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Have you always been of the mindset that any game involving cards is usually tricky because of some technicalities involved?

Do you always get confused when the rules are explained?

If so, then I’m pleased to inform you that the spoons card game is the perfect game card for you.

It doesn’t require much strategy, and it follows simple rules.

You can correctly spell spoon right, although I hope you don’t have to, and you aren’t shy to battle for it.

Then let’s play.

Spoons Card Game Rules & Instructions

  • Players: 3 to 13 players.
  • Age: All ages.
  • Difficulty: Easy.

The Pack

To play this fun game, here’s all you need:

  • A standard 52 deck of cards minus the joker
  • Some spoons (one less than the number of players). If there are 8 players, then 7 spoons would be used.

This game can be played by as many players as possible.

An extra deck of cards might be needed if the numbers go beyond 10.

The players could be of any age as long as the rules are understood.

The Game Setup

Arrange the spoons in the middle of the table or on whatever surface it’s to be played on.

The spoons should be at an angle such that it’s neither too far nor too close to any of the players.

The players should also stand or sit around the table, whatever is convenient.

The deck of cards is then shuffled, and the dealer, which is usually any of the players, shares the cards facedown to each player, giving them four each.

The remaining card is placed beside the dealer’s cards.

The Rules

Never forget these important rules as paying attention to them could be the reason you win or lose:

  • Always pass the discarded card facedown.
  • Every player must pass the discarded card to the left.
  • The dealer picks the first card and passes it.
  • If the card finishes, shuffle the pile of discarded cards and continue.
  • The player to have the four of a kind in each round deals the next round
  • The spoons should always be less than the number of players.
  • If a player grabs a spoon without having a four of a kind, he misses the round and spells a letter of the word “spoons.”

Spoon Card Game — The Play

The objective of the game is to be the last player left with a four of a kind.

A four of a kind is simply having four cards with all the four shapes ( club, diamond, heart, and spade).

The game begins with the dealer picking a card from the top of the remaining cards.

The card is passed to the next player to the left of the dealer after confirming that it won’t help in getting a four of a kind.

A card is passed around till it gets to the player to the right of the dealer.

The card is then dropped, and a new pile of discarded cards is created from it.

In the course of passing the cards, if any of the players get a four of a kind, a spoon is grabbed by that player, and the other players have to battle for the remaining spoons.

Any player left without a spoon begins to spell out the letters of the word “spoons.”

A player is disqualified when he/she successfully spells all the letters.

A spoon is then removed to ensure it’s less than the number of players.

During play, it’s possible for a player to have a number of discarded cards beside them as the game is usually played in a fast manner.

When this happens, only one card should be picked in each round, and it has to be the card on top of the pile.

The game continues till a winner is declared.

The Win

To win the game, you have to survive till the last round and be the last player with a four of a kind to grab a spoon.

Variations to the Game

Instead of spelling out the letters of the word “spoons,” a player could be disqualified once they don’t get a spoon.

This might make the game shorter and less exciting.

When picking the spoon after having a four of a kind, a player could make a sneaky grab such that other players might not be aware in time until someone notices the spoons have reduced.

Here, attention should be paid to both having a four of a kind and observing the number of spoons.

To make the game more challenging, the spoons could be hidden in an entirely separate room or hidden in different places.

Caution should be taken here, so has to avoid injuries in a haste to be the first to find a spoon.

This version means that the basis of winning has to be clearly defined if it’s to have a four of a kind or get a spoon.

FAQs about How to Play Spoons Card Game 

Question: Does a card always need to be passed by each player?

Answer: Yes. Each player at every point should only have 4 cards.

Question: Is the same card passed around?

Answer: Not necessarily. It’s up to the player to decide if the card could help in having a four of a kind or not. He then chooses the card to be discarded.

Question: What happens after a round when a player is disqualified?

Answer: The cards are brought together and reshuffled, and spoons rearranged minus one

Question: When can I grab a spoon

Answer: If you have a four of a kind or you notice a spoon has been taken.

Question: If I’ve spelt out some of the letters of the word “spoons.” Can I still win?

Answer: Yes. As far as you make it to the last round, have a four of a kind and grab the last spoon.



The game of spoons is an exciting card game that requires physical movement and the ability to quickly think while also observing what’s happening around you.

Before you set up that game, do well to have a few moments for stretching as you might need to really stretch your hands and body when the battle for the spoons begins.

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