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Known as a comparison card game, Apples to Apples can be played by any age range of 12 years and above, and the fun is at its best when played in a group.

The game came into existence in 1999, and the number of players allowed is between 4 to 10.

Generally, it contains over 1000 cards, which come in two types: the Red Apple cards and the Green Apple cards.

These cards basically have words printed on them. Red cards carry nouns or phrases, while the Green cards carry adjectives and descriptions.

Players have to look for the best match from the deck of Red cards to pair with the Green descriptive apple card. The player with the strongest pairing is considered the winner after he has acquired a considerate score of Green cards, and that ends the game.

Let’s dive deeper into Apples to Apples game rules to enable you to understand all it entails and how best to have lots of fun playing.

Basic Apples To Apples Game Rules

Apples to Apples is quite easy to learn, and it comes in different editions. They include Apples to Apples (Junior, KIDS, Sour, Marvel and Disney). All of these versions are fun loaded party games.

There are 749 Red cards, 249 Green cards as well as 7 additional Red and 3 Green cards, which are left blank so that you can write on it for a more personal game experience.

In this game, the object is to become the first player to earn 4 Green apple cards.

The requirements are 270 Red Apple Cards, 90 Green Apple Cards and Instructions.

Setup Instructions

  • Bring out the Green and Red apple cards from the box.
  • Remove each of the cards from their packs and shuffle them accordingly.
  • Evenly distribute the cards in stacks next to each other close enough for all players to access.
  • Determine which of the players that’s to be the first judge. He/she will deal seven Red Apple cards, all facing down for no one to see.

Starting the Game

    • The judge begins by picking one of the Green Apple cards from the top, reads the content out loud, and sets it on the table facing up for all the players to see.
    • At this point, other players but the judge can now quickly select the Red Apple card from the ones they hold, which best represents the word shown on the Green card placed on the table.
    • After checking thoroughly, players will then drop their Red Apple cards accordingly on the table facing down. The Quick Pick Option can be used where there are five or more players.
    • Here, players have to pick their Red Apple cards as fast as they can because the player with the last Red Apple card dropped on the table will have it returned and will miss out for that round.
    • The person standing in as the judge shuffles the Red Apple cards to make it impossible for any of the players to know who played it. He/she then turns each of the Red Apple cards over and reads it out loud.
    • The judge will then decide the best from all the cards which describe the word on the Green Apple card, and the owner of the chosen Red Apple card wins the round and at the same time keeps the Green Apple card.
    • After every win, the Green Apple cards won by each of the players will be placed on the table till the last round to keep a record of scores.
    • All the Red Apple cards used during each round will be given to the judge, who will put them aside away from the table.
    • The player on the left assumes the role of judge and deals enough Red Apple cards to ensure each player have seven cards. The game won’t stop until one of the players has won for a certain number of times and has enough Green Apple cards.

The number of players and the Green Apple cards required to win include 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 respectively.

Junior Game Rules

Here, the objective is to be the first player to earn 4 Green Apple cards when you make the best combinations.

The requirements are 378 Red Apple Cards and 126 Green Apple Cards.

Starting the Game

  • Determine who assumes the role of the first judge among the players. The judge deals 5 Red Apple cards facing down. (Players are allowed to take a look at their cards, though.)
  • The judge picks the top Green Apple card, flips it over, reads the content out, and then drops the card on the table facing up.
  • Players now choose the Red Apple card they believe is the most appropriate that goes with the word on the Green Apple card from their hand and drop it on the table facing down.
  • The judge mixes the Red Apple cards, turns over each one and reads it out loud.
  • This is the point where players have to convince the judge that their card is the perfect fit for the Green Apple card. How well you can convince the judge determines your winnings to a large extent, regardless of whether you are convinced about the move yourself or not.
  • The judge will then pass his final verdict on the round after listening to all the players and will then picks the Red Apple card he/she believes is best. The player with the winning Red Apple card is given the Green Apple card.
  • The player on the left assumes the role of judge. The new judge repeats the whole step from beginning for the new round. Finally, the player that is first to earn 4 Green Apple cards is declared the winner.

Kids Game Rules

The requirements are as follows: 216 Red Apple Cards, 72 Green Apple Cards and Rulebook.

Starting the Game

Follow the steps enlisted in the Junior Game Rules above and play until a player has to himself 4 Green Apple cards.

To have a repeat of the game, simply rearrange the played Green Apple cards to the bottom of the Green deck and allow the new judge to take over the game.

You can always switch to the remaining Red Apple card deck when you run out of Red Apple cards and take out some time to shuffle the cards again.

Sour Game Rules

The following are the basic requirements for the game: 360 Red and Green Apple Cards, Sour Apple Spinner and Quick Play Rules.

Setup Instructions

Place the Sour Apple spinner to the side. Unbox the card packs and thoroughly mix the cards.

Card Variation

Sour Apples to Apples cards come in dual-sided for double-duty (the Red and the Green sides). As a judge, you play the Green Apple side while as a regular player, you play the Red Apple side of the cards.

Starting the Game

  • Pick the player that will be the first judge.
  • He/she deals five cards facing down and then forms a draw pile.
  • The players are allowed to see what’s on their cards and arrange them to align the colors.
  • Follow the steps outlined in basic Apple to Apples rules above to complete the rounds.
  • When there is a player with 5-point wins, the game comes to an end. However, you can play up to 7 or 10 points for a longer game.

Marvel Game Rules

Starting the Game

  • Start this adventure by shuffling the Red Apple cards and Green Apple cards and then arranging them into two piles facing down.
  • Assign one player as the first judge, dealing 6 Red Apple cards, all facing down.
  • Continue with the steps outlined in the Junior Game rules from here.
  • Finally, pass the role of the judge to the player on the left. The new judge begins by dealing enough Red Apple cards to go round, leaving each player with 6 cards and going through the process to begin the next round.

Disney Game Rules

Requirements: 270 Red Apple Cards, 80 Green Apple Cards, 10 Poison Apple Cards and Instructions.

Setup Instructions

  • Unbox the cards and shuffle the Red Apple card deck then arrange them into three of the wells in the box base.
  • Mix the Green Apple cards and arrange them in the empty well left in the box base.
  • Select a Red Apple card deck and a Green Apple card deck and arrange them facing down on the table.
  • Select a player to be the first judge. He/she deals five Red Apple cards each facing down.

Starting the Game

Follow the steps outlined in the Junior Game rules from here. And allow the new judge to deal enough Red Apple cards to leave each player with up to five cards, turn another Green Apple card over and continue with the next round.

Frequently Asked Question About Apples to Apples Rules

What is included with Apples to Apples?

Noun cards and adjective cards. Your creativity also tells a lot in this game. All you need is the cards and some players with an open mind

How was the component quality?

The cards are of the same quality as other playing cards.

Are the rules clear?

The rules are quite simple, and that makes it so accessible to new players. Everyone strives to match the judge’s adjective with their best noun. It is the judge who has the final say on who wins.

What should you keep in mind when playing Apples?

It is not always about what you think the best match is but about what the judge considers it as.

Following the Apples to Apples game rules outlined above, you can now explore all the possibilities around this card game and enjoy a thrilling gaming experience with your pals!


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