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A foosball game is fun and easy to learn. Sometimes a foosball table can surely help to add an extra element to your gaming den.

Knowing the size of tables varies from tournament 56 inches – 40 inches and smaller can help you decide the space needed.

Based on your choice of table, you require enough room for your table and the players.

You also have to move your table via the door and into your room too.

However, there are a lot of things to consider before you go out and make a purchase.

Read on to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to play the Foosball tournaments in your den.

Foosball table dimension

Regulation or Tournament Size Table

Most regulation considers 56 Inches (L) x 30 Inches (W) x 36 Inches (H) to be the official dimension for the Foosball table.

A foosball table with this measurement is used in the official league tournaments and matches.

The standard-sized table is quite large, nearly 4.7 feet long and 3 foot wide. This table is almost as big as your dining table, but it needs more space.

Aside from the table’s physical size, you must have at least 16 -18 inches for the rods and also 2-3 feet more to allow the players to move and make use of the rods easily.

Assuming you have a table of 4.7 feet long, and 3 ft. wide, you need a room that is no less than 8 feet long and 5.5 feet wide.

Leisure centers, bars, gaming clubs, and gym rooms usually have standard-size foosball tables.

But, it’s also quite common in a private household. Most homeowners decide to make these tables the focal point of their living room.

Others can keep them in the cellar or the terrace in the backyard. Apart from the length and width, some essential dimensions of the Foosball table are given below.

Average Dimensions of the 56-Inch Table

Length                                    56 Inch

Width                                               30 Inch

Height                                     36 Inch

Size of the Play Field            48 ×27 inch

Depth of the Play Field                   4.25 Inch

Space between the Rods    6 Inch

Weight                                    200 Lbs

52-Inch (L) x 20-Inch (W) x 28-Inch (H)

The space for this foosball table can be smaller than for a tournament table.

For instance, if you now have an area of at least 8 x 8 feet, you ought to have sufficient space to play on this table.

Also, it would allow for a little more space in contrast to a regulation table though your place was a bit larger.

With a height of 28 inches, this table is also shorter than a regulation table, which in some cases, makes it more appropriate for younger players.

The 48inch Foosball Table

48” table is another foosball table that’s quite common for smaller rooms, like apartments.

For example, Kick Foosball provides many tables in this group. Have a look at the Kick Conquest.

The dimensions of the foosball table are:

48Inch (L) x 24Inch (W) x 31Inch (H)

Keep in mind that the Conquest isn’t as long as the 52” table, but it proffers more width and height.

The result is a robust and adult-friendly table that fits in a small space.

Your playing area or room size could be as little as 6ft. X 8ft.

If you want something smaller than a 48-inch foosball table, check the foosball tabletop options.

What you need to do is find the correct surface and form some space for some funny foosball action.


Choosing the foosball table is the perfect size for your room should be a lot easier now that you’ve armed yourself with the right knowledge.

Take the time to determine the measurements of the rods, the table, your room, and your doorway.

While a full-size table is a perfect choice, not everyone has space or the money to get a regulation size table.

Because of this, we also wanted to include dimensions of smaller, accessible and budget-friendly foosball tables that would work better in small spaces.

Just find the perfect table that will fit into any available space.

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