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Looking for fun board games like Cranium?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

As a classic game for parties and family gatherings alike, Cranium has long been one of the most popular.

In order to spice up your game nights or because you enjoy games that challenge all of your abilities, you can try out board games like Cranium.

Cranium is a 4–16 player party game in which teams of players compete for points in a variety of activities to earn trophies.

For example, they could create hints from clay or doodle with their eyes closed to reveal their secrets.

Perform musical numbers and impersonations and answer trivia questions.

In Cranium, the range of obstacles makes it a vibrant and fun-filled party game that kids and adults adore.

Look no farther than our list of ten excellent party games if you’re looking for more enjoyable board games like Cranium.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 entertaining games like Cranium that will test your body and intellect.

Games like Cranium — Our Top Selections


Dixit is the next board game for those who appreciate decoding their teammates’ visual clues in Cranium.

Dixit, a storytelling card game for three to six players, was designed by Jean-Louis Roubira and illustrated by Marie Cardouat.

Each participant receives six cards, each depicting a different image.

Then, as a storyteller, one player will pick a card from their hand and speak aloud about it without showing it to the rest of the players.

A card from their hand is then chosen by each player to complement the story being recounted.

Finally, a shuffled deck of cards will be laid out in front of the players, with the goal of each player attempting to deduce which card belongs to the storyteller.

It’s a terrific game for families, but it’s also fun for adults who are seeking a creative and lighthearted game.

Dixit is a pleasant alternative if you are looking for fun games like Cranium because of its bizarre visuals and innovative nature.

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Time’s Up! Title Recall!

Time’s Up! Title Recall! has a lot to offer if you seek party games like Cranium.

Michael Adams and Peter Sarrett’s Time’s Up! Title Recall! Combines aspects of Cranium with charades, including a timer, scorepads, and cards with the names of books, movies, and television shows.

All generations of family members will recognize the references thanks to a wide variety of media.

You can make use of any clues you like in the first round; only one word and actions are allowed in the second, and only actions are allowed in the third.

Your clue-giving techniques will have to grow more inventive, but the teams know what titles to expect from the identical sets of cards used in each round.

A maximum of 18 players is permitted. Ties up! Title Recall! is a great game to bring home and play with your pals on game night.

Paranormal Detectives

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to play Cranium with a spooky mystery thrown in, here is the game for you!

Paranormal Detectives is a great choice if you are looking for board games like Cranium.

In the spirit of Cranium, Clue, and Mysterium, Paranormal Detectives was created by Szymon Maliski, Adrian Orzechowski, and Marcin czynski.

One player takes the role of a ghost and be provided with a tale card describing their demise in great detail.

How did they die? What was the motive? How did it happen? What was the murder weapon?

Those are the questions the detectives will ask the ghost on their turn and try to figure out.

Intention cards are used by investigators to identify how the ghost can respond to a question.

It’s possible that the spirit may help the investigator sketch on a whiteboard, act out their death, or create a wire shape.

It’s a terrific game for families and casual players who are searching for a fun but spooky experience.

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Cash ‘n Guns

Another awesome fast-paced party games like Cranium is Cash’ n Guns.

This is a fun-filled 4-6 person game where you and your friends and family will recreate gangster movie scenarios.

Cash ‘n Guns, designed by Ludovic Maublanc, sees players assume the role of mobsters sharing the loot from their most recent score.

Each round, participants load their foam ‘guns’ with shots or blanks (using cards) and aim at other players.

Each player can then select whether to flee or stick based on the number of weapons pointed at them.

Once a few players have backed out, the remaining players take their shot.

Any players who did not fold and are uninjured after the round will split the pot.

Say Anything

Say Anything by Dominic Crapuchettes and Satish Pillalamarri is an excellent choice for anyone seeking games like Cranium.

Players take turns asking opinionated questions such as ‘what is the greatest band of all time?’ or ‘what website could I not live without?’ In this lighthearted party game for 3-8 players.

The remaining players then jot down an answer they believe the requesting player will accept.

Once revealed, the questioning player secretly selects one response while the other player’s wager on which response will be chosen.

Points are awarded for successfully predicting the correct answer and writing it down.

Say Anything is a perfect choice for players aged 13+, but smaller children can undoubtedly enjoy it as well.

Of course, adults will also enjoy pulling out Say Anything on game evenings!


Cadoo is another example of games like Cranium you can try out.

Here, the players take turns rolling the dice, selecting a combo or solo card, and then passing the card around to various other players to see who has the best hand.

At this stage, the player must follow the instructions provided on the card and pass the recorded test.

In order to be able to set their tokens on the game board, players must first win the test before the time runs out.

Cadoo is won by having the most tokens on the board or having four consecutive tokens if no one else can.

This is a fantastic game for building relationships with a wide variety of players because it requires them to alternate and support one another while competing and completing tasks.


Anyone who likes the artistic challenges of Cranium will enjoy Pictomania, a fast-paced party game.

As many as six players compete to draw a word as rapidly as possible and at the same time in the game by Czech designer Vlaada Chvatil.

Draw your hint and guess what other players are drawing in a short period.

When you properly guess other players’ words and correctly guess yours, you get points for the game.

This fast-paced drawing game is wonderful for families, but parents with extremely small children may have a difficult time guessing their designs!


Those looking for games like Cranium may want to check out Codenames, a classic party game.

Since its publication in 2015, Vlaada Chvátil’s light, the 3-8-player game, has become a top-ranked board game.

Secret agent teams, red and blue, compete against each other in this game.

Each squad will choose a spymaster (or there is one spymaster in a 3 player game).

It’s a 25-card “board” with the codenames of each spy that the teams need to find.

As the spymasters are given a secret key card, they must reveal one word and the number of cards that can be linked to it in order for their players to decipher their spies’ codenames.

The teams need to keep an eye out for a card that contains an assassin since, if one is found, the opposite side immediately wins.

Junk Art

Junk Art by Jay Cormier and Sen-Foong Lim is an excellent alternative for those looking for games like Cranium for budding artists and sculptors.

Each player is given a variety of rubbish — wood and plastic blocks —and asked to assemble their own sculptures out of them in this game for 2-6 players.

Players-artists visit a new city each time they play, and their goals will vary.

For example, the tallest sculpture could be required in one city, while the most pieces can be placed in another.

There are many replay values due to the wide range of cities represented.

Junk Art is a terrific game for families since youngsters will enjoy making their own artistic masterpieces, and the city rules are straightforward.

Fans of tactile games will like the components and sharing in each other’s weird creations, as will casual players.

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For those looking for games like Cranium that are easy to play and great for groups, Medium has lots to offer.

Danielle Deley, Lindsey Sherwood, and Nathan Thornton created a card game that will put your telepathic skills to the test.

Using six cards with words on them, players form pairs with the players on either side.

When a player places a card face-up, the other player places a card face-down, and they have to identify the word that connects the two cards.

For example: “ski” and “winter” could be linked by “snow,” whereas “vacation” could be linked by “snow.”

If you can locate a term that matches within the allotted time, you get a bonus point.

So, if you’re looking to have a good time with your family or friends, Medium is a great game to play while you strive to connect your minds.


Getting games like Cranium is not something difficult.

So, if you are looking for something new to spices up your game night, try any of our games like Cranium listed here.