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If you’re a fan of board games, chances are you that you have come across Risk. Called the “game of global domination,” it requires intense strategy and diplomacy to rise to the top and win the game.

Also, there are strategy board games like Risk online, which you can play for free. These titles have been popular among players seeking a long and complicated game to engage in since the release of Risk in the 1950s.

Are you tired of playing Risk and need other games similar to it? In this post, we review fascinating strategy board games that will give you a great time with friends!

Top 5 Games like Risk – Very Addictive

The Game of Thrones Board Game

If you love the Game of Thrones series and feel a tinge of sadness whenever you remember it has gone from your TV screen forever, then this game will give you a treat. The Game of Thrones board game (2nd edition) was developed by US-based Fantasy Flight Games.

It’s a cool option if you have a flair for the type of strategy involved in titles such as Risk. In the GOT game, each player will control one of the key houses in Westeros.

The object of this board game is to utilize war, politics, and diplomacy to assume full control over your enemies, after which you’ll ascend onto the iron throne.

This title is relatively long, based on the number of people involved in the game. And it has 10 rounds in total. By the end of the game, any player who captures the most territory wins.

One good thing about this board game is the amount of effort you’ll have to put into aspects such as creating and ending alliances with other players.

Fortress America

If your interest lies in the war aspect of strategy games like Risk, then you would love this title! While Fortress America is also long and complicated, it will no doubt offer you a thrilling experience.

In its premise, the title is set in near-future America, where the country tries to stave off invasions from other nations. With the aid of elements of military strategy, players are tasked with defending their sides emerge victorious at the end of the game.

Just like the majority of the other games like Risk on this list, Fortress America isn’t a short game to play as it has an average playtime of around 2–3 hours. It can take between 2 and 4 players. Also, it’s great for people that are 12 and above.

Axis and Allies

This is yet another decent option as far as games with Risk-like features are concerned. Like the other titles on this list, Axis and Allies have a little more history and heritage.

First released in 1981, it’s now available in about 20 various editions to select from. Thus, you can find a game that suits your preferences, irrespective of what you’re seeking.

To get started, we recommend opting for an option such as the Axis and Allies 1941 edition because it’s slightly less complex than some of the other titles.

A key fact to note in this game is, Axis and Allies rules are much more complicated than those of Risk. It will take you some time to get the hang of the game.

But, if you can bear it, then you can revel in spending many hours testing your strategy and war knowledge.

Nexus Ops

Nexus Ops is an interactive strategy game with a general playtime of around 90 minutes. So, it’s slightly shorter than a couple of the other titles reviewed in this write-up.

This means it can serve as a more manageable option to play during a game night, where you’re not keen about fighting for domination very late into the night.

Unlike Risk that is set in the “real world”, Nexus Ops features interesting science fiction elements. The general premise of Nexus Ops is to gain control over the universe.

Various strategies and battles are involved in achieving that feat. 2–4 people can play this game, and it’s suitable for ages 12 and above.

It’s also set up in a different manner each time you play it. This means you’re always in for an exciting and unpredictable game each time you play.

Small World

If you’re fan of Risk but prefer your ideal strategy board game to offer more fantasy elements, the Small World will suit your taste perfectly. It’s a fun game with a shorter playtime (around 45-90 minutes) than several of the others on this compilation.

This means it’s slightly more manageable when you want to play a strategy game but wouldn’t like to devote several hours of your life to it. Small World has a straightforward concept: you’re among the inhabitants of a fantasy world, just like countless other creatures such as dwarves, giants, and wizards.

But the size of this world is too small to accommodate all of you. Thus, the object of Small World is to recreate the world so that you’re accommodated while your opponents and others aren’t.

The title is slightly less complicated than some of the other games reviewed in this article. 2–5 people can play it, with the age range of 8 and above.

Risk: A Brief History

This strategy board game was created by Albert Lamorisse (a French filmmaker) in 1957. It rose to become one of the most popular board games ever played in history.

This feat inspired other popular games like Axis & Allies and Settlers of Catan. Risk game rules are simple. However, they involve complex interactions.

That’s one reason why adults, kids, and families alike find it appealing. The title is still very much in production by Hasbro and has several editions and versions released.

Those have popular media themes and various rules, including video games, PC software variants as well as mobile apps.

Going through this list, you can find cool games like Risk and Catan to keep you and your buddies entertained on a game night.