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In croquet, players hit plastic or wooden balls using a mallet via hoops, which are usually referred to as “wickets” in the US, planted in a grass playing court.

It’s a game of strategy, which is also called a “gentleman’s” game.

Croquet is golf’s cousin and can also be played in both formal and informal events by virtually anyone. In recent times, it became popular as a lawn game, which you play with a beer in hand.

Whichever way you choose to play or how seriously you consider the game, choosing the best croquet set is a no-brainer since all sets weren’t made equal.

High-quality sets contain durable hardwood in their build and help you get your game on easily whether play involves 4, 6, or even 8 individuals.

But when you use lower quality croquet sets, just like any tool that’s punted and whacked across a lawn, you’ll will come across a number of reviews from buyers, who complain of damage on the first use.

Looking for a set that’ll last long and take your game to a higher level? Why not invest in a durable set that features all-hardwood mallets? Here are the best options on the market to check out.

Best Croquet Sets – Our Top Picks

GoSports Six Player Croquet Set for Adults & Kids

The GoSports Six Player Croquet Set is one of the bestsellers on the market.

This feat is due to the consistent efforts its designers put in releasing updates for the game set to ensure it’s the best fit for both families and children.

Interestingly, it sports a modern design and color scheme. Also, it stands out in the competition because its mallets and handles are made of premium hardwood.

Since the handle grips of this set are wrapped with leather, they’re more comfortable to use. Also, those handles are longer than your regular ones, and tall players will love that.

This game set is perfect for both adults and children since the handles of the collection are 35 inches long. Apart from that, it also provides you with 6 balls (10 oz. and 3inches), 6 handles, 6 mallets, and 9 wickets.

A rule book accompanies the set, making it easier for you to learn the ropes.

This unit from GoSports features a handy carry case, which allows you to carry the portable game set to any field of play.


  • Designed using premium hardwood
  • Vintage esthetic with colorful balls
  • Durable and high-quality design
  • Tall mallets are the favorites of players of every height
  • Features a handy storage case


  • The mallets are smaller in size in comparison with other brands in this compilation

Lawn Croquet Set for Kids & Families

The Lawn Croquet Set is best for 6 players of all ages, whether kids or grandpas!

It has 32-inch handles, made of premium hardwood, which ensures they won’t break easily. Also, the mallets are designed using the non-wrapping eucalyptus wood.

In the package, you’ll find a portable carry bag, which enables you to take your set anywhere to have an exciting game with your buddies or family.

This item has 6 handles, 6 mallets, 6 resin balls, along with 9 wickets. Apart from these, there are also 2 stakes and simple instructions, which make learning the game so easy.

With a sturdy modern design, the set is specially customized to fit players of all ages.

Also, it comes in a wide range of fascinating colors that win brownie points with children.


  • Ideal for players of any age
  • Available in different attractive colors
  • Durable and metal-coated
  • Cheap and cool as a first set


  • Heads of the handles are slightly loose as a result of less weight

ROPODA Six-Player Croquet Set

This model is also one of the best croquet sets on the market. Why? Let’s find out!

As the name suggests, it’s suitable for 6 players and offers all you need to enjoy a thrilling game. This product is customized, particularly for kids.

You’ll find the mallets and handles easy to install: All you need do is to screw the handles into the mallets.

Also, the balls in this set measure 2.8 inches in diameter, with a molded cover providing a firm grip.

They’re built with a weather-resistant layer, so you never have to worry about the balls getting damaged by rain or windy conditions.

This product from ROPODA is one of the most durable sets you’ll see out there. This feature — along with superior quality — ensures the game set is ideal for rough use.

It’s available in a carrying case. So, you can easily carry it to any destination you want.

Also, the model contains 6 mallets, 6 handles as well as 9 steel wickets. It’s designed innovatively with modern, bright colors.

Since the set has 26 inches hardwood handles of the mallets, it’s a bit shorter compared with other options on this list. For this reason, the ROPODA Six-Player Croquet Set is more suitable for kids.

In addition to these, it also provides you with a rule book. With this set’s guide, it becomes easier for you to teach the kids how to play.


  • Weather-resistant balls
  • Great value
  • Features a storage bag
  • Offers a wooden screw-in system for easy setup


  • Not suitable for adults as they might need to bend to play with the set

Juegoal Six Player Croquet Set

The Juegoal Six Player Croquet Set is highly recommended for 2 – 6 players. It’s ideal for both adults and kids as its handles measure 28 inches in length.

In the package, you’ll find 6 balls, 6 handles, 6 mallets, in addition to 9 wickets. This gaming kit has 2 ending stakes and manual book.

The rule book makes it easier for you to know how to play the game of croquet precisely.

Since you wouldn’t like to keep replacing a croquet set, we recommend this premium croquet set for many reasons. One of these is that it has robust yet lightweight wood construction.

