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Some people feel that board games are just for children, but it’s possible they haven’t tried the Battle of sexes.

It’s the ultimate adult board game, focusing on the leading topic of contention among adults — the distinctions between the sexes.

What’s truly interesting about this game is the simple yet highly entertaining Battle of the sexes rules.

Don’t be surprised if you go into a frenzy as you try to outwit the other gender.

The only connection to other board games like Fibber may be foresight and a small amount of strategic thinking.

Keep reading to know more about the rules of this great pastime.

Battle of Sexes Rules & Game Overview

The game’s name was originally widely recognized after the First Battle of the sexes tennis match between Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King in history.

It was a historic first-ever event in 1973, pitting a man against a woman in a physical sport.

Later on, similar matches with the same name began to appear.

The phrase “war of the sexes” gained widespread popularity in various sports and games due to popular use of the word, relevance to the competition inherent in games, and added spectacular factors.

Recently, their popularity was reinforced when Battle Of The Sexes, a sports comedy film based on the same story, also highlighted their personal contrasts.

The board game appears to have been inspired by the story.

That may or may not be true, given the primary focus of the war of the sexes regulations on personal lives.

Players: 6

Age: 14+

Difficulty: Easy

The Pack

  • Game Board
  • 110 Female Playing Cards
  • 110 Male Playing Cards
  • 16 Tokens
  • 5 Trophies
  • 55 Male Wild Cards
  • 55 Female Wild Cards

The Setup

Divide the participants into two teams, men and females.

The men should sit on the Male side of the board, while women should sit on the Female side.

Arrange the three Female Challenge Tokens, three Male Challenge Tokens, and the three decision cards on their corresponding spots on the game board.

One Trophy should be placed on the board’s purple START slot set away from the remaining awards for the time being.

Female cards should be shuffled and placed back in their card box. Then, carry out the same procedure with the male cards.

The Gameplay

Sort the cards into Male (blue-backed) and Female (pink-backed) piles.

To determine which team goes first, toss a coin.

After flipping the coin, if the female team wins, the male team selects the top “Male question card” from the deck and asks the first question.

If the answer given is correct, the female pawn advances one place, and the following question on the list is asked.

However, the turn ends if all three questions are correctly answered or given a wrong answer.

Place the card drawn at the bottom of the deck.

Then do it again with the next group.

Players can continue to play until one team’s initial pawn has crossed the entire board, at which point they place their second pawn on the board.

The team that has both pawns on the end space first wins.

The Wild Cards

Wild cards are only collected if a team lands on the spot assigned for the wild card.

Players will either receive a same-sex wild card or an opposite-sex wild card, depending on the space they land on.

Anytime a player gets a wild card for the opposite sex, they must take the action specified on the card.

However, if a player obtains a same-sex wild card, they must answer all of the questions on the card or make an incorrect response.

The Cards, Questions, and Answers

There will be a maximum of five different types of questions on each card.

This will include

  • General facts about men and women,
  • information about their personal lives and shared interests,
  • descriptions of images that the opposite sex may not be familiar with,
  • and replicating motions from sports or movies.

The questioning team typically uses three decision cards.

The questioning team should first choose the correct answer card to prevent the other side from changing their answer.

Capturing a Pawn

A player can seize control of that pawn by landing on the same square as an opponent’s pawn.

Move the captured pawn to the other sex’s starting position when this occurs.

Pawns can be captured only if the other team still holds a pawn.

Play continues as normal if a pawn is taken and the remaining pawn is returned to the starting position.

Captured pieces are returned to their original starting positions as soon as they reach the end space, where the game can resume normally.

The Win

If the teams agree, the players might swap turns in asking questions or allow the winner to continue answering.

For example, if women are victorious, their Trophy will be closer to their triumph area than if men win.

Also, the men’s triumph section is now that much further away.

To have a chance of winning, the men must correctly answer at least that many questions.

The team that manages to advance three trophies to their triumph section wins.

The Card Categories

The color question to read depends on where the Trophy is located in the color space.

Our Facts, Stuff, and Photo Cards:

To the opposing team, read the question aloud.

Read the question for “Our Pics” questions to the other team while showing them the picture side of the card.

Our Lives Cards

If any player picks the card, read the question aloud to yourself. Then, choose your response by discreetly selecting a Decision Card (A, B, or C) and placing it face down on the board.

The opposing side must attempt to properly guess the response you selected.

Our Move Cards

Select a teammate from the other team to perform the move or action with you if you drew the card.

Both read the action covertly and then begin performing!

You may work collaboratively or independently, but No chatting! The first team to correctly identify and call out the move in progress wins.

The Challenge Tokens

If your team is stumped on an Our Facts, Our Stuff, Our Pics, or Our Lives topic, but you believe the opposing team is confused as well!

You can respond to their question by playing one of your Challenge Tokens.

Using a Challenge Token

Avoid responding to the question!

Inform the opposing team that you’re using a Challenge Token and then take one of your Challenge Tokens off the board and set it aside.

The opposing team is now required to respond to the inquiry.

The player who reads the question is completely powerless to assist their colleagues!

If they give an incorrect answer, you must transfer the Trophy to your side of the board.

You may now go with your turn as if you have correctly answered the question.

If they successfully answer, reposition the prize to their side of the board. Your turn is concluded.

You only receive three Challenge Tokens during the game, so make the most of them!

The Game End

The Battle of the Sexes game is won by the first team to win all three trophies.

Battle Of The Sexes Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Theoretical Basis for the Battle of the Sexes?

A fully unique and distinct form is a coordination game between the sexes.

It entails placing the two actors (generally spouses) in a situation and adding a conflict that both parties are aware of.

The game is about resolving the issue between the two players while obtaining maximum satisfaction.

What Do We Need to Win the Battle of the Sexes?

The game may include questions about male and female anatomy, sports automobiles’ mechanics, and the substances in beauty products.

It’s really generic and primarily about paying attention to what your opposite-gender spouse is interested in.

Why Can’t Children Play Battle Of The Sexes?

The game involves questions that may not be related to children’s daily lives, so they may be unable to play.

There are also basic queries, such as ‘how many ovaries does a female have’ that children may not be able to answer or may find difficult to comprehend.

As a result, the game is only suitable for teenagers and adults.


Battle of Sexes is an exciting game to play and offers a wide variety of questions to keep your night interesting.

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