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Families have had a great time since the debut of games like Taboo.

Because it challenges players to think on their feet and broaden their vocabulary while also being a ton of fun, Taboo is an excellent choice for family game night.

To spice up your game nights if you’ve had enough of playing Taboo, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites.

Playing games like Taboo with your friends or family will keep you on your toes and have a lot of fun since they blend word knowledge and time guessing.

So, if you’re looking for more thrilling and fun board games like Taboo, then you’ve come to the right place.

Games like Taboo — Our Top Selections 


One of the best examples of games like Taboo is Decrypto.

For those who enjoy Taboo’s word-game component, Decrypto is a must-have.

Players are divided into two groups of spies, and the goal is to avoid having their secret communications captured by the opposing team’s spies; to decipher their messages, each team is given a set of four words.

 It’s clear to everyone on the squad that these words exist, but they’d prefer to conceal them from the enemy’s eyes.

Encryption cards are drawn by the “encryptor” player each turn, and a sequence of numbers is deciphered (1-3-2, for example).

Each of your four codewords is represented by one of these numbers.

Assault encryptors must communicate these numbers without divulging the code words to hostile agents listening in on their communication.

Think of the terms “weekend, ocean, tie” for your team’s assignment.

One way to make sure your team understands the code for this turn is “Weekend, Tie, Ocean” is to use the sequence 1-3-2.

Code words for each number are used to encourage your team to correctly guess the sequence, but not so evident that your opponents can figure out what you’re saying.

“Rest, Shoe, Vast” may be used in this case.

Ideally, the clues are evident if you know the code words and perplexing if you don’t know the words.

If you’re not careful, the opposing team can steal points from you if they accurately guess the sequence of events.

Groups who appreciate the espionage aspect will enjoy this game. To play a spy for a day or two is fun for everyone.


Players are divided into two groups for the game of Guesstures.

The “actor” of each turn will be a different team member.

This player creates an action timer and uses it to create four cards with varying text options on them.

Each card has four words on it: two easy ones and two difficult ones, from which the actor selects one to try to act out.

If your team can correctly guess a difficult word, you get extra points, but picking one can be dangerous.


The cards are consumed by the timer one at a time if your team is unable to predict quickly enough.

With a brutal action timer, each round’s ideal aim is for your team to identify all four of your cards correctly.

If you appreciate charades but find it tedious when it goes on for too long, give Guesstures a try.

When a hint doesn’t land, the timer ensures that everyone moves on and no one has to sit through 10 minutes of Uncle Rick flailing around attempting to act like a fish.

You don’t have to worry about getting bored, Gesstures is perfect for games like Taboo.


Another exciting game like Taboo you can try are Pictionary.

Since its release more than 30 years ago, this game has been a staple of many parties.

It’s a good sign when something lasts for so long!

During the game of Pictionary, each team draws a card with a word or phrase on it.

Then, when their turn comes around, team members must guess the word or phrase on the card.

There are no words or gestures to help you out regarding Pictionary.

As a result, you’ll have to rely on sketching to convey your message.

It’s much less important to be a good artist in this game than you may think.

Realistic drawings can be just as successful at conveying a concept with a poorly drawn stick figure.

However, when working with a limited amount of time, it’s best to make your designs simple and focus on symbols rather than realistic details.

You get the “All Play” mechanic on some cards with both sides simultaneously trying to guess a drawing.

The first one to do so wins the round.

If you like pictionary, then check out interesting games like Pictionary


Codenames join the list of games like Taboo because you provide minimal word clues to a partner.

Rather than the linear back and forth of obtaining a point or not, this game incorporates a new dimension with declining cards within a grid.

This results in a different gameplay experience, but the entertaining and engaging communication mishaps remain.

The group is divided into two teams. You are spies, and you must extract your fellow agents from the field before your adversary does.

This is represented by a grid of numerous phrases, which conceals a blue operator, a red operative, a bystander, or an evil assassin. 

Each round, one member from each team is given a decoder card containing all the locations and is tasked with communicating this information to the rest of the group using one-word answers.

The trick is that you must provide clues that apply to several locations to win.

Games for 2–8 players last approximately 15 minutes per round.


If you have lots of fun playing word games and are seeking more games like Taboo, Scattergories is a great pick.

Scattergories is another wonderful game that will have you thinking on your feet and racking your brain for those vocabulary phrases you may have forgotten.

Scattergories is a game for two to six players that involves rolling a twenty-sided die (each side has a different letter written on it) and determining twelve different words from several categories.

Each participant is handed a pad of paper with three columns of unique spots in each column at the start of each game.

Each space is classified differently.

Each round, the die is rolled; you must write a word beginning with the letter the die lands on in the relevant category.

The player who completes this task in the shortest time wins the round.

Scattergories is an excellent game for stimulating thought and expanding your vocabulary.

It’s suitable for both children and adults.

Catch Phrases 

Another enjoyable word game, Catch Phrase, departs from traditional board games such as Taboo in favor of a fun, handheld electronic game that the entire family will enjoy.

However, the concept of Catch Phrase is quite similar to that of Taboo, and lovers of the latter will undoubtedly appreciate it!

Each round, the gadget will display a famous or well-known phrase, and the individual carrying the device will be responsible for describing the phrase to their teammates.

