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Beer pong is an excellent way to unwind with your friends at a party.

This beer pong game has long been popular, but some people are still finding ways to make it more entertaining.

There are specially designed tables for this game. Although you can place together with any two tables and start your game if you don’t have the special one, the best portable beer pong tables are made just for that purpose.

They have the perfect plane for the game, so if you play regularly, you’d be better served with the correct product for the job.

The makers of these tables are busy trying to outdo each other, and that doesn’t mean if you look up the words online, you’ll automatically get the best beer pong table.

Let the table make the rules for you if you want to customize the game to your style.

Don’t Let Yourself Be Bounced Out Of Your Own House

We know of those devious players that like to annoy you with a bounce shot if you’re not careful.

However, if taking bounce shots isn’t your way, draw out a table that’s not best for bouncing.

The firmer your beer pong table surface is, the higher the bounce. So perhaps, you shouldn’t worry about asking your carpenter-friend to get you a table.

Still, a softwood like pine will give a good jump. You want something with a surface that sucks up bounces well, just like a whiteboard surface.

It’s much more likely that these beer pong tables were meant to be decorating rather than bounce your game, so they come with some dry erase markers.

Party Pong Tables present a bare canvas along with all kinds’ variations plus tables that have cup holes and neon lights.

The only possible drawback to Party Pong Tables is that everybody likes to decorate at parties, and your visitors may have too much fun with it while you’re attempting to play a serious game.

One for the Bouncers

If you like bouncing, this beer pong table constructed by The Pong Squad can make it a lot easier to sneak one in as your opponents are sidetracked.

The bounce surface is somewhat average, and it’s the pre-punctured cup holes that modify the game in your support.

Yes, the tables, as mentioned above, also have a hole already drilled into it. However, their surfaces lessen bounce to such an extent that it takes some considerable skill to exploit them.

Recessed cups are becoming increasingly popular in table designs for this and lots of other reasons.

There’s no disputing about kissing cups or the amount of liquid you have in the base. If somebody hits a bounce shot, they will not overturn the cups as often.

Don’t worry; if you want to convert the table for a flip cup game, there are hole covers.

Don’t Chase Beer Pong Balls

Have you ever thought about the time lost pursuing stray beer pong balls?

People dislike chasing after beer pong balls, particularly when you have to move beneath the table after a ball and end up hitting the whole thing over.

I know you’ll be thinking, “why do I need a table that has nets to catch missed balls if I don’t miss at any time?”

Perhaps you’ve never missed since you lean on.

At first, it was strange to have a net in a beer pong game, but it drove me to shoot openly and steadily, which made my game better. It also shortens the waiting time for the next game.

When you’re fed up with them, they can, of course, be easily lifted off, but as soon as you go with a net, you’re ready.

Seriously, try these nets. Initially, I didn’t think of this, but it’s also more hygienic if the ball doesn’t roll around on the ground, on the sofa, etc.

Table the Table

Another bounce-less exceptional choice and outdoor play is this moveable kit from Versapong.

Because if you can’t decide between a bounce and no bounce, indoors or outdoors, there’s a table that can do everything.

As the name suggests, this table can make the game of beer pong so multipurpose you could call it something completely different.

You can set it up for an occasional classic game, or position it so that it bounces off the wall. You can set it up on a basketball court and shoot threesomes.

Of all the tables, this is more portable, can be placed anywhere, and it’s said to attract an audience at concerts & tailgates.

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