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If you love playing air hockey when you have the opportunity, then you’d know that besides the blower system and table, your paddle and pucks quality can make all the difference.

However, what if you break one of your air hockey pucks or lose them all?

Taking home the best circular or a conventional-sized air hockey table can be an excellent asset for your home or business and give continuous hours of fun.

Nevertheless, if you’re a fan of air hockey, then consider upgrading your fittings and using the best air hockey pucks and striker for your setup.

We looked at a lot of puck sets and spent the time checking the best-selling sets on the market.

These pucks can completely change the way you play your air hockey game due to their enhanced glide and rugged design.

So, relax while you check out these great deals on the best air hockey pucks currently available on the market.

Best Air Hockey Pucks

Dynamo Air Hockey Pucks

The Dynamo air hockey puck is a high-quality plastic in polycarbonate caliber, which is sold in fluorescent green.

The low to medium weight and its diameter of 2.5mm make it easy for the puck to go along any path you hit it.

The Dynamo air hockey puck is characterized by its high robustness and functional strength, which allows it to withstand the different forces and types of shots in the game.

Due to the smooth underside, it glides with less friction and swiftly on the air hockey tabletop.

The Dynamo puck is fabricated in a way that its center of gravity is precisely within them.

With the center of gravity located in the middle, the floating and flow of the Dynamo puck are always equivalent to the tabletop.


  • Firm and solid
  • Great weight
  • Nice appearance
  • Quality material
  • Clear visibility


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Because of its weight, it can be slow

Brybelly Vivid Two-Tone Air Hockey Pucks (2-pack)

The Brybelly Vivid Two-Tone air hockey pucks are a fun and vibrant substitute to customary pucks. These pucks are colorful.

They are accessible in two rich color blends; magenta & light blue, blue & yellow. Fascinatingly, the configuration on the discs produces a psychedelic image as they rotate across the table.

The puck’s design differentiates it from others and also intensifies the perceptibility of the puck.

Apart from color and design, their weight and size are other appealing attributes of these Brybelly pucks.

Each puck weighs 38.6 grams and has a diameter of 3.25 Inches. The weight and size are perfect for commercial-style tables for home use.

The puck is more substantial than other replacement pucks in the market, making it an excellent choice for 7-8 foot tables with appropriate fans.

Players, who want high-quality pucks that go well with large tables, should buy these brightly colored pucks.

They’re also great for children: Kids will love the bright colors and psychedelic design.


  • Resilient
  • Good size and weight
  • Lively and colorful
  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • Affordable


  • Slightly lighter than regular pucks, possibly not ideal for commercial tables

Hathaway Air Hockey Puck and Striker Set

The Hathaway Pro-series puck is among the best ergonomically designed air hockey accessories ever made by the leading brand in the air hockey industry.

This piece is loaded with many high-quality market traits.

It’s supplied with a premium ABS material that’s only resistant to chips. This series has several pucks and 4 goalies.

The strikers proffer more control and an at ease feeling. The weight also indicates improved resilience.

The green felt underside assures fast, gliding on any air hockey tabletop.

The weight and dimensions of the equipment enable high performance on arcade-sized tables.

They’re well suited for lovers of air hockey games looking for pucks that’ll handle extreme gameplay appropriately.

With Hathway air hockey puck, you will be able to play longer because the saddles are much more comfortable to hold and use due to their ergonomic design.

People that have air hockey tables can look at this puck as a limited six-month warranty accompanies it.


  • Ideal for a table the size of an arcade
  • Impervious to chipping
  • Felt covered floors
  • Not expensive
  • Suitable for full-sized tables


  • The pucks are lightweight
  • Not proper for small tables

Qtimal Home Standard Pucks Air Hockey Paddles

Are you in need of a more multipurpose air hockey puck and paddle set with various size options?

Qtimal supplies this set. Qtimal is well-liked for its accessories.

They’ve something for everyone, be it to get the correct air hockey pucks or just to updates your hockey tables. This unit is an excellent air hockey puck for anyone with a tight budget.

The underside of the enclosed mallets makes it much easier for you to throw the air hockey pucks smoothly and quickly over the table by preventing chips, scratches and dents on the surface of the table.

Qtimal offers 2 sizes pucks, first is 4 pucks that weigh 7 grams with a diameter of 2.5 inches and 2 large pucks with a diameter of 2.95 inches, each weighing 20 grams, giving you lots of options to choose from.

The big ones are intended for adult fans of the air hockey game, and the smaller ones for children.

It also has the recommended standard sizes for general air hockey games, which are 2.5 inches in height and 3.78 inches in diameter.

The excellent ABS material used in making these pucks makes them hard and not brittle.

The lower part of the pucks is thick and is unlikely to tear easily. The puck has great gliding action which protect your table’s top surface.


