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One of the summer’s favorite traditions is the Beer Olympics, which involves endless beer consumption combined with ruthless physical competition.

To make these games a memorable event, your friends’ love of sports and drinking is essential. Also, they must be willing to believe they can still drink beer just like they did in college.

Beer Olympics games rules are simple, with the outcome terrific. If you’re keen about impressing your buddies in a one-of-a-kind party, here are some beer Olympics games ideas to use:

Basic Beer Olympics Games Rules

Teams will have 4 – 6 participants, and every team has to contain an equal number of players.

You’ll need a minimum of 4 teams, but no maximum. Teams will usually contain an equal number of girls on them. This practice is necessary to avoid one team having an edge over the others.

Additionally, you’ll give 15 – 20 cans of beer to each player in a team.

Play the game with caution and choose the bigger number.

This tip is crucial because if you finish your beer cans when the competition is still in progress, you’ll be disqualified. Hence, your team will lose some points determined before the start of the game.

Also, it’s not as if any extra beer would be wasted.

While every team will compete in every event, not every team member will do so.

To score, take the number of teams you’ve and allocate that number of points for the first player in each event (for example, if there are 6 teams, 6 points goes to the first).

The last place is always awarded 1 point. And every team in between also earns the corresponding number of points, following that order.

Consider preventing confrontation by assigning a color to each team, and not a country.

How to Hold the Opening Ceremony

In the opening ceremony of the outdoor beer Olympics games, teams are introduced. Getting welcomed with a legendary song is fantastic and highly recommended.

Based on the decision of team captains, the order of events is announced, after which trash-talking kicks off.

Beer Olympics Games Ideas: Events

Volume Chug 

The entire team participates in this event.

Also, volume chug is the best event to start your beer Olympic party with as it allows all team members to participate, and everyone gets really drunk within minutes.

Here are the rules:

  • Each team gets a large bucket.
  • Each team member pours one can of beer into this bucket.
  • The time starts when the first player starts chugging and stops when all the beer has been exhausted. Points are lost if too much beer is spilled.
  • The team with the fastest time is the winner of the event.

Beer Pong (Beirut for Traditionalists)

This game involves 2 players per team, and it’s a staple of all BROlympic events. However, this is different from your mother’s 10-cup.

These are the event’s rules:

  • Instead of the 10-cup tradition above, 21-cups are played using (6-5-4-3-2-1 rack).
  • 2 members per side come from each team.
  • 1 celebrity shot is allowed for each team in each round.
  • When the ball is bounced into a cup, the cup & another are to be eaten by a team member. Also, the ball can be swatted when bounced.
  • A player that knocks his/her own cup over on a swat will face a penalty. He/she has to chug a can of beer, and while doing so, the opposing player can shoot until the can of beer is exhausted.
  • No matter the number of cups hit and by whom, “rollback” and “fire” rules don’t come into play during penalty shots.
  • If you’re taking part in official Beer Olympics play, “catching fire” and team “rollbacks” are permitted to make the competition faster.
  • Fire is realized after 1 player hits 3 cups consecutively. As for rollbacks, those take place when team members both hit cups in the same turn.
  • If 2 players on a single side sink the same cup, the game still goes on (based on tradition), and the opposing team must chug 3 cups each, in addition to the cup hit twice.

Body Shot or Funnel Relay Race

The number of participants in this beer Olympics relay race is 4 in a team.

Of the 4 members in a team, there must be at least one girl. And if your team is lucky, you’ll get the thin girl with a little divot in her stomach when on her back.

However, if your team gets a “bigger” girl, you’ll need to take that shot out of the belly button. A guy will take the shot off her; another will hold the funnel, and the third male participant will actually funnel the beer.

You’re not allowed to hold your own funnel as there’s no “I” in a team.

The girl will lay down on a table, with a single shot of an agreed-upon liquor (typically tequila) poured on to her.

After that, salt is spread in a line on her chest, with a sliced lime placed into her mouth.

Before “go”, each team can pour the beer into the funnel. When on “go”, the guy funneling must go down on one knee, drink up his beer, get up, and then sprint across (usually the lawn), and tag in the other guy. This other guy then races to the end of the yard, takes the shot, licks the salt, takes the lime, and then runs back to the finish line.

The finish line is on the opposite side of the lawn from the girl.

The team with the fastest time is the winner.

Here are the rules of this event:

Starting positions:

  • The guy holding funnel and the other one to funnel the beer will stay at the finish line
  • The guy to take the body shot will be positioned directly in the middle
  • The girl will stay on the opposite side of the yard from the finish line

A team loses a point in any of these instances:

  • Spilling any beer from the funnel
  • Leaving any alcohol on the girl


Any player who fails to hold their alcohol for this particular event gets disqualified, and the team has to complete the BROlympics one man down.

Louisville Chugger

This game requires 1 participant that has excellent hand-eye coordination, with one extra team member tasked with tossing the empty can.

Louisville Chugger, which is also commonly called “Dizzy Bat”, involves the use of a wiffle ball bat, where the bottom is cut off.

The bat gets filled with beer, and the time will start once the player lifts the bat for chugging. After that, he’ll put the bat on the ground, spins around ten times, and stands up into a batting stance.

Now, another teammate will gently toss the empty can of beer to him. The time will stop when the player strikes the can with the bat.

This is a later event in the outdoor beer Olympics games and is between the ten spins — with all the alcohol now consumed. It’s also the event that creates the funniest results.

These are the rules of Louisville Chugger:

  • If the player fails to spin around ten times, he’s penalized with a beer per spin short.
  • In a bid to save time, the clock is stopped at four minutes if the player fails to strike the can.
  • No penalties are given for a “reversal of fortune” in this game.

Flip Cup

Flip Cup involves the entire team. At this juncture, your motor skills are operating at the same level as those of a mentally handicapped penguin.

For this reason, this event is the best game to play, and everyone is familiar with how to play.

Also, no penalties are given in this game. The only difference is that in the Beer Olympics, 1 anchor is allowed in each team.

Civil War 

At this point, congrats are in order: You’ve got to the final event, Civil War. Here, 3 participants from each team compete.

In the game, you’ll follow the basic rules of civil war. 3 cups go to each player, and if your cups are sunk, you’re out the game.

Once the ball gets shot and bounces off a cup to the side of the table, it’s fair play for each team.

Only the participant closest could get that ball back as jumping across the table isn’t allowed. While they’re down, their team members safeguard their cups from bounce shots.

Here are the rules:

  • Once eliminated, you may not do anything other than providing moral support for your team by cheering them up. You can neither take celebrity shots nor drink their beer for them.
  • Points are awarded according to the number of cups left with the winning team when each round ends.

How to Handle a Tie

If a tie occurs, a case race is held. The teams with the tie will send 2 reps (unless four or more teams are tied, in which case there’s one each).

Then, a 30-rack is positioned in the middle of them. On “go”, they must consume as many beers as possible.

On completing the case, or when all sides have elected that they can’t drink anymore, whichever of the teams with the highest number of empty beer cans on their side wins.

How to Hold the Closing Ceremonies

On tallying up all the points, a winner is announced. The next is presenting the beer Olympics trophy.

As the first place is the only one that matters in the games, only gold medals are awarded. So, if you don’t come first, you’re last.

Wrapping Up

Armed with this knowledge on beer Olympics games rules, you can now make yourself proud by becoming a Beer Olympian!