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When the weather is warm, it’s the ideal time to go outside and be entertained by some fun games.

On hot summer days, games with a water balloon and water pistols are great as the participants can stay cool during the game.

Water balloon toss is one of the famous water balloon games. It is a funny and frequently chaotic game that can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

This game calls out for the ability of each player to toss and grasp an easily broken water balloon over a long distance.

As the players of this game run the risk of getting wet, a water balloon toss is most suited for outdoors in warm weather.

What you need is a couple of water-filled balloons and a few teams of willing participants.

It’s amusing to see players get splashed with water after failing to catch a balloon, and many laughs are assured.

Who can play the water balloon toss game?

Both children and adults can play this game.

However, since the players have to catch a balloon filled with water, it’s best played by people older than 5 years because they’ve better hand-eye coordination.

What do you need to play the water balloon toss game?

To engage in the water balloon toss game, you require:

  • Water
  • Water balloons (lots of water balloons)
  • Buckets for holding the balloons filled with water

Are you ready to have some fun?

How to play the water balloon toss game – Rules and Walkthrough

Separate all participants into two teams. Each team will then receive a water balloon.

Let the teams form two rows so that the member of each team face each other. The lines should initially be about 1m apart.

Let each player take a big step back from their teammate, thereby marking the first toss line.

If you say go, the player holding the water balloon must try to throw it to his partner. The opposing player has to catch the balloon and stop it from bursting.

If the water balloon bursts(which means falling on the ground or hitting the person), the team is eliminated till the next round.

If your teammate catches the water balloon successfully, your team continues playing.

Your team can continue playing by picking up the water balloon if it lands on the ground and doesn’t break.

After all, teams have tossed their water-filled balloon, the teams still holding an unbroken balloon take a step back from their partner so that the next throw takes place over a longer distance.

The higher the distance between the players, the more difficult it becomes to catch the water balloon successfully.

The referee waits until all groups have tossed their water-filled balloon, before telling the successful teams to move backward and throw again.

The game continues with teams throwing the water-filled balloon at each other until only 1 team left. That team wins!

Water Balloon Toss — Game Variations

There are a couple of fun variations of the water balloon toss game that are as interesting:

Basket Catch

This is an exciting variant, which leads to more broken water balloons and even more drenched players! To play the version, you need these 2 items:

  • A basket
  • Water balloons

Split the participants into two teams and provide each group with 10 water-filled balloons. Begin the game with each team’s players standing a few meters apart.

One player tries to throw a water balloon into the basket that the other player is holding.

The team gets one point for every balloon caught in the basket without popping.

After tossing 5 balloons, the team changes roles so that they get even turns while throwing and catching.

The group with the highest points wins at the end of the round.


Water Balloon Catch

Here, we’ve an easy twist to the game of water balloon, which makes it more exciting!

The game begins in a similar way as the water balloon throwing game, with each participant standing about 5 feet apart from their teammate.

Rather than throwing the same water-filled balloon back and forth to your partner, the goal is to catch lots of water balloons under 30 seconds.

The player that’s catching the balloons will have their hands full as lots of balloons are lobbed at them.

This leads to some fun moments when trying to hold the balloons in their arms and strive to catch more.

Just like a typical water balloon throwing game, the players take a step back after each catch.

The team with the most intact balloons left after the time limit expires wins the game.

Blindfolded Water Balloon Throwing Game

If you want to gets someone wet, participate in the water balloon throwing game in which a player from each team is blindfolded.

The thrower has to give the blindfolded player instructions on which direction to move to catch the balloon successfully.

If the blindfolded player in one way or another manages to catch the balloon, he or she can throw it back — which is very funny as the throws often go in the wrong direction!

Water Balloon Throw — Relay Mode

This is an excellent idea for a relay race. This is an exhilarating variant that’s a bit more competitive than the usual water balloon toss.

Split the players into two teams. Have each group form a line where the participant is about 10 feet apart from the next player.

The two teams begin with a bucket containing 10 water balloons. The game aim is to toss a water balloon along the line so that each player can catch and throw it back.

If the water balloon makes it successfully and unharmed to the end of the line, that team receives 1 point.

Each team can only have 1 water balloon active on their line at a time.

They can only take up another water balloon if the previous one bursts or makes it to the end of the line.

The game ends when the two teams have used up all the water balloons contained in their buckets.

The team with the most water-filled balloons at the end of their line is the winner.

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