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In case you’re searching for a soothing family evening where you and your kids can share a few bantering banters, or looking for something a bit more for grownups, there’s a game for you out there.

Today, we concentrate exclusively on card games for adults.

Card games for adults are much more than just aggressive monopoly game.

They’re designed to deal with raunchy themes and even offend other players to create an unforgettable fun night.

Consider these games as an opportunity to chill out and relax with playful bad actions, and possibly a few glasses of wine.

Irrespective of whatever it is you’re searching for, the best card games are portable.

This makes them perfect for traveling, take with you to a friend’s place, or on vacation; they fit easily into a backpack or coat pocket.

Let’s take a look at some of the best fun card games for adults.

What Are Card Games for Adult?

A lot of groups invented their card games for adults during the year.

But demand for these types of recreational activities started to surge after Cards Against Humanity triggered a revolution in a slightly insulting and NSFW-typical (not safe for work) ways of playing with friends.

By altering the notion of “Apples to Apples” into roughly much more crude, Cards Against Humanity forever transformed the way we regard card games. And the market reacted with a flurry of new and thrilling ideas.

To assist you in selecting the Friday night basics from the wide variety of options, we’ve looked at the best titles to find the best fun card games for adults.

7 Fun Adult Card Games

Cards Against Humanity

This is a simple but incredible game that uses the apple-to-apple format to turn people into “terrible” people (as it is called in the game).

This delectable wicked pastime has become notorious since its inception in 2011; it has a terrific, often insulting sense of humor that’s certainly NSFW.

Filled with swearwords and hilarious probabilities, it’s one of the most unforgettable card games there is. It’s a party must-have.

It works simply and is one of the players pulls out a card that has an innocent sentence on it, but some gaps need to be filled (“Hey Reddit! I’m [Blank]. Ask me something”).

The players then choose an answer from their cards, and whoever makes the funniest choice gets the point.

Since most of these answers are improper, lewd, odd, or all of the above, the results are something to see.

It’s all about making your friends laugh using shock humor and collect points.


  • Funny
  • Straightforward
  • Memorable


  • Humor can be extreme

Joking Hazard

If you’re a supporter of Cards Against Humanity, then this diabolical and NSFW alternative is for you.

It uses a similar format as this game (substitute the gaps with the funniest answer) using pictures as a replacement for words to make it hilarious.

Appropriate for 3 or more players, it contains 360 board cards, including 10 cards to add your own words, which you can shuffle and combine to create fun, and often insensitive, mini-comics.

To play, simply turn over the first card, let the judge choose the second card, and allow the remaining players to choose a third card and try to produce the best comic.

The most entertaining reply gets one point. Getting started is simple, and you can play in no time.

And you don’t need to worry; it’s not hard to find something funny either. The drawings are snorting silly and all sorts of conflicting.

Moreover, the sheer volume of the offer (not to mention the extensions) makes it a great replacement value.


  • Comical
  • Opportunity for strange tales
  • Cool cartoons


  • An 18+ game

Bad People

Another fun card game for adults, if you have no problem with a little playful teasing, is Bad People.

Bad People may not be the best for playing with new friends, as it relies on whether you have a deep relationship with the other participants in your group.

In the end, the game claims to demonstrate to people what their buddies think of them.

This is how it works — you select an “identity” card, then reply questions related to that identity.

For example, one question might be, “Whose funeral will have the fewest turnout?” and you’d have to argue that the least number of people will attend the funeral of the identity you chose.

The game is all about story sharing, embarrassing each other, and bonding.

When your friendship ties are deep enough to last a few insults, you should find these card games for adults will give you much more information about your loved ones.


  • Original and funny
  • Liven up a party


  • Not for people that get offended easily

What Do You Meme?

Every What Do You Meme game is comprised of 435 cards: 360 of which are caption cards and 75 are photo cards.

Remember that all of the photos are memes of the past years. So if you’re playing with an audience that isn’t tuned with trends of social media, the hilarity could be lost on them.

Although “What do You Meme” is a game that corresponds with the category of fun card games for adults, it’s not almost as insulting or lewd as games like Cards Against Humanity.

Ideally, the game is about enjoying yourself with your knowledge of internet memes.

If you’re always online, the chances are that you frequently share memes with your friends and co-workers.

“What do you meme?” asks you to contend with your friends to generate hilarious memes using well-known images from the internet

A player serving as the judge sets a photo card on a stand, and the remaining players select a caption that appears next to the photo.

As with the Card Against Humanity, the idea is to choose the caption that the judge thinks is the funniest.

This is an incredible game to play with a large group of friends, though selecting players with knowledge of memes is best.


  • Made of durable materials
  • Easy creation of your own extension
  • Easy to learn


  • It becomes repetitive after playing a few times
  • Content can be offensive to some

The Voting Game

Do you often sit and think of your friends?

Do you know have any idea about which one of them is most likely to lose an election due to their behavior in school?

Who would find it challenging to talk their way out from being admitted to a mental institution?

The voting game aids you in answering these and other questions. As with many adult card games, the foundation is straightforward.

The box is supplied with 160 question cards and every player votes for the person among them who most closely matches the description of the question.

The players deduce who voted for them, and if they voted accurately, the votes are disclosed.

As with other suggestions on this list, it best to play this game with friends, who you don’t mind laughing at your expense.

Expect some embarrassing stories to be told about you, so you may not want to bring along any family members that get easily offended!


  • Small
  • Great game for close friends
  • Simple to understand and play
  • Many game variants


  • Not all questions apply to all
  • Not as much fun with strangers
  • Requires five players

 Drunk, Stoned or Stupid

Do you remember the superlatives of the high school yearbook? This is just like that, for adults only.

Drunk Stoned or Stupid contains 250 cards to help you decide who is likely to.

“#1 Wake up with half a burrito in bed,”

“#27 Have a 20-minute conversation with Siri” and

“#147 Shame people for going to bed.”

Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid is a card game for adults that is comparable to the “Voting Game.”

The idea is that the game will assess your friend’s knowledge about you, and how you present yourself to them, by asking even more dubious and ridiculous questions about what you could do in the right situations.

The scenarios range from risking your life for a selfie to making out with “anyone.”

As soon as the group chooses the person who is most connected to a card, that person gets the card; the player with the least amount of cards when the game is over wins!


  • Easy
  • Funny


  • The game can get a little nasty
  • Playing with strangers isn’t much fun


This Australian card game is all about fucking with your mind. How?

“Players alternate flipping a card over and call out what they see.

You can say the background color depending on your card, or the text color or a swear word.

Continue playing until someone fucks up and is compelled to pick up all the cards,” the inventors explain on their website.

The 1st person to discard his cards wins the game.

As an additional benefit, the developers of the game claim that it has therapeutic advantages. In particular, that innocent cursing of swear words helps you let off steam without offending anyone.

Since this variant requires your brain to be at least reasonably functional, it may be best to play it early in the evening before you drink too many glasses of wine.


  • Simple
  • Hilarious


  • Offensive

Concluding Thoughts

There it is: Seven fun card games for adults to play with your friends and loved ones!

Be cautious about who you invite over at the card table; these games can sometimes get a bit offensive. The last thing you want to do is get into a fight with someone you care about over a card game.

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