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One of the questions people often ask about shuffleboard table sizes is, “how much room do I need to keep for a shuffleboard table?”

When you’ve decided to purchase a shuffleboard table, it’s crucial to contemplate the specific size of table to go for.

This is the next step to achieving your dream.

When discussing shuffleboard table sizes, it’s pertinent to note that tables run the gamut from 9 – 22ft in length, with the average height being 30 inches and width of the playing surface 20 inches.

Generally, shuffleboard tables are long as well as narrow. Thus, the right shuffleboard table size for you will depend on certain factors.

These include available space, desired playing style, and available budget. Let’s look at these in detail.

Shuffleboard Table Sizes

Small Recreational Tables: 9ft – 12ft

If your available space is limited, it’s best to opt for 9ft and 12ft shuffleboard tables. These tables are ideal for tight spaces in apartments or homes.

Apart from that, they’re also great for use in venues or bars that seek to put multiple tables into a single space.

Tables in the 9’ and 12’ range offer you budget-friendly features.

They’re entry-level shuffleboard tables, which will serve as a fantastic addition to any game room. They can also let you enjoy hours of full-fledged shuffleboard matches.

These inexpensive tables in the 9ft to 12ft range often come with composite materials and provide quick assembly.

An example is the entry-level and all-around fun unit, the Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard table, which is a reliable entry-level option.

In this model, there’s still a thick hardwood playing surface, which comes coated in polyurethane.

We also have a stable set up, in addition to the 1-2-3 conventional scoring design of standard shuffleboard tables.

The table has sturdy legs and durable build, making it ideal for both adults and kids.

The Hathaway Challenger Shuffleboard Table is also a pocket-friendly product in the 9ft to 12ft range. It’s a dark cherry finish and urethane finished playing surface, along with built-in storage cabinets.

These 2 tables sport butcher block playing surfaces, carpet lined gutters as well as excellent stability for nearly all players.

However, we’ve lots of high-end, more expensive models also in this category since the length is just one factor when it comes to shuffleboard construction.

Other crucial aspects boil down to the quality of materials, craftsmanship, along with added options.

For instance, we’ve the Oxford from McClure Shuffleboard Tables that are sold for more than $8,000.

This table looks very exquisite and has hard rock maple construction with climatic adjusters.

These keep the table level with micro-adjustments in conjunction with standard leg levelers.

Do note that playing on a 9ft to 12ft table gives you a different experience than playing on a full-length table.

If this is your preferred size, you’ll have to ensure that the style of play is a bit more delicate and precise.

Also, you will have to make use of the proper type of shuffleboard wax or powder.

Instead of the high-silicon content speed blends, this shuffleboard table size range specifically needs a controlled blend of shuffleboard powder.

All in all, there are lots of products in the 9 – 12ft range with remarkable features, whether you seek to include an inexpensive entry-level shuffleboard table in your game room or want a handcrafted showpiece.

Bear in mind that the actual playing surface of a shuffleboard table is around 16 inches less than the cabinet’s length.

Medium-Length Shuffleboard Tables: 14ft – 16ft

With a length between 14 feet to 16 feet, shuffleboard tables in the mid-size range are cool for serious players or homeowners.

(The kind of people that expect heavy usage but still need to work with some space restrictions.)

While Shuffleboard tables in this range are quite long, they’ll no doubt provide you with that feel of playing on a full-sized table.

Further, tables of this type enable you to make use of faster waxes and give you a bit more room to take creative shots.

However, they’re significantly heavier, need more space, and require a longer time to assemble.

On the bright side, it offers you a step-up in quality and cost compared with the options in the 14’ – 16’ range.

For example, a 16’ shuffleboard table, such as the Venture Ambassador, has a premium quality build.

It’s everything you need in a high-end shuffleboard table.

Measuring only 16 feet in length, it saves you 6ft in comparison with a full-length table.

But it’s all the benchmarks of a highly rated shuffleboard table, which will cater to the needs of novice and ace shuffleboard players alike.

Overall, shuffleboard tables in the mid-size range are often the best addition to an open game room space or a bar.

Full-Length Shuffleboard Tables: 18ft – 22ft

While 22 feet is the official length for shuffleboard tournaments, an 18-ft table will feel quite long for the majority of players.

If you can afford (or accommodate) a table within this size range, then you’ll be including a really unique product to your room, be it at home or in the bar.

These shuffleboard tables are showpieces, boasting beautiful features, premium-quality hardwoods, along with well-designed structural components and attractive finishes.

With a full-length shuffleboard table, you can really put your skills to test. You’ve to ensure you utilize the right type of speed wax to get to the other end.

If you want a full-length table, note that its weight could be several hundred pounds and that it may need 4 or more persons to install and assemble.

These tables have numerous pieces and are shipped in many containers.

An example is the Playcraft Telluride Pro-Style Shuffleboard Table, which is 22 feet long.

Looking at all that’s said above, you can see, there is a huge difference between a 9’ shuffleboard table and a 22’ option.

Some Factors to Consider When Choosing Shuffleboard Table Sizes

Room Size

If your doors are too small or your hallways are too narrow, you might need to get your home ready for a new shuffleboard gaming investment.

Measure and conduct some test runs to ensure you’ve the right space.

Keep in mind that the boards and pieces making up your shuffleboard table don’t bend. Also, they can be extremely heavy.

You can start by maneuvering a long board (a 2” by 10” if you can) throughout the hallways of your house to ensure that there are clean lines into your room, which can contain the table.

Once you’re sure you’ll be able to get the shuffleboard table into your room, you also need to make sure your room is a proper fit.

We advise that you take a board, which can be 2–3” thick and 18–20” wide. And given the table’s length, you’ll need anywhere from 10ft 8in up to 20ft 8in long for the table to fit into the room.

Concerning the cabinets housing the board, any table that’s more than 12ft are designed in 2 pieces. This is to ensure they’re a lot easier to get into your room.

However, if you still find it difficult getting your shuffleboard table into the house, you could make use of cranes and lifts to carry them in through your upstairs windows.

Shuffleboard Table Length

The majority of people want to buy as large a Shuffleboard table as will fit in their room. Moreover, the best size that’s nearest to the full-length regulation play is a 16’ table.

You’ll find that the difference from a 16ft to 22ft isn’t all that noticeable in play.

Though you can still enjoy playing on 12’ and 14’ tables, on getting down to a 9’ shuffleboard table, you’ll notice that the playing surface is slightly on the short side and not quite as challenging.

Shuffleboard Table Width

Apart from table length, another essential consideration when looking at shuffleboard table sizes is the playing surface width.

This is particularly crucial if you’re going for a 12’ or 14’ size table.

A lot of import lines do feature 15’ and 16’ boards on the cheaper shuffleboard tables. Because the pucks are 2 1/4” – 2 5/16” wide, it’s a lot harder to get around or play your game on the narrow tables.

Wrapping up

Shuffleboard tables, in general, are long and narrow, so the right shuffleboard table size does depend on a number of factors.

Some of these are available space, available budget, and desired playing style.

We’ve different shuffleboard table sizes, including small recreational tables (9ft – 12ft), medium-length shuffleboard tables (14ft – 16ft), and full-length tables (18ft – 22ft).

With lots of options within these ranges, we do hope you can get the best table for your space, allowing you to have a wonderful time with your buddies at home and guests in the bar.

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