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Are you running out of ideas for your bachelor party games to entertain you and your friends all night long?

Sadly, it can sometimes be difficult finding ways to keep people in party mood in-between pub crawls and daytime activities.

If you have decided to have a stag party on the weekend, there’ll be more hours to load up with fun.

Luckily, there are a lot of great bachelor party games, which you can use to get your pals drinking, laughing, and creating some fantastic memories.

Keep in mind that some of the party games below involve alcohol or something to that effect.

If you don’t want to incorporate alcohol to your event, there are still some games you can play that doesn’t require booze.

With this thought in mind, let’s get started!

Bachelor Party Drinking Games

If your group of friends is more on the wild side, then you’ll want to plan some drinking games for the bachelor party.

Remember to stick to the groom’s wishes. If he likes to drink and advocates drinking games, then you can include alcohol and drinking games at the party.

Shot Roulette

Shot Roulette is the perfect game to have fun before visiting bars or clubs.

Basically, you fill the shot glasses that are on the roulette wheel with a variety of alcohol.  One could be whiskey, and another could be beer, or pickleback, or fireball.

Everyone will choose one or multiple numbers if the group is small.

Should the ball touch down on your number, you have to take the shot in the glass corresponding to your number.

Beer Pong

Beer pong is another bachelor party ideas that fit naturally into any night you might have planned. It’s a well-known game that everyone knows how to play, and it’s straightforward to set up.

All you need is some plastic cups, a few ping pong balls, and a lot of beer.

Some local pubs and bars will let you use their tables to play Beer pong if asked nicely.

Or, use yours if you have one.

To play the game, separate your buddies into two teams and try bouncing your ball into any glass belonging to the other group.

If you succeed, your opponent has to drink the content of that glass and then take it out of the game.

Drunken Jenga

All you need is the Jenga game board, which is made of wooden blocks. And of course, alcohol!

You can separate yourself into teams or a group of two to four people.

You have to build the Jenga tower similar to the way you do when playing the typical board game.

Then, the players take turns individually to remove a wooden block and put it back on top without scattering the tower.

Once the tower falls, the player responsible for the fall is the “loser.”

In this game, the “loser” drinks the “trash can punch.”

In essence, you place a big glass, and everybody in the party pours one or two shots of their drink into the big glass.

In the end, you might get an interesting combination of vodka, beer, and Jack Daniels! The “loser” of every round must drink the whole glass of “trash can punch.”


Thumper is another bachelor party activity idea that tests your memory, speed, and focus, particularly when you’re drunk.

Each player must decide on their sign/motion before starting. Try to memorize the sign of everybody.

Afterward, all the players knock the table, and the person who starts first makes his sign and the sign of another participant.

The person who owns that sign does his and someone else’s. Anyone that makes a mistake or takes time to react chugs the drinks.

Unique Card Games for Bachelor Party Challenges

Every day, you’ll find more card games on the market, and every year they get better.

These games can be somewhat inappropriate, which makes them excellent material for a bachelor party!

Cards against Humanity

It doesn’t matter how nice you and your group of friends are in your daily lives; a bachelor party is used as an avenue to become as loud and crude as possible.

The basic game to a “terrible person” must be Cards Against Humanity — everybody’s drunken night preferred adult card game.

The game works like this for those who haven’t played it before:

All the players in your group draw 10 white cards.

The participant who last chose a number 2 is the first person to play as card Czar. And he’ll be responsible for determining the winner of the round

The Czar will ask questions depending on the black card picked from the deck, and the one, who gives the most horrible and hysterical answer, wins the game.

You might not feel so good when you finish playing, but you’ll have some fun.

Loaded Kings

Loaded kings is another popular drinking game that can be played at a bachelor party. All you need is a deck of cards having the same name and lots of alcohol!

Just like Drunken Jenga, each player pours part of their drink into a glass in the middle of the table.

You then follow the instructions for each card drawn. For instance

  1. Heaven:Everyone points to the heavens; last one to do so drinks
  2. Mate:Select someone to do a shot with.
  3. King:Pour your drink into the drink in the middle.
  4. 4th King drawn:The player must take the alcohol in the center and thus ends the round.

Search History

On each card is one of the strangest searches on the Internet, minus the last words. Each player must write down his guess how the sentence ends.

For example, ‘Do married couples still…’. Here you can hear all the funny and strange things that people think about.

Bad People

On these cards, there are questions like:

“Who gets paid too much for what they do?”


“Who will be the most difficult old person to be around?”

This is best for a group of friends who knows each other well.

Keep in mind that you might discover the kind of thought your friends have about you!

Fear Pong

Fear Pong has a similar setup like beer pong but with a small change; place a card beneath each cup. These cards contain the dares.

Once the ball lands into your cup, you must do the dare (and you can keep the cup) or you take the drink.

App Games for Bachelor Party Activity

Today, mobile apps make our lives easier in lots of ways. Even during parties, these apps help you keep the party alive in case you do not have any cards or games


This game is similar to the game “Cards against humanity” but works on the phone. Everybody has to make up a fake response to one of the quiz questions.

One player has to guess the correct answer between the fake ones. If he deduces the right answer, he gains a point.

Sing! Karaoke

If you feel like singing something, you can go to a bar where there is karaoke night.

But if you’re too lazy for that, download the app.

It offers lots of songs with lyrics and will undoubtedly help you to create a great karaoke atmosphere at your party.

Heads Up

Heads up can be played with paper cards or download the app.

Hold the phone to your forehead, and a word from one of the categories appears on the screen, like celebrities, animals, and others.

Your friends have to try explaining the word to you, and you must deduce as many words as possible in the limited time you have available.

Other Bachelor Party Activity Ideas

Scavenger Hunt

Many of the best bachelor party ideas begin with some good old-fashioned creativity.

Scavenger hunts are fantastic because they become more and more complicated the more-intoxicated you and your friends get.

Start by making a list of items that all your bachelors must find as they jump through the various bars on your list.

At the end of the night, the person with the most things wins the game.

Generally, it’s a perfect idea to make some t-shirts when you play this game. This will ensure that people know that you’re at a bachelor party —and that you aren’t just a creep.

The possibilities are endless; make sure you choose challenges that your friends will accept.

Concluding Thoughts

There are various exciting games that you can play at a party.

Likes the ones in this list of bachelor party games, you and your friends can have a great time in any weather with just a few dollars.

In fact, you can alter any adult games, both indoor and outdoor, and some games for kids for bachelor parties by adding drinking penalties, betting options.

Remember that safety comes first in any bachelor party games, and don’t forget to take lots of pictures!