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If you’re seeking riveting barbecue games for adults, then you’re on the right page.

When you’ve your family and friends around, playing an entertaining game in the garden as you heat up the grill brings lots of fun. Outdoor party activities are ideal for an adult get-together.

But if you don’t have an idea of fascinating BBQ games to try out, you might not be able to treat your guests to a thrilling, memorable get-together. Fortunately, we’re here to help you out as we’ve hand-picked interesting barbecue games you can play outdoor any time.

So, sit back and keep on reading as we explore great BBQ party ideas for adults.

Top Barbeque Games Adults Can Play


People have different names for this title, depending on their location and other factors. Whatever name you choose to call it, every player of the title can all agree on one thing: Cornhole is an engaging game that is sure to brighten up a barbecue party.

All you really need to play is a cornhole set, some of your buddies, and space, and you’re good to go. You can either play the game individually or in teams.

Every sandbag that passes through the hole earns you three points, but each sandbag left on the platform deducts one point. The game’s goal is to score 21 points before any other player or players do, which can prove to be quite difficult.


Horseshoes are not only for your horse but they’re also used for playing the thrilling outdoor game of Horseshoes. It’s an easy-to-play lawn game that you can learn, but it is pretty tricky to master.

You don’t really require much to play it. You only need four horseshoes and two stakes. While the rule of this game involves spacing the stakes 40 feet apart, you can still adjust them to fit your backyard.

Three points are awarded for ringing the horseshoe around the stake and one point if it lands within six inches of the stake.

You continue playing until an individual or team reaches a set score, such as 20 points. However, you can decide to play till anyone makes 30, 40, or 50 points.

To prevent horseshoes from bouncing and sliding, you might construct a sand hole around each stake. However, this isn’t essential.

Giant Jenga

If you believe that Jenga is genuinely hilarious, then you’ve got to try Giant Jenga. This is arguably the greatest adult party game out there. The timber blocks in this game are the primary feature. When the blocks begin to fall, make a point of shouting out timber, as the gigantic stack is no joke.

Additionally, you can create this garden game on your own. All that is required is to cut the blocks into your desired Jenga-sized pieces, sand them, then apply a finishing layer. This can be time-consuming to build, but it is well worth the effort.

So, when next you’ve your buddies over, simply grab a game of Giant Jenga and play as you enjoy delectable BBQ.

Ladder Toss

There are quite a few names attached to this game, like hillbilly golf, ball rope, ladder ball, or ladder golf.

According to legend, the ladder toss game tracks date all the way back to cowboys in the untamed west. As they battle for points, they may throw snakes at the fence or branches.

To play, you need three bolas and a three-tiered ladder. Each tier has an assigned point. For the topmost tier, you get three points, the second tier is worth two points, and the last level is worth a point.

To win in this game, you have to aim at the top tier to have more points. Well, if you don’t want to play like the cowboys, you can always try the sport version.

The sport version of the outdoor game set includes two targets with score-keepers and six ladder bolas, and a carrier and game rules. This game is the perfect barbecue game for you and your friends.

Three-legged Race

This cost-effective race game is excellent for a group of friends or family. You don’t need anything fancy to play. A scarf or any old shirt will do. Just tie the inner legs of two players and make sure you define your start and finish line, so once the game starts, each team races to the finish line.

This game is more efficient when competitors are paired according to their height. You can also mix up the game by paring old and younger participants together. That way, everyone is involved

Giant Connect Four

This title is quite old and was trendy in the 80s. As soon as you set up your Jumbo Connect Four board, you’ll notice a wave of nostalgia building up inside you.

You and the other player(s) take turns inserting discs into spaces arranged vertically across the board. The aim is to get four consecutive shots in any direction before your opponent does.

This gigantic version brings the game into the garden, increasing its interactivity and accessibility. It isn’t affected by the weather or pest, which means you can leave outside even when the party is over.

Kan Jam

If you’re looking for an easy-to-set-up barbecue game for adults, kan jam is for you. It’s similar to frisbee, except you’re aiming for a target.

In Kan Jam, the players throw discs at a can in an attempt to score exactly 21 points. Your game partner will aid you in striking the can by standing behind it.

If you make contact with the can, you earn one point. As your partner is there to assist you, it’s also worth one point if they strike the tossed disc, and it hits the can. However, if your disc land inside the front slot, you get a win.

Final Thoughts

Barbecue games are a cool way to incorporate some excitement into a cooking process. We hope after perusing this list, you’ve discovered a game or two to play at your next barbecue party.

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