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In darts, 2 or more players will throw small missiles, which are also called darts, at a circular target — a dartboard. You get to earn points by hitting specific marked areas on the dartboard.

And you’ll also need to record your scores.

But keeping track of points may not be that easy, especially if math gives you a headache (like me, lols!) or if you’ve too many players in the game to keep track of.

Fortunately, tons of optimal dart scoreboards are available on the market for taking your game to the next level. Features you’ll find in a dart scorer include electronic score-keeping, digital displays, different game versions, and computer opponents.

I know you’re now thinking, “Which is the right darts scorekeeper for me?”
This guide will help out as we’ve reviewed the best darts scoreboards and also included some factors to keep in mind before you hit the “Buy Now” button.

Top 5 Darts Scorekeeper

Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer

The Viper Proscore Digital Dart Scorer lets you keep track of the score for as many as 8 players, which is why it’s perfect for those that often play in large groups.

Also, it can provide 40 various game variations. Apart from that, the unit lets you select from 600 game options. On the scorer, you’ll find custom handicap options.

The Proscore is a specially made Player V.S. Computer mode. It’s battery-powered and also works with an AC adapter.

In a bid to prolong the battery life, the score has sleep and auto shut-off mode. Furthermore, its overall size is relatively small so that it won’t use too much space on your wall.

Also, you’ll find that the LCD monitor has a reasonable size and is adorned with LED lights, allowing you to view your score from the throw line.

The equipment is easy to hang, either on your wall or cabinet, since it’s sold with mounting accessories.


  • Large LCD monitor
  • Supports up to 8 players at the same time
  • Let you set custom handicaps easily
  • Has 40 games and over 600 gaming options
  • Features auto shut-off and sleep mode for improving battery life


  • Size is small

Viper Illumiscore Light up Dartboard Scoreboard

The Viper Illumiscore Scoreboard is the top choice for people that seek to give a professional finishing touch to their games room arrangement.

The board allows you to record your scores, whether you’re playing traditional Cricket, 01, or classic dart games. It features inbuilt lighting, giving the unit a nice appeal.

Also, the option is set with 2 grease pencils, designed for marking on hard and glossy non-porous surfaces.

If some people take a first glance at this dart scorer, they may see it as a regular dry-erase option. As a matter of fact, the scorer is an ideal combination of both a dry-erase and electric dart scorer.

It works as a perfect crossover between old-school and modern dart scoreboard. The light-up option lets you keep a record of your scores, without the need to grapple with issues from a messy chalkboard.

The model features an energy-efficient and illuminated face, which provides you with a clearer view of the board, even when playing in intense daylight.


  • Smudge-free surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Uses batteries or AC adapter
  • Perfect for Cricket and ’01 games
  • Comes with oil pencils and mounting hardware
  • Pencil mount included

Piero Lorenzo Magnetic Dry Erase Scoreboard

Looking for an easy-to-use, affordable dart scorer? The Piero Lorenzo Magnetic Dry Erase Scoreboard says hello.

The dry-erase scoreboard is the best option if you love playing your dart game the old-fashioned way.

You’ll find it distinctly visible from the throw line. Its bold labeling allows you to easily tally and record your scores while keeping track of your progress.

Thus, the board is a simple yet effective tool for keeping a record of your scores.

Additionally, it can be easily installed since all you need do is to stick it to your wall using the magnetic sticker base.

With the dry-erase marker on the equipment, you can record your score without the need to first check an instruction manual. Also, the old-school dart scoreboard lets you keep track of your 01 and Cricket dart games.

Since the surface of the scorer is smooth and long-lasting, you can make use of any type of dry erase marker. In addition to this, its magnetic sticker ensures you can easily secure the unit to nearly all metal surfaces.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy installation
  • Lets you take scores in both ’01 and Cricket dart games
  • Re-usable magnetic sticker base
  • Supports all dry-erase markers


  • No marker tray

Viper Dry Erase Scoreboard

The Dry Erase Scoreboard is yet another option from Viper. It’s a top choice for those that prefer the old-school look to their games room.

Also, you’ll find its surface smooth and easy to clean. The unit works remarkably well with virtually all dry-erase markers. Further, it also has mounting hardware, making it easy to mount to your wall or wooden cabinet.

The dart scorer is a simple yet powerful tool for keeping track of your game effortlessly. As regards functionality, it’s ideal for score-recording in both Cricket and ’01 games.


  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for all ’01 and Cricket games
  • Features a dry-erase marker and mount
  • Classic design
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight and durable design

Arachnid TouchPad Dart Scorer

One of the best darts scoreboards, the Arachnid TouchPad LED Dart Scorer is perfect for keep track of scores for up to 8 players. The tool lets you play as many as 24 games and select from its 132 available gaming options.

For example, it comes with 5 various variants of Cricket. If you need your dart scorer to be both feature-rich and eye-catching, opt for this model from Arachnid.