  • Not expensive
  • Well built
  • Supplied with accessories
  • Smooth gliding


  • Not for full-sized tables

Super Z Outlet Home Air Hockey Red Replacement Pucks (4 packs)

The Super Z-puck set is accompanied by two mallets. The small design and medium weight build make the puck better for air hockey tournaments and entertainment.

Its robust structure puck can guarantee the intensive collision of the striker and glide effortlessly across the tabletop.

The puck’s thickness at the outer ring creates a small hovering effect when you hit the puck with an appropriate force.

The external ending of the puck is in order with the robust build made of engineering grade plastic.

The pigmented coloring make the puck paint free and other toxic substance. Also, the material is robust and impervious to the elements.

You can decide to play a rigorous game for an extended period and not worry about cracks and scratches.


  • Bright red color for better distinguishability
  • Enhanced diameter and thickness
  • Designed for a fast game


  • Felt bottom

Jollylife Air Hockey Accessories 2 Sets of Pushers and 4 Red Pucks

These air hockey pucks are made of high impact-resistant plastic, which makes them tear-proof and long-lasting.

The air hockey pucks are available in four sets and 2.85 inches diameter. Because of their red color, they’re very noticeable during the game.

The Jollylife Air Hockey puck gets two 2.4 inches height black pushers, and a diameter of 3.7 inches with the dark green bottom felt.

4 red pucks with larger diameters are also contained in the package. These pucks are very light and have decent sliding properties, making it relatively easy to glide on all types of air hockey tables.

But this equipment may not perform optimally when used on the regulation size table because they’re mainly created for use on home tables.


  • Great for small tables
  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with pushers


  • Not ideal for professional size table

Brybelly One dozen Large 3 1/4 inch Red Air Hockey Pucks

The Brybelly puck has a pretty high density and viscosity in contrast to the other types.

It has a higher smooth surface at the base. It is also abundant in diameter.

Compliance with the USAA standards makes Brybelly well-suited with tournament quality professional pucks.

Gliding and sliding over the table are quick and controlled. With this puck, you can practice all your elevated, straight and angular shots.

The possibility of flying off the table is decreased to almost zero, thanks to the robust construction. The red color makes the puck more visible on any tabletop.

Additionally, the raised round ring at the edge is perfectly synchronized with the base, creating a perfect hovering over the tabletop to reach the target.


  • High-density build for professional play
  • design for total control
  • Faster sliding precise gliding


  • Might not be appropriate for small tables

Best Air Hockey Pucks — Buyer’s Guide

Air hockey is regarded as one of the best tabletop hockey games. An air hockey game uses a puck, two mallets, and an air-operated table with two players.

Even though on the surface, air hockey is a straightforward tabletop game, it’s essential to use the best air hockey puck.

The puck is the goal object, and it plays a significant role in this game. Also, the games playing area and the size of the puck play a vital role.

Nevertheless, the most crucial factor to consider when buying the best air hockey puck is choosing the equipment that will work flawlessly with your particular air hockey table.

Here’s what to look out for when trying to buy the best air hockey pucks to replace your broken or lost pucks or just to get extras without sinking a hole in your pocket.

This way, you won’t have to take an obligatory break from this game.

Puck Size

Aside from the size of your air hockey table, when upgrading your accessories, you must consider the style and size of the pucks you play with.

You need to think about what size and type of pucks you wish to play with.

It’s essential to be aware of the puck sizes and to ensure that the manufacturer specifies the type of table size for which the air hockey pucks are intended.

Your gameplay can be affected by the wrong puck size.

Puck Weight

The weight of air hockey pucks ranges between 6 and 45 grams. The puck’s weight also depends on how big they’re.

As with the size of the pucks, the weight depends heavily on the surface of the table.

If they’re too heavy, your pucks cannot slide with your air hockey table.

If they’re also too light, the pucks fly over the table, which is not only dangerous but also very annoying when you chase after them.

To get the air hockey pucks that suit your gaming needs and those of your table, you need to keep an eye on the size of the table and be able to experiment a little.


Inferior and cheap pucks are available at lower prices in the market, but trying to save some money can result in a loss of quality.

If you want air hockey pucks that slide perfectly, are excellent in weight, and have a sleek design, you can expect to have to sacrifice more money for them.

If you do, however, there’ll be a significant change in your gameplay regarding speed and glide, especially if you’ve always played with standard accessories.


Air hockey pucks come in a variety of shapes. This may come as a surprise to many people.

While the round pucks are the most popular, there are other various shapes as well, and it might add more entertainment to your game.

You can try playing using triangular or octagonal pucks.

They all have a similar style of movement but with exciting modifications of direction, which will add a new feature to your game.


Some sets of air hockey puck have the United States Air Hockey Association (USAA) certification. This means they’ve the superior quality and approval by the USAA.