Several families have reported the Juegoal set lasted them for many years.

Further, it can be easily installed since you only need to fasten the wood handle and a solid wood hammer, which only requires a couple of seconds.

Like the other options on this list, the Juegoal Six Player Croquet Set is sold in a handy storage bag. This accessory will help you in carrying the game set to any destination you’ll be playing croquet.


  • Balls in the set are weighed and won’t dent easily
  • Mallets are separate for better and safer storage
  • Has a handy carry kit
  • The mallets and balls are of 6 various colors for recognizing the mallet and ball of each player


  • Some users have complained that the zipper isn’t smooth to be closed

Himal Premium Wooden 6 Player Croquet Set

This game set — as the name implies — is built for 6 players. Also, with the 28-inch handles, you’ll find it suitable for both youths and expert players.

The Himal Premium Set has a classy design that exudes a vintage feel. Its handle heads are made with the same color, producing a more uniformed look.

As it features mallets built-in premium hardwood, the tool can fit all occasions and locations well.

In the package, there are 6 mallets, 6 handles, 6 balls, 9 wickets, and 2 ending stakes.

This model will offer you 100% satisfaction and is affordable. Also, it comes with an easy guide to learn how to play.

Children often love playing croquet, and with this game set, they’re in for a wonderful time!

While the balls are molded using resins, they’re as heavy and dependable as the old solid wood balls.

This gaming kit has a disassembled hammer. Also, you can install it effortlessly.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Features an attractive and durable carrying case that ensures safe storage
  • Ideal for any age
  • Fast delivery


  • Primarily built for playing croquet in your backyard

Buying Guide

What makes a good croquet set? Many features do, but most importantly, the best croquet sets have wooden components. Let’s learn more!

When shopping for this equipment online, you’ll come across a wide variety of models from different brands. Unlike your regular indoor games such as board games or foosball, croquet sets don’t require plug & play.

Different sets contain many pieces of equipment, which can get you confused about what’s included in each set and what’s needed for playing the game.

Certain models offer unique qualities, styles, and perks as they all come with various effects and help enhance the game the way it needs.

Every game set is equipped with the required equipment to play.

Moreover, you must carefully select what’s included in each model to ensure your croquet game will have the best set of equipment.

Factors to Take into Consideration When Shopping for a Croquet Set

Playing Surfaces

Generally, croquet is a kind of game you play in your backyard or garden. You may find this surprising, but the height of the grass affect the way the game is played. These days, people have started playing on artificial surfaces with cold weather.

Game Variations

People typically play croquet in groups of 4 – 6 players. If you don’t have many people playing, consider purchasing a 4-ball set. If you think more players will join the game, you can also buy additional balls and mallets later.

Materials & Build Quality

As stated earlier, the best croquet sets have wooden components. Natural woods that sport colored finishes are commonly used.

Also, they give you the best croquet sets. However, they could be slightly pricey for certain players, who’re just buying a game set to be used occasionally.

In other sets, you could come across the use of vinyl or plastic in the components. Though this material makes the set cheaper, it lowers your game quality.

Also, cheaper mallets make use of wood, but the more technically advanced options utilize metal or carbon fiber.

Age Group That Will Be Using the Game Set                                            

This factor is one of the most things to take into account when shopping for the best croquet set in 2020.

If your whole family wants to play, ages will vary. Hence, it’s best to opt for the Lawn Croquet Gaming Set.

It is a lightweight toy, with the handles, balls, and small bags weighing less than a toy that contains full-size accessories.

This feature makes sure that both adults and kids can utilize the game set conveniently.

Apart from that, the tool is also the best choice for beginners because even adults can feel more comfortable playing with a stable and lightweight cricket game.

This kind of tool helps them learn how to move around the ball by weight for a long period.

While the Lawn Croquet Collection is more comfortable from the physical perspective, it still develops your game with high accuracy.


Beginners often make use of a mallet that’s too lightweight. Thus, if you find it difficult hitting shots a long distance, consider choosing a heavier mallet, especially if you’re not that strong.

Keep it in mind that the average weight of a mallet lies between 2 lb. 10 oz. to 3 lb. 4 oz., but carbon fiber mallets are often the lightest.

Shaft Length  

The right shaft length for you depends on your style and stance.

Shaft Shape

Several players often go for hexagonal or octagonal shafts, rather than round options that allow them to hold the mallet at a consistent angle.

Shaft Rigidity

If you use a rigid shaft, you’ll typically exhibit better control, especially for stop shots.

Peripheral Weights

If you’ve lead weights on the sides of the head or a shape putting the bulk of the material on the sides, your mallet will swing in a straight line.

Head Shape

The majority of modern mallets come with a square head, rather than a round one.

Head Size

Mallets that have a large cross-section is often the best for beginners. This size lowers the probability of striking mallet’s edge, while players with more experience will choose smaller cross-section mallets.