With its bright and vivid LED monitor, you can check both Cricket displays and general game scores. The board also provides single and double in/out options.

It’s equipped with an inbuilt voice feature that alerts players when to throw. Other features of the scorer are solo play, player handicap, and sleep mode.

Apart from these, it can be powered with a battery or AC adapter. Unlike other scorers, the unit also offers an AC adapter.


  • Voice prompt feature
  • Computes scores automatically
  • A wide array of game options
  • Allows up to 8 players to keep track of their scores
  • Has a dual power option (both battery & AC)


  • A bit more expensive than the other models

Buying Guide for the Best Darts Scoreboard

Types of Dart Scorers

Dry-Erase Scoreboards

These old-school scoreboards are popular. Also, they’re probably the most commonly used type by players.

They’re easy to install and are also incredibly versatile. Apart from that, dry-erase boards are budget-friendly.

But they’ve some downsides, and one of them is that you always require dry erase markers and erasers, which require additional investment.

Also, with this type of scoreboards, you’re required to do the math in your head or use a calculator.

Online Dart Scoreboard Apps

It’s only natural that every player partaking in a game will want to check their scores during the competition. And that’s why dart scoreboard apps are essential. But they offer so much more, too.

By downloading such apps to your smartphone, you can enjoy the simplicity they offer in keeping a record of your scores at any point.

Quality options to try out include Darts Scoreboard: My Dart Training, Darts Scoreboard, ‎Dartsmind, DartCounter, and many others.

As regards the disadvantages of dart scoreboard apps, the major one is that some of the top options aren’t free, with their cost between $1 and $5.

Digital or Electronic Scoreboards

This is yet another excellent option for dart scoreboards. There’s a wide variety of digital dart scoreboards out there, with different features and capabilities.

In some electronic dart scorers, you’ll find an auto shut-off option, which makes the tool to switch off automatically when there’s no ongoing activity for some time.

Another advantage of this type of scoreboard is that you won’t be needing chalks and erasers any longer. This gets rid of all that trouble about the dust the chalk produces.

But some digital boards have a downside, which is they only display the last score, making them not so easy to use.

However, overall, electronic or digital scorers are faster, and you won’t need to worry about racking your brain to do the math when recording scores.

Custom Dart Scoreboards

This type of board is ideal for people into arts and crafts that like getting their hands dirty.

Are you one of such people? If so, a custom dart scoreboard is a fantastic pass time for you. To design your DIY dart scoreboard, you can get started with a simple paper.

This is the simplest DIY scoreboard, but you’d need to get a new one each time you want to start a new game. While it may not be the best DIY solution, it’s surely an option.

A wooden scoreboard is another DIY idea. Creating one needs a bit more engagement than a simple paper.

Wooden scoreboards are also great for Cricket games of darts, and any piece of wood will be nice. All you need do is to look for it, mold it, mount it, put the numbers on the wood, and then record your scores during a game.


Why is my scoreboard not lighting up brightly?

If the segments are a dull gray, instead of red, and it’s happening while looking at the display directly, then the unit looks defective. The lighting should be bright red with a black background. You can send it back to the manufacturer if your warranty hasn’t expired.

How do I score an outer single in a bowling game?

The outer single in your user’s manual will be taken as 3 pins. Check the manual of the tool for the scoring chart for the blowing game.

What happens when the scoreboard is hit with a dart?

If that happens, it would probably damage the score since most of them are all plastic. To prevent this, consider placing it far enough from your dartboard and backboard that even the worst thrower won’t be able to hit it.

What do “C”, “D”, and “T” on my scorer stand for, and how can I use them in scoring for Cricket?

“C” represents “Cork,” another word for Bullseye, while “D” and “T” stand for “Double” and “Triple” respectively. In some Cricket versions, you’re required to strike 3 doubles and 3 triples, along with the regular numbers.

What are dartboards made of?      

There are 2 categories of dartboards — electronic (for soft tips darts) and classic (for steel tip darts).

The soft tip type is designed using 3 different materials: plastic, rubber, or bristle in some instances.

As for steel tip dartboards, those are made with different materials. Sisal fiber and bristle are the best two of such materials, and they’re costly. Also, some cheap options are available, such as cork, wood, coiled paper.

What do I put behind my dartboard for protecting the wall?

There are 2 solutions to try out. The first one involves designing your own wall protector for the dartboard. The second has to do with purchasing a wall protector.

To Wrap It All up

Keeping track of points in a darts game may not be that easy, especially if you suck at math or if you’ve many players to keep track of.

Luckily, you can find lots of quality dart scorers online for improving your game. Some features of the best dart scoreboards offer electronic score keeping, digital displays, different game versions, and computer opponents.

Dart scoreboards are of various types, including dry-erase scoreboards, online dart scoreboard apps, digital or electronic scoreboards, and custom dart scoreboards. Each of them has their pros, cons, and features that make them unique from the other types.

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