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Mysterium game rules are a tad complex, but once you master them, you’ll find the title enjoyable. It’s a board game in which players attempt to solve a murder mystery.

It has a strategy for each scenario and is thus extremely adaptable in terms of player count and difficulty level.

While the intricate nature may make you doubt your ability to learn gameplay, as soon as you learn the ropes, you’ll be playing like a pro.

This board game features numerous phases that’ll keep you entertained for a long time. Let’s learn Mysterium game rules.

The Game’s Setup

One player assumes the role of the ghost, while the other participant assumes the role of psychics. The ghost gets to decide how they want to play the game. For example, he may choose to speak or not.

Each psychic receives

  • One intuition token (crystal ball)
  • One sleeve
  • One clairvoyancy level marker

(Orient this to the clairvoyancy track’s 0 space)

Also, the number of players determines the clairvoyancy tokens. i.e.

  • 2–3 Players get 0
  • 4–5 players take 4
  • 6–7 players receive 6

Set the hour hand to 1 and place the clock on the table. i.e., the first hour. The space located in front of the clock is for discarding the clairvoyance token.

Arrange the progress boards according to the rules.

Put the clairvoyancy track near the epilogue progress board, facing up on the side that matches the participant’s number.

Then, the ghost sets the screen in front of him. Each row refers to a sort of ghost card: character, place, or object, and each column relates to a different psychic.

Level of Difficulty in the Game

Select the difficulty level. It’s the determinant of the quantity of character, location, and object cards that’ll be used

Total # Players: 2 3 4 5 6 7 Permitted discards by the ghost
Easy: 4 5 5 6 6 7 1 crow/turn
Medium: 5 6 6 7 8 8 3 crows /game
Hard: 6 7 7 8 9 9 1 crow /game

The ghost collects the number of crow markers that match the difficulty level.

Then, shuffles the psychic character cards, place it facedown and draw with the number facing up.

Select the character ghost cards whose numbers correspond to the drawn character psychic cards and give them to the ghost.

Put the character psychic cards and the character progress board next to each other faceup. The ghost shuffles the character card in his hands and draw out some card equivalent to the number of psychic in the game and set them in the character space

Without glancing at the remaining cards, return them to the box.

Repeat the same steps for both the location and object cards. Each psychic receives a set of three cards (character, location, and object).


There are two phases in this game:

  • Phase 1: Reconstruction of events
  • Phase 2: Revealing the culprit

First Phase: Reconstruction of events

The psychics try to figure out who the suspects are, where the crime was done, and what the murder weapon was.

Their intuition token is moved along the four progress boards to show their progress.

The phase comprises two stages:

Step 1: Vision Interpretation

Place the intuition tokens of the psychics’ on the character progress board.

In this case, the ghost must aid the psychics to guess the character card behind the screen.  He does it by projecting a vision of one or more vision cards onto each psychic.

Each psychic tries to decipher a vision and find the character/location/object it alludes to. It’s open season for psychics to look at their pictures or psychic cards and exchange ideas.

The ghost then starts the sand timer for all psychics.

Each psychic must lay their intuition token before the timer runs out. The other psychics can aid by evaluating cards and giving their advice.

Psychics can move their intuition tokens till the sand timer runs out.

Discarding the vision cards

The ghost is allowed to discard any or all of his vision cards at any time during the game, even during the Revealing the Culprit phase.

Making use of clairvoyancy tokens

Players may add or withdraw clairvoyance tokens from the other psychic’s intuition tokens until the sand timer ends. In the last phase of the game, psychics can use these tokens to advance on the clairvoyancy track, perhaps unlocking further clues.

Step 2: Spectral Manifestation

The ghost appears to tell the psychics if they accurately interpreted their visions. He can choose any order he likes to reveal this information.

He tells each psychic whether or not their intuition was correct or not.

After appearing to a psychic, the ghost removes the appropriate ghost token from the screen. Each of the right Clairvoyance tokens increases the position of their Clairvoyance tracking token in the Finale Area by one.

When a player gets to the Finale space, they can advance their Clairvoyance tracking token up one position for each remaining round

After this procedure, advance the hour hand on the clock by one hour.

The psychics’ intuition tokens may be located on different progress boards.

A fresh Reconstruction of Events phase is initiated if one or more psychics are unable to identify their character, location, or object. If the clock had already reached the VII (seventh hour), the game is over, and the players lose.

If all psychics accurately identify their assigned character, place, and object, proceed to Phase 2:

Second Phase: Revealing the culprit

This phase occurs if all psychics correctly identify their character, location, and object before the clock hits VIII.

Step 1: Suspect Lineup

The psychic’s group their card combinations to compare the suspects and help the ghost find the guilty.

Any psychic cards that weren’t placed in sleeves should be returned to the box.

The psychics receive all their clairvoyancy tokens.

Put one ghost token per psychic in the table’s center. Return the unused ones.

The psychics take three cards from their sleeves and set them in the middle of the table, each having one suspect.

Step 2: Shared Vision

The ghost guides the psychics to the culprit’s cards on the table.

He also selects three vision cards, which must point to the same group, sharing a vision. One must point to the character, another to the location, and the last to the object.

Next, the ghost shuffles the shared vision cards and spreads them out across the table.

The ghost sets the matched culprit token facedown in the culprit slot on the epilogue progress board.

Step 3: Straw Poll

The psychics must choose the group containing the alleged culprit. The ghost cannot say which card in the shared vision corresponds to which element. During the voting process, the psychics cannot contact each other.

The vote is disclosed when all vote has been cast.

Disclosing the votes and the real culprit

Hands off all sleeves to the psychic having the highest clairvoyancy score.

The player then places each clairvoyance token on the card group that matches the ghost token’s number.

When that participant is done, expose the culprit token that’s on the culprit space.

Game over

That way, all players win the game collectively, and the ghost’s spirit rests. Then, the game is over.


Mysterium is an exciting game like Clue to play once you understand the rules. So why don’t you gather some of your friends and try it out?

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