Professional game standard colors are Dynamic-green, Lexan-Yellow, and Lexan-red.

Enthusiasts of air hockey games, who enjoy the game as a hobby, can use any color, but they have various quality levels.

However, don’t be quick to reject pucks that aren’t certified by the USAA.


Gliding depends on the pucks’ degree of smoothness, which you can check by observing the base surface.

The standard good quality air puck glides smoothly on the tabletop when pushed gently with the finger.

You should go for an air hockey puck that has a smooth and leveled surface without feeling coarse.

You can also find out about smoothness based on ratings.


Rely on air hockey pucks that are free of dangerous chemicals and dangerous ingredients.

Even though you might not know this when you touch the pucks, you’ll undoubtedly know that the pucks have been treated with chemicals or that they are recycled plastic due to their gritty texture, no matter how light they are.

You can easily scratch the surface with your nail. The paint shouldn’t peel off, which suggests that it’s scratch-resistant.

This indicates that the coloring isn’t done by painting it after the shaping.


Your air hockey pucks color doesn’t affect how your game is played, but they are still fun, and they give you an exceptional experience, such as the excitement in glow-in-the-dark that a fluorescent backlight brings.


Generally, air hockey puck is made with a distinctive type of plastic called polycarbonate resin.

It has an average thickness of one inch and consists of a single layer of plastic tape used to distinguish between the top and bottom.

But you can select Capron material. Its properties are similar to those of polycarbonate, but it has a somewhat lower tensile strength.

You can choose nylon; it’s more flexible and lighter.

Your Needs

Over the years, answering the questions, “what are the best air hockey pucks?” with a definite answer has been difficult, which has had an impact on the creation of a definitive model of air hockey pucks.

The reason is that the lovers of air hockey games don’t have very similar needs regarding the pucks and size of their mallet, among other things.

Also, air hockey players have various surfaces used on which to play, making it hard for the same model to be used by everyone.

So, when you buy the best air hockey puck and paddles, your focus should be more on getting the ones that suit your needs and style of play.

Customer Reviews

Reviews from knowledgeable customers and others who have bought the product you hope to purchase can help you see if the product is actually worth your money and time.

You can find out about the endurance or any other problem that you might encounter if you also receive the product from their comments.

When searching online for customers’ reviews, keep an eye out for all the highlighted factors in this buyer’s guide.

In reviews, the product errors will be mentioned, so to avoid frustration and disappointment about wasting your money, you should stay away from such products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Big Is An Air Hockey Puck?

Air-hockey-pucks comes in several sizes. There are pucks with small, and there are some medium sizes.

Air hockey pucks vary in size from 1.8 inches to 3.5 inches in diameter. But they can also weigh up to 1.5 ounces (about 42 grams).

Smaller and lighter pucks are mostly used for smaller tables, while heavier and larger air hockey tables use bigger pucks.

How fast does an air hockey puck move?

There are no records of the speed of the air hockey pucks in the professional leagues. This makes it difficult to give an estimate of the average speed of a puck.

However, an air hockey puck can move at a speed of up to 80 mph, but its average speed still relies on the states of the air hockey table and the player’s strength.

To know how fast a puck is moving in your game, you need to measure the time of your puck.

These can be done by measuring the speed of the puck using this formula; distance/time = average speed.

Do you have to buy air hockey pucks in large quantities?

Whatsoever your reasons are for getting the best air hockey pucks.

If you’re buying them for your children, arcade, school, or for yourself, it’d be a great idea if you bought them in bulk because in every ten games played, at least one puck is lost or broken.

The bulk purchase not only saves you from the cost of shipping but also eliminates the need to wait for the delivery, thus disrupting your business or gaming.

The procurement of air hockey puck in bulk is also cost-effective, and some games need two pucks.

How do you care for your air hockey pucks?

As already stated in this buying guide for best air hockey pucks, smooth pucks work on the table better.

Sadly, playing with a ferocity usually leads to general wear and tear of the pucks.

Make sure you check your pucks regularly for dents, dirt, dust, and other unnecessary materials to prevent them from accumulating.

You can smooth out your air hockey pucks again if you want, but don’t expect your game to stay the same. It’s best always to replace damaged pucks.

What Are Air Hockey Pucks Made of?

Today, most air hockey pucks available in the market are manufactured from a plastic material called Lexan polycarbonate resin.

The plastic material is common for the production air hockey pucks because of its durability and having properties that are resilient to scratch.

Another benefit of Lexan polycarbonate resin is the fact that it’s easy to produce several different colors.

Closing Remarks

The most important thing when buying the best air hockey pucks and mallets is improving your game, whether you’re searching for a faster action or a smoother glide.

So, with the best air hockey pucks and paddles reviewed above offering the feature that most fans of air hockey want from their air hockey pucks, you would find it simpler to get the one that is best suited for your air hockey table.

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