Mallet Head Protection

During the game, your mallet head will be at the receiving end of some blunt force trauma. For this reason, some mallet heads could start splitting after using them for a few years.

So, it’s better to buy a set with rubber tips for the ends of the mallet head. Mallets that have these tips last longer.

Also, these tips reduce feedback via the mallet handle while hitting the ball.

Premium croquet sets use copper rings on the mallet heads for preventing the wood from breaking apart in the mallet’s head.

Components to Look out for When Buying a Croquet Set


This piece of equipment has a round head at the bottom for hitting the ball. Choose a mallet that won’t force you to bend over when striking the ball.

Croquet Balls

The type of game you want to play determines the required ball type. If you’re playing an official match, you need a regulation ball that weighs 16 oz. But lighter balls made of plastic are nice for general playing or for children.


These are the target, which you’ll be aiming at in a game of croquet. They typically have the same color as your balls. Consider purchasing stakes with enough strength to withstand a beating.


Wickets will be hit by balls and mallets, and that’s why they’ve to be really sturdy. Don’t buy a cheap one because they can break if hit hard.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Crochet Sets

What’s the standard size of a croquet mallet?

The head length of a standard mallet lies within the range, 9 – 9.5 inches. We recommend this for beginners. But if you’re an expert, you could choose longer head lengths up to 12 inches.

This idea could help you aim more accurately and make it harder to twist the mallet accidentally during the stroke.

Where’s croquet most popular?

The game is most commonly played in England, the United States, and Canada.

Can I find the best heavy-duty croquet set?

A couple of top heavy-duty sets are on the market. The Oakley Woods Extreme 6-player Set is an excellent option to check out. Though it‘s not cheap, it’s a set you could use in a professional event.

Another heavy-duty croquet set to try out is the Amish made 8-Player Deluxe Set that features a storage rack. It’s 100% wooden and looks and feels heavy-duty, just like you like your set.

What’s the best wooden croquet set?

The majority of croquet sets are wooden. However, the best wooden option is the Amish made 8-Player Deluxe Set. This product is designed in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, US.

It also comes with a wooden holder, and that’s a cool addition in a wooden set of this sort. This model has a 28-inch handle or 32-inch ones, along with a 31-inch handle option from Amish.

Which is the best hardwood croquet set?

Hardwoods are a particular wood type, which is harder. They’re deciduous trees and yield fruit or nut. Hardwood trees are woods such as maple, alder, beech, cherry, cottonwood, and black walnut.

On the market, a couple of hardwood croquet sets are available. However, we recommend the Himal Premium Six Player Set and the Amish Maple Set.

Both of them make use of hardwood in the mallet’s handle.

What does a regulation croquet set mean?

A regulation, tournament-grade game set for nine-wicket croquet has to contain 9 wickets, mallets for every player (2, 4, or 6), 2 stakes, 4 flags, and 1 deadness board (if you’re playing the American type).

Deadness is rarely played in backyard games, but you’ll often find it in regulation ones. A whiteboard is a good alternative to a specific board for keeping track of deadness.

The Oakley Woods 6-Player Set is a quality regulation professional croquet set you can check out.

Which is the best croquet set for adults?

The best game sets for adults come with a longer mallet, which ensures you’re bending over less. It also allows you to enjoy the game better.

The best length for adults when playing is a full-size handle with 35 – 36 inches. In some sets, you’ll see smaller size handles at a lower price and are more targeted to children & families.

We can recommend two products that have longer handle sizes. The budget-friendly GoSports 35 inch Deluxe set is the first one. Simply ensure you choose the Deluxe set that offers the longer handles, not the smaller standard size.

The Oakley Woods Extreme 6-Player Croquet Set is the other option for adults. While it’s more expensive, it’s armed with superior 36-inch handles.

What croquet sets come with a stand?

It’s not every croquet set that has a stand. Typically, the cheaper models are sold with a bag, but no stand.

Older more vintage units also typically had a stand. In modern times, these are some sets with such a feature you can try out:

What are some add-ons to improve your game?

Such add-ons include corner pegs and boundary string. Boundary string comprises construction nylon, which you can buy in 500-ft spools in either white yellow or fluorescent pink.

As for corner pegs, those are either designed using narrow board or dowel. Also, they can be painted red, yellow, black, or blue.


Croquet involves players hitting plastic or wooden balls with a mallet via hoops, planted in your grass playing court. Those hoops are often called “wickets” in America.

Croquet is a game of strategy and looks a lot like golf. It can also be played both formally and informally by anyone.

If you want to enjoy the game and win consistently, it’s crucial to choose the best croquet set since all sets weren’t made equal.

The premium croquet sets above are built with durable hardwood and help you get the game on easily whether there are 4, 6, or even 8 persons involved.


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