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When you first hear about it, axe throwing may not look like the safest pas-time to partake in.

This possibly has a little to do with the fact that in axe throwing, a sharp, could-be dangerous object is hurled at a target.

Nevertheless, axe throwing, if done appropriately, is one of the most thrilling activities there is. Furthermore, its growing recognition is turning into a worldwide phenomenon.

In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about axe throwing — from the game’s rules, how to throw the axe, and tips on how to stay safe along the way.

Axe Throwing Rules & Walkthrough 2023

Yes, axe throwing is a real sport.

Fortunately, the rules aren’t almost as hard to learn and follow as most major sports.

Let’s look into the most crucial rules of axe throwing.

How to Play

While the rules of the game might differ from facility to facility, competitive axe throwing is governed by regulations established by the National Axe Throwing Federation (NATF) or the World Axe Throwing League (WATL).

In agreement with the WATL, all participants have individual throwing track and are allocated 10 throws per game.

After the first 5 throws, players are expected to swap throwing tracks to guarantee that they both receive the same benefit or drawbacks if a target is less usable.

The thrower with the highest score after 10 throws wins the game.

In the event of a tie, players keep throwing in sudden death rounds till a winner is determined.




What You Need

  • A Proper Throwing Axe

Throwing axes are usually at least 12 inches long, with the weight of the head not more than two pounds. As a rule, the edge of the axe must be below 4.75 inches.

  • A Target To Focus on

The targets must consist of five wooden boards arranged vertically next to each other.

The measurement of the individual plank is 4ft. Long and 10 inches wide by 2 inches thickness. The foundation of the target must also be 2ft above the ground.

The targets also have circles or rings with matching value points allocated to each circle.

  • A Controlled Environment

This involves a closed space where participants throw their axe safely without accidentally endangering anyone.

For safety reasons, the throwers must be at least two meters apart. Official Rules also affirm that players must have a 12 to 15 feet distance from the target, which is usually marked by a line on the ground.

Scoring in Axe Throwing

Scoring a round of axe throwing is easy. As you’d possibly predicted, everything depends on where an axe hits on the target.

Each blackline assigns the number of points connected to the inside of its ring.

A hit in the bull’s eye is worth 6 points

The 2nd ring is valued 4 points

The 3rd circle is worth 3 points

The 4th ring is rated 2 points

The fifth circle is valued 1 point

Inside the fifth ring, some boards have tiny blue balls. Striking these is called a kill shot and worth’s 10 points in the last round of an axe-throwing contest.

How to Throw an Axe – Tips for Beginners

So, here’s the fun part!

Axe throwing is a little more different than merely hurling an axe at a wooden target, but it’s quite fast and straightforward to learn.

Step 1: Hold the Axe Firmly

Ensure that you hold the axe tightly in your hand so that it does not fall out of your hand before you are ready to let go of it.

Also, check that the blade of the axe is aimed at the target. This is one way to make sure that the blade will get stuck in the target with a good throw.

Afterward, put your second hand on the handle of the axe.

Axes can be tossed using one hand, but if you’re learning, making use of both hands is a nice way to increase your odds of a steady throw that’s heading towards the target.

Step 2: Taking the Right Standpoint

Make sure that you stand using your dominant foot forward.

That’s, if you’re right-handed, wobble in your position to bring your right foot forward, and put the most weight on that foot — and vice versa for left-handed.

Align your stance so that when you move your arms to toss, you are aimed directly at the middle of the target.

Step 3: Make The Correct Throwing Motion And Throw Your Axe!

Guide the axe overhead using both arms, and make sure that the blade is directed at the target. Bend your back slightly as you get ready for the throw.

With both arms, quickly bring the axe forward and release it toward the target when your arms are a little further than your shoulders. After you’ve let go of the axe, you must follow the rest of your throwing movement.

Ensure that you throw from the right distance, that nobody is near you, and that your equipment is intact.

Safety in Axe Throwing

The game is very safe, providing you obey the rules. Follow these tips to certify your axe throwing goes effortlessly:

Everyone Should Be At Least 8 Feet behind You

It’s vital to follow this distance, as the axe goes behind the head just before you cast.

Don’t be afraid to tell people to get out of the way, if they come too close.

Confirm that you’re the only one on your throwing track when you throw. The most important thing is that you‘ve to be 100% sure that nobody is in front of you during the whole time you’re on the throwing lane.

Have a First Aid Kit Ready

Accidents occur, even though they’re never severe and infrequent.

Clubs and facilities for axe throwing should be equipped with a first aid kit in the event of slight wounds.

Axes Must Be Intact

The targets and axes must always be inspected prior to throwing. A wobbling axe head can become a flying bullet if the axe isn’t in good condition.

Subject your material to quality control before you start. A professional axe thrower will take care of this when you go to an institution or a club.

Axes Should Not Be Excessively Sharp

It might be surprising to discover that an axe doesn’t have to be very sharp to remain in a target.

If the axe you use is sharp enough to cut you, it’s too sharp.

Also, ensure that it’s not entirely blunt. A blunt axe that doesn’t get stuck at the finish line is unlikely to become a safety issue, but certainly makes the game less exciting, and getting points becomes difficult.

What’s An Ax Throwing Bar?

It’s an enclosed space where people can throw axes at wooden targets. Sometimes with drinks and food.

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