You will be unable to utilize any of the terms in the statement and will have a limited amount of time to describe it.

After the game, the team with the correct estimates wins.

Like Taboo, Catch Phrase forces you to think quickly and practice describing things without using “taboo” terms!

The Resistance

Mafia and Werewolf inspire this party game.

It places players in the shoes of a resistance group attempting to overthrow an imperial authority.

However, there is a problem: Imperial spies are among you, attempting to disrupt your intentions!

Each round, you send a group of players on a mission, and everyone on the mission secretly votes on whether the task should pass or fail.

If even one person tosses a fail token into the pool, the mission is ruined — but the other players now know that at least one of those people is working against them!

The Resistance is an excellent upgrade to a popular party pastime, increasing player participation and removing the concept of elimination from the game.

Suppose you suspect someone of being an imperial spy.

In that case, there is no removal vote like in Mafia or Werewolf – you do not send them on missions.


Naturally, no list of word games would be complete without mentioning Scrabble, one of the world’s most popular and well-known word games.

Though not as fast-paced as Taboo, it may be just as contentious and is an excellent addition to this collection of games like Taboo.

If you’re unfamiliar with Scrabble, the following is a basic explanation of how the game works: Essentially, players choose letters from a bag of tiles and construct words on the board using the letters they have drawn.

Each letter has a unique point value, and the various squares on the board have unique point values as well, based on the word or letter placed there (i.e., you can get double or triple the points on a letter or word depending).

Players must construct words in a crossword-style fashion until the tiles are depleted, and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Scrabble is an excellent game since it requires a vast vocabulary to be competitive and an understanding of how to strategically put certain letters to maximize scores from each tile placement.

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The concept is another example of games like Taboo.

The objective of this game is to guess words based on clues.

What’s the Catch? In concept, you cannot speak as the clue-giver save to say “yes” to indicate that someone’s guessing is correct.

Rather than that, you have a board with rows of icons on which you can put tokens to provide hints.

Clues are generated by connecting icons to form “concepts” that assist players in guessing your term.

Everything from the sequence in which you place your tokens to how you move them around the board might transmit your clues.

Teams of two players are responsible for providing clues, while the remaining players attempt to deduce what they are implying. Individually, you win or lose, but work in a temporary team with a neighbor when it’s your turn to provide clues.

Piece together clues by just placing tokens on icons on a board needs some creative thinking and can result in some pretty amusing misunderstandings along the way.


Dixit is one of the games like Taboo but with an artistic twist that adds to its fun and whimsical nature.

Dixit is a straightforward game, so newcomers can easily pick it up.

In essence, each player is dealt a hand of cards featuring ambiguous and seemingly magical pictures.

Then, each player secretly selects one of their cards to describe with a word or phrase by taking turns.

Each player will choose a card from their hand that they believe best fits the word or phrase provided.

Then, after shuffling the cards face down and turning them face up, players must vote on which card they believe was the original.

As with Taboo, this game requires some guessing and requires you to be descriptive.

However, it is sure to be a hit for both young and old.


Suppose you’re seeking games like Taboo but incorporate components from many other family favorites.

In that case, Cranium is the game for you!

Cranium incorporates elements from classic games such as Charades, Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit, and many others to encourage players to use all facets of their brains and creativity to create a wonderful and exciting game.

Cranium games are designed for four or more players and have four distinct sections: Data Head, Word Worm, Star Performer, and Creative Cat.

To win the game, players must accomplish all tasks in each area.

The Data Head will include trivia questions and math issues, while the Word Worm will want you to guess words and apply their vocabulary, the Creative Cat will require you to draw or sculpt, and the Star Performer will need you to act or sing.

If you enjoy Taboo but wish it contained a little more substance to make it more holistic and fun, Cranium is the game for you!


If you want to try other games like Taboo, Alias is a great choice.

Alias has a similar premise, although it differs in a few significant ways.

Teams are formed in Alias. Each team then picks cards with six words written on them, one at a time, and the process repeats.

If you’re a fan of Taboo, you’ll recognize this scene.

As many words as possible on the card must be guessed by one of the players on the team before time runs out.

As long as you don’t mess up and speak the word or a term with the same root, you’ll lose your turn and have to start over.

The hourglass timer, which shows how well or poorly your turn is doing, increases the pressure on guessing the appropriate phrases.

There is a lot of furious excitement to be had when teams race to guess all of the phrases before their time is up!


Telestrations is another excellent example of games like Taboo.

This game is fantastic if your favorite aspect of Taboo is the time constraint and the aggravation.

This can result from your inability to convey your word to your teammates effectively.

Telestrations mixes aspects of Pictionary and the popular playground game Telephone, providing an evening of laughter and fun.

At the start of each turn, one player from each team will draw a card containing an item they require.

Then, they are given a sand timer and instructed to draw whatever they choose within the allotted time.

Once the timer sounds, the player must give the pad of paper to the next teammate, who must complete the drawing entirely based on previous drawings.

While drawings may occasionally deviate hilariously from the original concept, the team that comes closest to the initial prompt wins the game.


There are so many games like Taboo out there for your enjoyment.

Through this list, you’ll be able to get an idea of what to look for. Getting any of this game will brighten up your game night.

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