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This is an excellent dart game for beginners. It drives you to focus at more spots not made use of on the dartboard.

It keeps you on the move all over the board and assists you in learning the numbering during the game.

It’s not only suitable for beginners because even the greatest players also need more practice in some less common targets on the board.

It helps improve your accuracy and also lets you concentrate on the triplicate. It can be played in individual competitions as well as in teams.

It is a fun game to get out of the monotony of the triple 20s and 19s.

Baseball darts is one of the popular games in America. However, the rules have nothing to do with the actual baseball game.

It owes its name to the fact that it takes nine rounds or “innings.” Traditionally, every point scored is also called a “run,” but this is where the likeness ends.

Just the numbers 1-9 are used for the game, except it goes into extra rounds (more on that later).

However, when you learn how to play baseball darts, and you will be able to enjoy an exciting game that can give hours of fun.

Also, you have an opportunity to do a handy practice exercise that enables players of all expertise to sharpen their skills and refine their technique.

In this article, we’ll take you through the procedure of learning this fun darts game, outlining all you need to know to get as many runs as possible in the shortest amount of time.

How to Play Baseball Darts Game

What You Need

  • Any quality dartboard (bristle or electronic)
  • Darts – at least three
  • Scoreboard or a sheet of paper with a pen

Here’s How to Play Baseball Darts

Although technically you can play Baseball as a solo darts game, it’s always a lot more fun to gather your friends around you and split into teams, or at least catch another player for individual competition.

In line with the baseball theme, determining the team that going to “bat” (throw the darts) first is your next task.

As in any darts game, this is achieved by having one representative of each team come to the line and hurling a single dart onto the board.

The player who hits the mark and his team must go first.

Common Terms


An Inning signifies the round in which the game takes place. The first inning means the 1st round that each player receives, the second inning is the 2nd round, etc.


The rings determine the scoring on the dartboard.

The outer ring is known as a ‘double’, while the black and white spots are called a ‘single’. The middle ring is a ‘triple.’

These terms indicate the value of points when they are glued to the corresponding number in these areas.


A run is a name for points. The only way a player can get runs is if he hits the marked number for that inning.

The Aim of the Game

As soon as the game starts, each team’s players alternately throw their darts to the dartboard to acquire points.

The team with the most points at the end of nine rounds wins the game.

The Rules of Baseball Darts

In the rules for baseball dart, each player alternately throws his three darts at the board to the number corresponding with that inning.

Therefore, in the 1st round, all the darts have to be thrown on number 1 on the dartboard.

A single hit on the target number is worth 1 run, a double 2 run, and a triple 3 runs. If a dart lands outside of the 1, it is worth 0.

Advance to the 2nd round as soon as all players have had their turn at number 1.

This persists till 9 innings are completed.

The game’s winner is the player or team that has the highest score at the end of the 9th round.

So for every round, there are potentially 9 runs to get if you’re skillful enough (or maybe just random enough!) to hit the triple with each dart.

How to Keep the Score

To score points in baseball darts, you ought to mark out the nine rounds in advance, beginning with number 1 at the top and continuing down the board to 9, leaving some space if extra rounds are needed.

If you own an electric darts scoreboard, you can check if it’s programmed to compute both Baseball and traditional darts points.

At the same time, some inexpensive models do not always incorporate these characteristics.

The advantage of a top-quality brand like the Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer is that they can save points for masses of various games inclusive of baseball darts.

If your system has this feature, then it is no more challenging to keep track of the score than to select the right game and enter the scores for each player during the game.

However, if you do things the traditional way, it is best to keep an eye on the game results and create a table listing the names of every player in the top row and the number of each inning in the far let column vertically down.

As the game advances, you can just add up the total score of each player under their name for that round and then use a row at the bottom to add up the overall score.

When all 9 rounds have been played, calculate the sum of all points for the individual player on a team.

And then, the team with the highest total points can perform their victory dance.

Additional Rules

The baseball darts fouls are similar to any other conventional dart game.

If a player crosses the line, he loses his turn and doesn’t get the points made on that turn.

If a player hits a different column than the target number for that inning, it’s scored as a miss.

Another way of playing that’s relatively common is known as ‘7th inning stretch’.

This is a special rule, which can be included to make the game very interesting for expert players.

Essentially,it means that if a player is in the 7th inning and scores no run, his score is halved.

Common Strategies of Baseball Dart

Apart from the raw ability, there isn’t a lot of strategy in baseball darts.

Generally, it’s best to work towards the target number of the triple space with each throw.

That’s because a triple is valued at 3 runs, and can lead to the highest inning score of 9 per inning.

Skillful players will target a triple each throw.

Think of a triple as a ‘home run’ in conventional Baseball.

What You Can Do If There’s a Tie

Even though it may rarely happen that you get to the end of all nine rounds with a perfect tie, it does occur occasionally.

Playing extra rounds is the simplest way to determine the winner if you do not want to end your game in a tie.

Playing the tenth inning with all players targeting number 10 on the dartboard, and if that’s not enough, play the 11th inning, 12th, and on until a final winner is determined.

If you manage to play until the 20th inning and the results are still undecided, you have two options:

Concede defeat and receive the unique honor of merely playing the most extensive game of baseball darts in history.

Or go on into the 21st round and play number one on the board as your goal.

Playing the ‘7th Inning Stretch’ Variant

If things have got slightly too easy for you, you can always play a variation of the standard baseball dart rules by using the so-called ‘7th inning stretch.’

Even though it’s named after the well-established tradition of baseball fans taking time between two halves of the seventh round to stretch and move, the “7th inning” is an extraordinary event.

Ideally, to some extent, it denotes a cruel rule that says that all players must, at the minimum, score one point in the seventh inning.

If they don’t, their total score will be halved up to that point.

While that can be tough — and sometimes heartbreaking for some players — it can serve as an excellent means to make the game more intriguing and increases the stakes.

How to Play Baseball Darts on a Specialist Dartboard

If you bought a dartboard that has a layout of baseball darts at the back, you would discover that the rules are a bit different, and, to all intent and purpose, have more to do with the conventional dart game.

Here, your goal is to score a point by going around the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base and then get back to the home plate by striking everyone with your darts.

When you miss the target, your dart could end up in part of the sections labeled with Baseball’s standard terms like foul, strike, and out, following the same rules as in a baseball game.

When a player efficiently achieves a run, his team receives one point, and the team’s next player follows.

This continues until the team achieves three outs, after which the other team starts and takes their turn.

Just like in regular baseball darts, when the ninth round ends, the team that scores the highest points is the winner of the game.

Tips for Baseball Darts

Having triples is the best. The highest attainable score is 9 points per round per player and consists of 3 triples.

Because the triple is located at the center of the segment, missing the target can often result in your dart ending up in the single section, and you still get the point.

For a perfect baseball game, 81 points would have to be scored.

Final Thoughts

Baseball darts is the ideal game to unwind with your friends.

You can teach anyone how to play baseball darts in minutes, and the game can offer you hours of entertainment, depending on how many people are taking part in it and how many games you get to play.

Aside from being exceedingly simple to learn, it’s perfect for advancing your aiming and throwing skills for your other beloved dart games.

The simplified scoring system can be an excellent way to introduce new players to darts world.

Even proficient players will be really challenged when it comes to getting the double and triple points that can often separate winners from losers in the game.

So, if you’re interested in a fun means to present a few dart novice to the game, or are just looking for a way to brighten things up when next you meet with your dart-playing colleagues, why not get out those darts and see how many points you can score?

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