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Also called CAH, Cards against Humanity is no doubt one of the most popular card games today. Its design draws inspiration from the innocent Apples to Apples. And its gameplay shares many similarities with the title.

However, CAH adds a black comedy twist. Even though it provides hours of fun, the game can become boring at times, especially when you know all the offensive cards and want something new.

If you’re keen about playing other games like Cards against Humanity, we’ll be exploring 10 titles below which are also fun to play.

Top 10 Games like Cards against Humanity

Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples is a card game, which is basically a very tame variant of CAH. The party game was initially published by Hasbro. It’s now published by Mattel.

Apples to Apples is a perfect game to pull out when you need to play a game, which offers the same idea as Cards against Humanity. Apples to Apples is a cool title you can enjoy with your kids or grandparents.

Its premise is simple. Basically, you have two decks of cards, with each player given a hand of their cards by the dealer to select from.

Then, a phrase is drawn from the other deck. And you’ve to complete this phrase with the cards in your hand. The winner of that round is any player with the card that fits the phrase most.

It can take between 4 and 10 players, while a game could last up to 30 minutes. It’s suitable for ages 12 and above.

The objective of Apples to Apples is to win the maximum number of rounds in the game. This is done by playing a “red apple” card (typically featuring a noun) from your hand to best “match” the communal “green apple” card (containing an adjective) of that round as selected by the judging player of the round.

What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme? was designed in 2016 by Elliot Tebele and Ben Kaplan. In 2017, it was the 9th best-selling game on popular marketplace Amazon. The title, which is referred to as “a millennial card game for millennials and their millennial friends,” shares some similarities with games like Cards Against Humanity.

But its premise requires that players caption a meme instead of completing fill-in-the-blank statements. What Do You Meme? is a humorous party card game, where players will propose caption cards to serve as a match to a designated meme (or photo) card.

In the adult game, two decks of cards are utilized: One has a photo, and the other feeds into your hand containing different captions. During each round, alternating players will draw from the deck. The remaining players have to give a caption that they feel matches the image perfectly. The winner of the round is the player that gets the best caption.

What Do You Meme? takes up to 20 participants. But it’s most suitable for adults, and not for kids. It can last around one hour, depending on the number of players in the game.

The name of this title comes from internet memes. It’s a play on the expression, “what do you mean?”

Drawing Without Dignity

This title combines all the best elements of CAH with games like Pictionary to bring about a riveting party game. Drawing Without Dignity is referred to as “an adult party game of uncensored sketches.”

While its concept is similar to Pictionary, it’s almost as offensive as CAH. In the title, players will draw from a deck of cards in turns and sketch the phrase or thing on the card within a limited period.

Depending on the number of participants, a game can last one hour to complete. To do the set-up, you’ll start by dividing into teams — as many as four teams in total, with each group containing at least two players. Then, roll the die to determine which of the teams will go first.

The next thing is to distribute three Cockblock! cards and one Categories reference card to each team, in addition to paper and pencils. Place all of the content cards face down in a pile nearby all of the teams.

The things aren’t appropriate and look incorrect politically. You’ll surely have a fascinating time playing the game with your buddies. Drawing Without Dignity is an adults-only game and accommodates between 4 and 12 players.

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens was designed by Elan Lee, Matthew Inman, and Shane Small. It’s yet another family-friendly game on this list. The title is ideal to play if you’re seeking card games similar to CAH and if you’re a fan of kittens and explosions.

Exploding Kittens is a kitten-themed variation of Russian Roulette. The gameplay is simple: Players draw from a deck in turns until someone draws a kitten, after which it explodes, and the person loses the game.

The deck comprises cards that allow you to avoid exploding by peeking at cards before you draw. This way, your opponent is forced to either draw multiple cards or shuffle the deck.

The game becomes increasingly intense with each card a player draws, as fewer cards left in the deck implies there’s a greater chance of drawing the kitten and then exploding.

F**k The Game

Launched in 2015, F**k The Game is an Aussie card game perfect for people that love obscenities and would like to see them featured in more card games like Cards Against Humanity.

This game’s premise is really simple. Play starts with participants taking turns to draw from a deck of cards. You’ll find either swear words or colors printed on the cards.

Players will aim to become the first person to shout them out to avoid keeping the cards in their deck.

F**k The Game is a wildly entertaining card game, which will definitely give you more than a few laughs. But if you’ve elderly and easily offended people or kids around, it’s better to play another game.

