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Are in search of a game that’s both riveting and stylish?

You are in luck! you can never go wrong with these good old fashioned wooden board games below.

They’re designed to offer you the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication.

The classic titles have various formats, including puzzles and mystery games.

In addition to these, they also have a great look when laid out on the dining room table, with you and your friends/family all set for a captivating game night.

These are 8 classic wooden games you need to check out to enjoy a splendid game night.

Top 8 Classic Wooden Games

The Racing Horse Game

The Racing Horse game has to do with moving small wooden pieces along a wooden track.

It’s a fun title, ideal for the whole family.

This game, which is suitable for people of all ages, requires minimal strategy since it’s all about luck — much the same way a typical horse race works.

You start the game by rolling a dice and moving your horse based on the number you get.

A high-quality game, the title has colored chips that help you identify your horse.

It also comes with a sliding wooden track and a set of dice.

If you become the first player to get to the end of the board with your horse, you become the winner.

It’s as simple as that.


Labyrinth is among the best classic wooden board games out there.

It’s an excellent choice when you want to teach your kids about balance, or simply seek to have a little fun by yourself.

In this game, the idea is to turn the knobs on the sides of the wooden box carefully to adjust the tilting angle of the labyrinth floor.

By changing the floor angle, you’ll be able to move marbles around the maze carefully in a bid to reach the finishing point without falling in any of the holes along the way.

This game is cool for developing fundamental motor skills and enhancing concentration, though it can be slightly frustrating when you drop your marble a couple of times.


One of the best traditional wooden games on the market, Carrom takes between 2 and 4 players.

It works on a similar principle with pool.

Thus, it might not be the type of game you want to play with kids because it requires skill and strategy.

To win a game of Carrom, you’d need a combination of talent and luck.

Also called Indian billiards, this game has to do with potting your carrom pieces before the opposing player does.

If you’re seeking a fun board game that requires lesser space than an actual game of snooker or pool, then Carrom is a perfect option to try out!


Scrabble is yet another of our favorite wooden games.

It was originally invented by Alfred Butts (an architect) in 1938.

He measured each letter’s value on the scrabble board by determining the frequency of their appearance on the front page of an issue of the New York Times.

Many stylish additions of this game are available today.

But we believe you can’t quite defeat the elegant design of a classic wooden board.

One of the most attractive options you can get on the market today is this rustic series board by Hasbro.


Backgammon is among the best-known wooden board games of all time.

In a backgammon board, you’ll find 24 narrow triangles called points.

The triangles, often with alternating colors, are arranged in 4 different groups called the home board of each player.

In Backgammon, the aim is to move all the checkers into your home space on the backgammon board.

The player that bears all their checkers off first becomes the game-winner.

If you’re a newbie, you can find it slightly difficult to learn at first.

However, once you learn how to play, you’ll enjoy it.


This title is a well-known game in various places all around the world.

There’s really no need to get Aggravation in wooden form, but we feel that it looks great in solid oak.

One of the best wooden board games with marbles, the rules of Aggravation are quite straightforward.

The idea is, each player starts with some colored marbles, and the winner is the player that advances their marbles to the “home” point on the board first.

When it’s your turn, you’ll roll dice, after which you’ll move your marble clockwise based on the number of spaces you got from the dice.

You also get a new turn when you roll a 6.


Do you want a fast-paced way to have fun with friends?

If so, pucket is one of the most intriguing wooden board games on the market.

In this game, each players will receive 8 wooden pucks, placed on one side of the board.

Then, using an elastic band, you’ll launch your pucks through the gate until you have exhausted all the pucks on your side.

In pucket, you don’t take turns.

Simply launch your pucks as fast as possible to become the first player with an empty board.

Shut the Box

A 4-way wooden board game, Shut the box is ideal for kids from 5 and above.

It’s relatively easy to play the game, though you may need to first get the hang of it.

In Shut the box, each player will roll their dice and add up the value, after which they’ll lay down the tiles that show the sum that they have got.

The player to lay all their tiles down first becomes the winner.

While the game is mainly designed for fun, it also serves as a nice way to teach your children some basic addition and help them learn in an engaging manner.


A recap of all we have discussed: We have explored the features of 8 classic wooden games, including the Racing Horse, Labyrinth, Carrom, and others.

These board games promise you a fun and thrilling experience!

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