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Are you interested in trying out new games like Gloomhaven? Well. We’ve got you covered.

With these new games like Gloomhaven, you can enter a new mystical realm.

Gloomhaven began as a board game before being adapted into a hugely popular digital version in July 2019 by developer Flaming Fowl Studios and publisher Asmodee Digital.

This card-based game collides with tactical roleplaying and dungeon crawling, creating a fantastic, challenging experience.

Its structure as a video game was strongly influenced by previous titles, including those on this list, such as the Baldur’s Gate series.

Gloomhaven players frequently question whether other games are similar to it.

So, here are our top 14 recommendations for games like Gloomhaven.

Games Like Gloomhaven

Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Suppose you enjoyed dungeon exploring with companions in Gloomhaven.

In that case, you’re sure to enjoy Descent: Journeys in the Dark as well (2nd edition).

From Fantasy Flight Games, Descent is a cooperative, scenario-based, 2-5 person campaign game similar to Gloomhaven!

However, one player assumes the role of the Overlord, bent on sabotaging the other players’ best-laid schemes. It is one of the best games like Gloohaven.

Players embark on fantastical adventures through dungeons, ruins, tunnels, and woodlands.

Each scenario contains a distinct objective that must be completed to advance the plot.

The fighting mechanism is dice-driven, and, like with Gloomhaven, each player has their own unique character miniature.

Players who like the detailed imagery and figures in Gloomhaven will undoubtedly adore Alex Aparin and co.’s Descent: Journeys in the Dark (2nd edition).

Descent’s second edition was launched in 2012 and had a more streamlined game than the original edition and a plethora of extra fun.

Mice and Mystics

Other exciting games like Gloomhaven are Mice and Mystics.

This is a cooperative fantasy board game with a significant emphasis on exploration, combat, and exploration.

To save their king, players must work together as mice to escape the wicked Vanestra and traverse the castle’s many dangers, such as spiders, bugs, and the house cat, Brodie.

Mouse and Mystics contains a card-drawing component and intricate miniatures, and the game’s storylines are constantly evolving.

However, this game may be played by children as young as seven because it has a difficulty level of 2.68, which means it isn’t as challenging as Gloomhaven.

A dungeon crawl and roleplaying game are also listed on Board Game Geek.

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Nemesis indeed takes place in a sci-fi universe as opposed to a fantasy one, but if you’re searching for games like Gloomhaven that can keep you occupied for hours on end, you should check it out. 

Taking on the abyss that awaits requires a team. It’s all about the high level of intensity.

It’s up to you and the rest of your crew to make it through a harsh environment aboard a ship. 

There are a number of objectives you must do in order to win the game.

Swarms of alien species, the ship’s poor physical condition, the other players’ objectives, and cruel fate are just a few of the challenges you’ll have to face.

Mansions of Madness

If you want other games like Gloomhaven that feature cooperative gaming and frightening circumstances!

Then, the massively popular, app-assisted Mansions of Madness may become your new obsession.

This H. P. Lovecraft-inspired game is set in the same universe as Fantasy Flight’s Eldritch Horror and Elder Sign titles.

You and up to four additional players will visit a creepy mansion, guided by the game’s mobile phone app, putting your life and sanity in jeopardy.

Homes of Madness is extremely replayable — the board varies with each game, and players never know what to expect in these eerie mansions, except for plenty of puzzle-solving and monster encounters.

Mansions of Madness will appeal to fans of thematic games like Gloomhaven, packed with drama and stories.

The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth

Fans of Gloomhaven will find much to enjoy in The Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth Journeys.

However, if you’re seeking games like Gloomhaven, this 1-5 player adventure recreation from Fantasy Flight Games will fit the bill.

Players take on the roles of their favorite characters from Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings in an epic campaign in Middle Earth, where they must battle the forces of evil together.

This game requires the use of a free companion phone app, but it also streamlines and simplifies the experience for players.

The high-quality figurines and character decks will evoke memories of Gloomhaven.

The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth is a great way to combine your love for Gloomhaven and Middle-Earth.

Shadows of Brimstone

A board game with similar mechanics and exploring modes is next on our list of games like Gloomhaven.

Cooperative dice rolling and grid movement are also included in the game.

Unlike most westerns, this one takes place in an old west fantasy world riddled with unimaginable evils.

You assume the mantle of a Western Hero of yore (i.e., Law Man, Gunslinger, Saloon Girl).

Numerous old monsters and ghoulish creatures are infesting the deep caverns.

Therefore, you and your team will set out to explore them.

A powerful card-driven exploration system and tactical gameplay ensure that no two games are ever the same as the heroes explore the mines, encounter new opponents, collect new loot, and overcome new threats.

5 Minute Dungeon

Connor Reid’s smash hit 5 Minute Dungeon lets you fight your way through a dungeon in just five minutes!

As a micro-game for Gloomhaven fans who enjoy the theme and cooperative gameplay of the D&D roleplaying game, 5 Minute Dungeon comes highly recommended.

5 Minute Dungeon is a fast-paced, real-time fighting game featuring intense combat that you can take with you anywhere you go.

The short play duration and the growing difficulty of the dungeons, monsters, and boss battles make this an excellent game to kick off a game night.

Mage Knight

Mage Knight Board Game is the most sophisticated board game on this list, even more complex than Gloomhaven.

It is thematic and strategic, with a strong emphasis on roleplaying, adventure, fantasy, and exploration, and combat — all of which are comparable to Gloomhaven.

