of on lighter darts like soft tips since they’re not big enough to offer support to a heavier dart.


Material is another key consideration to keep in mind when looking for the best dart flights out there.

The type of materials used in building your flights will have a big influence on their quality.

While nylon dart flights are the most robust and durable and are often commonly used by pros and semi-pros, they’re also the most expensive.

When on a budget, opt for plastic dart flights because they’re the most affordable option on the market.

Steering the middle course are polyester dart flights.

Several standard flights, especially some of the top-rated products above, are designed with polyester.

We highly recommend those units for you due to their durability and moderate price point.

Flight Texture

Two options are available under this aspect, smooth and textured.

The former type has lesser drag since the airflow will flow over them more naturally and will keep the tail down.

On the other hand, the textured dart flights will have more drag, which will keep the tail up.

Switching between both textures will only adjust the darts’ performance slightly, not significantly.

Thus, it’s only suitable for fine-tuning.

Now, if you’ve chosen the option to purchase, you might find this piece of advice helpful.

Before making a throw, always check the dart flights and adjust them to an angle of 90 degrees.

Flights aren’t only lightweight but also easily damaged when on board and another flight hits them.

Dart flight protectors will prevent the flights from splitting during play.

It’s not uncommon to find that the dart flights fall of the shaft when a dart hits another on the dartboard.

Also, rings will help in securing the dart flights in place.


Flights are sold in all kinds of price ranges and bundles.

Some of them contain dozens of pieces of the package, and these wholesale products often have lower quality and are designed for social events.

On the other hand, there are professional packages where you’re requested to spend as much as $30 for a set.

If your casual and semi-pro players, you should be get well-designed five-sets (containing 15 sets) packages for $10 – $15 at most.

Flight Thickness

This is measured in microns, and generally, more microns indicate greater thickness and more durability.

Even so, choosing the thickest dart flight available isn’t always a good idea.

Mostly, the best flights feature one of the three different thickness levels.

Occupying the bottom end of the scale are 75-micron dart flights — the lightest and fastest in the bunch.

However, they’re also the least durable.

These flights are perfect for casual players of cricket darts at home (for instance).

But just don’t expect the units to last long.

150-micron dart flights are in the other extreme and are the thickest and most resilient type of all.

Generally, the extra thickness is a good quality.

However, that can make the flights difficult to fit perfectly onto the shaft.

Lying in between the two extremes are 100-micron dart flights which aren’t only durable but also fast and convenient to use.

For this reason, they’re a popular choice when it comes to the best dart flights on the market.


When shopping for darts flights, an important factor to keep in mind is the value for the money you’ll spend on them.

You’ll want to opt for a unit that offers a sweet spot between quality and price.

Before you choose a particular product, check the number of sets (three flights) included in it and if any extras are also included.


Brand reputation may not be so important for novices and casual players.

However, if you want to become a pro, consider going for a brand that understands the features a player like you seeks in a premium-grade dart flight.

Some popular brands we recommend for you include Harrows, Cosmo, IgnatGames, Ruthless, Red Dragon, and Winmau.

FAQs about Best Dart Flights

What makes a good dart flight?

We’ve reviewed some of the best dart flights on the market above, with the Harrows Carbon Dart Flights topping the list.

Features that make a quality flight include sleek look and design, accuracy, affordability, and value for money.

Does a dart flight really make any in difference in a player’s performance?


Technically speaking, it can have an immense impact on your dart throws.

You can look at a dart flight as a key aspect of dart anatomy.

Ultimately, it will have a great influence on air resistance and increase the speed of your throws when necessary.

Different flight styles bring unique changes to your performance.

While lighter and narrow options will cut through the air better, studier units will drag and allow for variations of angle.

How can I fix my broken dart flights?

Thankfully, flights are disposable.

If you’re dealing with a broken dart flight, you can easily replace it with a new one.

Simply pop off the old one and open a new one. Locate the dart’s slot, and then push it back to secure it.

How can I attach my dart flights to darts?

First take the new dart flight.

Then, open it four-sided, and slide it onto the shaft. Press it down firmly, and that’s all!

Wrapping Up

When searching for the best darts out there, you’ll come across tons of options online.

Fortunately, we’ve helped you make the search easier by handpicking quality options above from which you can make your choice.

Factors to consider when shopping for a good flight include shape, material, pricing, texture, value for money, brand, among others.

Once you learn how to set up a dartboard and selected a well-designed flight, you’re set to play.

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