Its gameplay looks simple. However, the cards utilize a concept in psychology called the Stroop effect. This phenomenon is known to mess with a player’s head and delay their brain’s response.

Personally Incorrect

This title is an appropriately inappropriate party game that offers you loads of fun. A nice way to break the ice & connect with acquaintances and friends, Personally Incorrect will make you dislike what you’ve in mind and love what you play.

It’s a great addition to today’s list of fascinating games like Cards Against Humanity. This game has a simple premise: Each player receives 10 “answer” cards from the dealer.

A player will draw from a deck of “question” cards at each turn, with each player required to pick from their “answers” the specific reply that best fits the question.

Every turn, a player reads aloud a “Question” card and submits another player’s name into the “Insert Name” quotations. The remaining players will simultaneously pick answers and submit them to the player that read the question.

Then, the active player will shuffle all the answer cards together, revealing them one at a time. All the other players participating in the game will quickly cast their vote for the most appropriately inappropriate answer.

It’s crucial to vote as fast as possible since the last vote won’t count. This rule ensures that players don’t base their vote upon another player’s vote.

If a tie occurs, the active reader/player can cast their vote to break the tie. The player whose answer got the highest votes will claim the question card, to bring that round to an end.

At the end of ten rounds, the person that has the most question cards is the winner.

Not only are the questions & answers inappropriate but also offensive sometimes, just like in CAH.

Personally Incorrect takes 5–10 players. It’s only suitable for adults because of the mature content.

Deck Around

This title is another option that’s recommended for people seeking something similar to CAH but would to mix it up slightly. Deck Around is riveting and offensive enough to not be for faint-hearted players.

It’ll definitely be a hit at your next game party.

Deck Around is a definition card game involving a deck of cards where different slang terms are written on them. The players are required to guess what they think is the most realistic definition of the terms.

At each turn of the game, alternating players will read out a list of definitions of a slang phrase, including the real one. And players have to guess which is which. The winner of that round is the player that guesses the real one.

A Deck Around game can last between ten minutes and one hour. It’s ideal for up to 12 players and isn’t suitable for kids as it’s an adults-only game.

Never Have I Ever

Also called “Ten Fingers” or “I’ve Never…”, Never Have I Ever is a drinking game like Cards Against Humanity. In this game, players take turns to ask other players about things or activities they haven’t done.

Other players who have done this thing will respond by taking a drink. There’s a version that doesn’t require drinking, typically played by kids and underage adolescents. In that variant, players will count the score on their fingers instead.

Doodle Master

Doodle Master is a Pictionary-style adult party game that involves combining characters randomly with scenarios to make weird, wacky, and NSFW drawings. It’s also similar to Cards Against Humanity. The title charges players to create endless drawings and is the ideal addition to your adult game nights.

The premise of Doodle Master involves two decks of cards: one deck of action cards and one deck of character cards. Both the action and character cards feature six various things listed on them.

At each turn of play, alternating players are required to draw one of each card, after which they’ll roll two dice. The numbers on the dice match what you’ve to draw from the cards.

This way, there are countless different combinations, with all of them being hilariously and riotously offensive or inappropriate.

This game is most suitable for adults. It can accommodate three or more people.

The Voting Game

The Voting Game is another adult party game that also shares similarities with CAH. It’ll help you get to know your friends on a deeper level as it uncovers the hilarious truth and facts behind your friendships.

You can play it repeatedly, and the gameplay changes depending on whom you’re playing with. By playing the Voting Game, you and your friends can get to know one other as personal stories are often shared on the heels of a revealing vote.

The general concept of this title involved a deck of cards, where at each turn, one player will draw a card and read it out loud.

It often includes an action that a person may do, and the remaining players have to vote on who’s most likely to perform the said action. If a player is considered most likely to do something, they’ll be awarded one point.

At the end of this game, the winner is the first player that earns ten points. The title features a series of hilarious and politically incorrect things, making it very much an adults-only game, ideal for players aged 17 years and above.

It offers you heaps of fun. Also, the Voting Game takes a minimum of four players and a maximum of ten.

Wrapping Up

Also referred to as CAH, Cards against Humanity is definitely among the most popular card games in modern times. The title’s design, which adds a black comedy twist, draws inspiration from the innocent Apples to Apples game. Its gameplay is also quite similar to it.

If you’ve grown tired of CAH after playing it countless times, there are various games like Cards against Humanity you can try out. And we’ve reviewed 10 of those above to provide you with a fascinating gaming experience with friends.

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