This selection combines elements of deck-building (or games in which the objective is to accumulate increasingly powerful cards to add to your stack in order to progress your character in the game), roleplaying, and classic board games.

Players explore the Mage Knight universe as one of four powerful Mage Knights, construct their deck of spells, and embark on quests with the ultimate objective of conquering the Mage Knight universe’s civilizations.

Mage Knight might be a decent choice if you’re looking for a challenge, as it has a higher complexity rating of 4.28 than Gloomhaven, but it does include a card-drawing component and miniatures.

Legends of Andor

Another enjoyable pastime on our list of games like Gloomhaven is, Legends of Andor because it has a strong emphasis on action and exploration, but it also includes some puzzles.

A fantasy country, notably the castle of old King Brandur, must be protected from an advancing horde by players working together on dangerous quests throughout the course of five unique scenarios and one scenario that the players themselves construct.

Again, the game’s Legend Cards significantly impact the possible outcomes.

Gloomhaven and Legends of Andor both have a strong emphasis on roleplaying.

However, this game contains a card component, miniatures, and a cooperative and adventure-based board game.

In a fantasy setting, the story has a strong theme.

Gloomhaven, on the other hand, has a difficulty level of 4.5, making it more difficult for younger players.

Nevertheless, it has won or been nominated for over a dozen board game awards, and Amazon customers give it a rating of 4.6 stars.

Aeon’s End: Legacy

A fantastic fantasy campaign awaits players of the Gloomhaven-like game Aeon’s End: Legacy.

It is up to you and your fellow players to protect the city of Gravehold from the odd and mystical forces that threaten it.

You can attack and defend your allies in battle using a deck of spells, relics, and crystals.

In Aeon’s End: Legacy, a cooperative game built by Nick Little and Kevin Riley, players take on a fearsome creature and its minions in a struggle to the death.

Unlike the original Aeon’s End board game, Legacy does not necessitate that you possess or play the original game.

Additionally, in contrast to Gloomhaven’s imaginative narrative, the gameplay is intense and enjoyable for players of all skill levels.

A Game of Throne Board Game

Next on our list of games like Gloomhaven is A Game of Thrones.

Like Gloomhaven, this game demands a good bit of bluffing and diplomacy, unlike Gloomhaven.

A House of Targaryen must be taken on by a player, and the player’s army must be built.

You have 10 rounds to take the Iron Throne for your family.

Who has seized the most castles or strongholds by then has been crowned the winner.

This is akin to the strategic conquest portion of the game Risk, and when you add the fantasy element, this option is similar to a Gloomhaven/Risk hybrid.

This game is very similar to Gloomhaven because of the card drafting, miniatures, and complexity rating of 3.71.

But in typical Game of Thrones tradition, this pick has more opportunity for backstabbing than collaboration.

This pastime was also nominated for the Charles S. Roberts Best Science Fiction or Fantasy Board Wargame Award in 2011 and the 2013 Ludoteca Ideale Official Selection Award.

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Spirit Island

This is another game to try for those looking for games like Gloomhaven. By R. Eric Reuss, Spirit Island has developed a reputation as the ultimate cooperative board game.

If you enjoyed working together to beat your adversaries in Gloomhaven!

Join forces as magical spirits attempting to stave off colonizing invaders will be even more enjoyable.

You and up to three other players will select a character (a land spirit) and draw cards from your unique hand to thwart or frighten invaders and aid the islanders.

The gameplay is just as tricky and enjoyable as Gloomhaven, and despite the absence of a campaign, Spirit Island features enough unique setups and foes to ensure the game’s replayability.

Founders of Gloomhaven

As a fan of Gloomhaven but yearning for a new experience, Founders of Gloomhaven may be precisely what the doctor ordered.

The city of Gloomhaven is being built, and you and your allies are vying for resources and power.

Because some resources are owned by your opponents in this resource management and tile placement game, 1-4 players compete and negotiate with each other in order to win.

Founders of Gloomhaven are best suited to experienced gamers who can appreciate the game’s complicated mechanics and Gloomhaven-themed gameplay at the same time.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Another epic example of games like Gloomhaven is Star Wars: Imperial Assault.

Here, you’re in the midst of a full-scale Galactic Civil War, where the Rebel Alliance is battling to keep the Empire at bay.

One vs. many is the norm in campaign mode.

There is just one way to play this game: Empire or Alliance.

The Empire has a seemingly infinite army of replaceable Stormtroopers, and you are in charge of them.

 Alliance members can choose from six new characters that have been created for the game (e.g., Gaarkhan the Wookie and Jyn Odan, the female Han Solo).

Like Gloomhaven, Star Wars: Imperial Assault comes with miniatures of new characters and some recurrent villains that are fun to play with. Unlike Gloomhaven.

That AT-ST miniature is too big for its own good! Compared to Gloomhaven, Star Wars: Imperial Assault is rich with theme thanks to its miniatures, character customization, and roleplaying components.

Over time, characters in Star Wars: Imperial Assault grow and change as they progress through the game’s storyline.

(Although not a truly cooperative play), in games with three or more characters, players work together to defeat the Overlord (i.e., dungeon master).

Fans of Star Wars from all throughout the galaxy have converged!

Playing Star Wars: Imperial Assault is a great way to spend time with your family or friends, whether you’re a child or an adult.


Even if it seems impossible to find games like Gloomhaven, there are plenty of other options out there.

You may find many games like Gloomhaven, including all of the above, that provide you with the same depth and replayability as Gloomhaven.

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