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The game of greedy granny is a simple but entertaining family game that can be quite intense due to the suspense involved in trying to sneak treats granny is unwilling to share while she’s asleep.

Greedy Granny Board Requirement 

Players: 2 to 4 players required to play.

Ages: 5 years and above

Difficulty: Easy to set up and simple to play.

The Pack

Playing this game requires the following components which are in the game pack:

  • The upper part of the granny and her chair
  • The bottom part consisting of granny’s legs and her treat tray
  • 1 treat wheel
  • 12 different color-coded treats.
  • 1 set of granny’s teeth

To avoid the risk of choking, this game should be played by kids aged 4 and above and adults.

The Game Setup

To play, you need to firmly attach the upper part of the granny to the bottom part. Do this top straight and not reclined.

Then, you fix the granny’s teeth in her mouth, then load her treat tray with all the 12 treats. After this, gently tilt the chair back till you hear a slight click.

To ensure the components are working well, you can try pushing the side button on the chair till the granny wakes and her teeth pop out.

Greedy Granny Board Game Rules

Remember the following rules while playing:

  • The green section on the treat wheel means that a player has to take a treat from the treat tray and press the side button the number of times indicated on that section.
  • The purple section on the treat wheel means that a player has to return a treat to the tray and also press the side button the number of times indicated in that section.
  • The circle with a line through it means that the player misses a turn. Here, you don’t have to press the button.
  • The two heads mean that a player has to take a treat from another player that has one. The side button is also not pressed.
  • Whoever wakes the granny has to put all their treats back in the tray.

The Play

The aim of this game is to sneak treats from the treat tray without waking the granny.

After setting up the granny and loading the treats, the game starts with the first player’s spinning of the treat wheel. The first player could be the youngest or anyone else, as agreed by the players. After spinning the treat wheel, the player follows the rules; if it lands on the green section, they take a treat from the tray and press the side button the number of times indicated.

This is usually 1, 2, or 3 times. Then the next player plays, and the game continues till a winner is declared. When the wheel’s arrow lands on the double heads for three or more players, the player can choose whichever player he wants to take a treat from.

The Win

To be the winner, you have to successfully sneak one of each of the different color-coded treats from the tray without waking the granny. You should have a total of four treats since there are 4 different colors and 12 treats in total. A variation to the rule of the game is that rather than ending the game when one player successfully gets 4 different colored treats, the game can instead continue till the treat tray is empty.

The suspense of this game comes from the fact that a player can’t guarantee when the granny will wake; it comes as a shock. The exciting and sometimes frustrating part of the game is that a player could pick the final treat to ensure they win, and then after pressing the side button, the granny awakes, and they have to return all their treats. But it’s still fun as you can always try again.



Question: Do you still have to press the side button if the arrow lands on the purple section and you have no treats to give back?

Answer: Yes. You don’t get to press the button only if you miss a turn or take a treat from another player.

Question: If the arrow lands between two sections with no clear divide. Do you have to do both actions?

Answer: No. Just spin the treat wheel again.


The board game version of Greedy Granny is a simple game that can be played by anyone and at any time. The components are easy to assemble and rules easy to understand. So, go ahead and to get yours now to be part of the fun.

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